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  1. Thank you for putting another poll out. When is it closing?
  2. Every vehicle is a minesweeping vehicle if you use it wrong enough
  3. I was thinking something similar, but with UXO, we can use an engineer to clear a minefield, or maybe even the cutie Eddie robots? (Don't know if they are actually capable of this, but whatever)
  4. AW MVP 2020: @Xwatt - For bringing me into the warmth way back in march or whenever i joined AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @SkullCollector - I mean, just wow. - For throwing someone in as SL, who has never been TL, or had any experience in military stuff at all. AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Stanhope - For your constant and non tiring work on everything AW Most Active Staff Member 2020: @MidnightRunner - You are always there, wether as admin, zeus or just as a regular grunt. AW Strictest Staff Member 2020: @LH5 - For shooting me after i stole that civi
  5. I think this might be a part of the problem, its really inconsistent, sometimes you onetap people, but then the guy next to him is like a russian oil tanker. I don't really know if there is anything we can do about it, like you say, we cant tweak it for every faction combination. Also, russian armor is supposed to be good, ya? I don't think I have been bothered much by this lately, maybe I have become better at taking cover? +1, it's working "well enough" for this playthrough (Obviously we have made a lot of progress in a relatively short amount
  6. I figured it out, and have found a workaround. I had the following keybinds: PTT1: Caps Lock PTT2: Ctrl+Caps Lock PTT3: Alt+Caps Lock It only happens while releasing ctrl or alt, so I can talk on PTT1 no problem and look around, but as soon as I release alt, it stops transmitting. The solution for me is to just unbind PTT3, hopefully I will never need it.
  7. I have ACRE PTT to caps lock and notice the issue while pressing alt to look around. I will check if it happens with other buttons aswell.
  8. Just a suggestion that may or may not be helpful. I suggest if you have radio issues on a specific spot, to note down exactly what has happened and exactly where it has happened, so that we can try to re-create it and see what we might have to tune in order to fix it. The most irritating issue i've had with ACRE has been the constantly cutting out when you touch anything other than the ptt button, which is annoying but manageable. I feel like we should not be too quick to just throw away ACRE. Yes, TFAR was easier to an extent, but there were issues with that aswel
  9. Hey guys. For some reason, skipping time ahead always makes the weather foggy. While I realize magic like that might be unreliable and side effects of timetravel are to be expected, it would be nice if it would keep the current weather while advancing time. Thanks in advance.
  10. 29/07/20 Dear brother Dmitry. I hope you are doing well, I miss you very much here on the front. How are things back in the motherland? Today was an interesting day, we were tasked with providing overwatch for Alpha during an assault. The day started like any other in the army, spending more than an hour just to get to the AO. Once there we dug a ton of trenches, my back hurt like hell but we kept digging until some unknown voice chimed in over the radio on channel 51. <<That's probably enough trenches guys, server is struggling with FPS as is
  11. I think its basically a G3A3 , https://armedassault.fandom.com/wiki/G3 with some minor tweaks.
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