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  1. For the sake of keeping this thread on topic of useful mission feedback to the mission creator I am not going to comment on player actions (that I mostly didn't witness) in it. I know that our attack on that BTR was somewhat forced by circumstance and I didn't have any helpful ideas in that instant so don't worry - not slagging you off @SiegeSix when I commented on that decision. It was Alpha's only mistake imho. Considering the 90 other decisions you made that Op, not bad going!
  2. Not entirely sure how I survived that without taking a single bullet - either from a Russian or from one of our circular firing squads around the digger-anomaly. I enjoyed that, though personally I am not a fan of anomalies and stuff in a pseudo-realistic setting - but I was semi-expecting them because a) that image, b) I had an error message about something not loading "toxic sound" or something, and the mod set... (I would like all ops to include those mods just so that we can't second guess when we might want to have a zombie/alien op tbh) Had a lot of fun in Alpha,
  3. Well, that was an interesting one from my perspective. First time going Vortex for an Enhanced op so thanks for people being patient with me. This is pretty much what happened from my end (hmm this is actually a bit of a novel): Lessons for me (and anyone considering going Vortex for Enhanced, but never has 1) Familiarity with the aircraft. I was flying advanced flight model, I enjoy the challenge, but I need to be aware of how the bird performs both loaded and unloaded (and you'll never catch me flying an unfamiliar aircraft with AFM on). Nearly dunking a
  4. Yeah it's a trip hazard with the power cable running across the floor to the middle of the room
  5. It takes the teller and the listener to make a joke work, so thanks for being excellent y'all.
  6. Welcome Shifty! Hope to see you in-game!
  7. Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia! The giant redwood! The larch! The fir! The mighty scots pine!
  8. Might need to raise your mic volume in the mix @Norris, but nice spec-ops-y gameplay there
  9. Is there a list of permitted-but-not-mandatory mods like Shacktac UI etc? (I want to use suppression )
  10. Well, when we have them. Can't play every faction the same way, that would defeat the object
  11. Might also give purpose to our minesweeping vics.
  12. Hey @Schubz - I was part of that Alpha reinsert that you mention. I can't apologise for the person that spoke with you about being in the wrong place etc, but I would like to apologise for not being of any useful communication either in that situation. I heard the conversation and assumed that you would automatically tag onto alpha until we were in a situation where you could get in contact with and regroup onto Bravo, even mentally said to myself "looks like we have another person in alpha", but didn't think to hit my PTT and say anything useful at the time to clarify your situation. I'm sorr
  13. I have just realised there is a person here called @William that isn't me, but is hoovering up all my votes!
  14. AW MVP 2020: @Xwatt AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Lindi the Gold Standard of friendliness AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @chicken_no6 this one will go far! AW Most Active Staff Member 2020: @MidnightRunner no idea how you do it all. AW Strictest Staff Member 2020: @Lindi but fair! AW Best Team Player 2020: @SkullCollector AW Most Helpful Member *Non Staff* 2020: @Gambit - if you even hint about the possibility that you're trying to learn something he knows about he will go out of his way to teach you, and let's not forget the behin
  15. AW_Liberation.html Modset attached - it's the same as the current Liberation one but if anyone doesn't have it...
  16. "Best attempt to get 2 awards in 1 go"
  17. I can think of a few contenders actually! It's really quite... worrying
  18. Re: ACRE settings. Had 1 occasion last night where a few people crawling prone 5 metres apart were getting bad signal (cutting in out) when radioing each other whilst crawling. Not really an issue imho in that example, just got to shout. It was mostly funny as it looked like Midnight's knee was blocking the signal as he crawled. Re: Russians being solid lads. Possibly bad combined with their desire (LAMBS + Liberation) to come and find you en masse. Was less of an issue BAF vs Sahrani. Is LAMBS tuneable to change thresholds for how hard they react to players?
  19. When pilots reach 9 minutes on the AFK counter, can you pop up a hint (not requiring a click to acknowledge!) that reminds the pilot to move their mouse/press any key, in case they are HOTAS users?
  20. More SSD than HDD is a serious flex!
  21. Autorifleman when I want to be mobile, AT when I want to make it so others can be mobile.
  22. I come to AW to enjoy my free time. All I ask of "the community" is, if I'm playing a game with you, I really don't care about a negative experience you had with someone else on another occasion. Don't tell me about it, I'm happy to form my own opinions of people when I play with them in future. I'm here now, let's work out what we're doing and how we're doing it. Another time, I'll be playing with a different bunch of people, and we'll have a different method.
  23. You will, as time progresses, be able to look at a pilot landing to pick you up from base and decide whether or not the pilot is going to be able to get you to your destination safely, and certain names will stick out in your mind as "do not fly" and "highly skilled" (everyone in between being "normal levels of skilled, and intelligent decision makers"). Having a formal list (even just hosting it) kind of puts AW in a position of responsibility for the quality of pilots as well and that's an additional burden on the (unpaid) staff's time. The current system lets actively bad pilots
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