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  1. The actual machine was installed almost 2 weeks ago now. so yes, it was planned And yes, looking forward to some feedback on how Gamenight runs on the new machine ! Enjoy and have fun!!
  2. In progress, and more news on this soon. (it's there and it's working, but it's still being fine-tuned) This is live already, see also the server-banner for EU#3 on our home-page.
  3. TL:DR - The Ip-address & Port for EU#3 change to: New dedicated server to host Ahoyworld Arma3 EU#3 & Space engineers ! Donated to Ahoyworld by Christiansen (yes fully paid from his own pocket, so THANKS CHRIS !!) we are proud to announce we have a brand new dedicated server up and running. Name of this server: - Keeping the shiptheme of our other servers (Flagship & LaCapitana) This server will be called: Valliant Purpose of this server: - Dedicated Space Engineers instance - Arma3 EU#3 What is it ? - Bare-metal dedicated server hosted in a German datacenter - Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake - 32 GB DDR4 RAM - 2 x 500 GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD - Windows 2012 R2 Why EU#3 ? Moving EU#3 (resource intensive with all mods etc..) will leave more CPU power available on Flagship for EU#1 & EU#2, while having the opportunity to dedicate 4 CPU's of the new server only to EU#3. Performance should therefore increase for all our Arma instances. Make sure to say thanks to Chris for this server when you happen to bump into him, and please post any performance related comments in this thread while we fine-tune the new setup.
  4. The way generic outbound network traffic works is as follows: - your PC send a request (signal\traffic\packet) into the www - Inside this packet is a return address as to where the receiving server has to send it's reply to - This return address is inserted in there by the software that send the packet (in this case arma3) at this point it will be you local network IP (example or etc..) - Your router\firewall sees this and will change it to your public ip that you got assigned from your ISP (example 82.564.234.1) - You router will also remember this so when the reply comes, your router will know what local PC (and port) to send this reply to in your network So the possible faults you might have are: 1 - Your router gets confused when there is too much similar traffic from the same port\protocol, to multiple local PC 2 - Your router NAT system got screwed 3 - Not very likely but theoretically possible: your ISP is also ding some NAT transversal, and somehow screws the return address Solutions: 1 - Normally happens only on very cheap routers or bad firmware, try updating your router firmware or buy a new\better router 2 - Try rebooting your router or re-setup your natting table if your router allows this 3 - Test this first with Wireshark, than contact your IPS with the proof, if any. As you see your options are unfortunately very limited, and it's hard for me to further troubleshoot without going hands-on. In case rebooting your router solves your problem, but it keeps coming back after some time, you could also try to schedule a automatic reboot every morning before you wake up. This is a work around and not a solution, but hey if it works, it works ...
  5. kamaradski

    New US Server!

    yep, the requirements landscape changed a bit since this thread was posted. Also it turned out the Arma instance on this server was not very populated, at least not enough to justify it's cost....
  6. Version 1.6 now includes a Squad Server restarter !! ## Squad Restarter Start & re-start Squad Server Allows you to set dedicated CPU Core(s) for the Squad Server Update and validate your Squad Server installation via SteamCMD Automatic Server Configuration & Log backup And more... Documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12BuIfNB8puUpwy2OAGsJ2KApqK-DnciQNFnwSFA_t7o Download here: https://bitbucket.org/kamaradski/ahoy-server-tools/downloads
  7. Really cool man, count me in \0/
  8. kamaradski

    New US Server!

    The way Arma server-list works, we all need to help seeding it so it climbs in the ranks a little and start obtaining visibility. This is a job for both members aswel as staff. Also this server is a huge increase in our monthly costs, and if it will continue it's service in the long run debends on how populated it is over the next 2 or 3 months. ---> meaning: start playing som arma soldiers !!! For now it is setup like EU1 or EU2, In case the US playerbase is growing based on this new colocation, we migt actually decide to add a modded server (or not,.... no promises let see how things pann out)
  9. I joined A3 in the first week of alpha, and one day an AW server appeared in the server list, never played another server since
  10. Ahoy_Server_Tools V1.5 Introducing a totally new, re-written from scratch, Restarter tool: A3_Restarter V2.0 This new Restarter has been written in PowerShell V2 and allows for better stability, better compatibility (windows Vista & up), and many new features to be added to the core functionality. Since there is no more need for separate Unlockers, log-archivers, updaters, backup scripts etc, we have moved all those scripts to the "old projects" folder. Main features: - Start & re-start Arma3 Server - Start & re-start BEC - Update and validate your Arma3 Server installation via SteamCMD - Sync Keys, Missions and BE-configurations across servers - Clean and archive log-files (Server & BEC) - Automatic Server Configuration & Log backup (incl BEC) - Supports TADST profiles User Documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tjpWVrarHHUY2zxQe-1HFdEyeus_aDumcN-sUYXBnmA Download: https://bitbucket.org/kamaradski/ahoy-server-tools/downloads
  11. Maintenance completed, all services are back online.
  12. ok 1h behind schedule, but this is happening now, please be aware the servers will go down soon.
  13. When: Tomorrow -12-July Time: From +/- 5:00 AM UTC onwards To +/- 6:00 AM UTC approx Behaviour: Downtime of all gameserver including Teamspeak What: During above mentioned time-frame There will be generic server maintenance on our Flagship server. As well as the installation of a brand-new (written from scratch) restarter for the Arma3 servers. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this planned outage. KR Your ICT Admin
  14. And after some additional down-time this morning this is now really finished. The new restarter is up and running, and EU3 should be using TADST profiles for it's difficulty settings. Additionally it is build in such a way that we can make changes to the settings, without the need to immediately restart the servers Let me know how this works for you all !
  15. This is done for now, the server should be back online
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