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  1. Hi all, I'm testing a new VTC manager, that also include a automatic triplogger company link: http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/38 Come give it a try, i'm fairly happy with it so far. Feedback in this thread please
  2. Hi all, I am looking to post a slightly bigger feature request post on the SCS forums. And i was thinking to collect your feedback, and make the post as 'collective feature request from Ahoyworld'. So, please add your whishlist to this thread and i will collate and post on SCS. My list so far (listed in order of how bad i want it): - ETS blinker auto-off is unreliable in comparison to ATS (after taking a corner the blinker often remains on) - ETS cargo drop-off is too easy in comparison with ATS. Dropping off ETS trailers is too easy and start to get boring really quickly. Slowly but surely work should be done to add the ATS system to ETS, and adapt the loading/dropoff areas into a slightly more challenging setup. - Heavier loads: The default Semi trailer used in the game currently can hold a real world capacity of roughly 32.000 KG (bringing the total weight of the combination to the default of 40ton), in the game however i have never seen more than 21T per cargo ? - Remove trailer pickup & drop-off aid with menu config option (more realistic without these large icons) - Trailer ownership: In order to pickup a load, you need to own the corresponding trailer(s) and drive the empty trailer to the pick-up point (ergo, Owned trailers would be available in any of the garages you own) Added Bonus: This will force players to expand their area of operation more thoughtfully, otherwise they end up driving ages to pickup the required trailers. And make strategic decisions on what types of trailers to buy in relation to the skill-set they redeem upon levelling up. This would overall increase the depth of the game drastically. - Retractable 3rd wheel on trailer (especially in combination with trailer ownership, or low tonnage hauls). This should be a quick-win, since the game engine already knows how to retract wheels. - Tandem trailers: This one trailer type is getting boring we are in the need for something more challenging. Tandem trailers will give you the opportunity to add 2 new different types of pivots points for more interesting gameplay. I drive a lot in the real world and have crossed most EU countries at least once by car, and these Tandem combinations make up of roughly 30% of real traffic i would say. (see picture examples) - Option to purchase a 'open-pipe' exhaust that would produce louder engine noise and maybe 5% increase in horsepower. especially in combination with the heavy cargo DLC. Basically only because louder engines are more cool to drive. (dont forget this should significantly make the engine break LOUD ) - WorldOfTrucks VTC feature, I am really waiting for this, some more social interaction and support for virtual companies. Including per VTC rankings, Global Rankings & Global VTC Rankings. - More stats on WOT: fuel used per load, cargo Damage, list of historical trips, Generic truck maintenance stats like a service history (for use in VTC and ranking), etc... - Older classical trucks (scania 111, volvo F10, etc..) I know many of us are waiting for this - Split delivery: deliver part of the load in the one location, and another part at another location. Example: pick up a load of apples from some farm and deliver them to 5 different supermarkets) - Clickable Dashboard: For those with head-tracking/steeringwheel, etc, it would be nice if the Dashboard of the truck is clickable by mouse. Example use the mouse to press a button to turn on the hazard lights or handbrake. (you see this often in FlightSims too) - More extensive use of the ingame company logos: I have seen mods that offer: Transporter Vans in the color of the in-game companies, truck skins for the in-game companies, this sounds like a logical thing that should be available in the default game. - Ability to drive the transporter van (maybe with a small 2axle trailer) to make smaller deliveries (could be like DHL delivery and deliver at residential places of smaller companies. there are many locations in-game already that could be used for this) - Exhaust smoke & heat: Especially for the older trucks (pre EURO6), Broken trucks, or the 'openpipe' from Heavy Cargo (as requested above), will also work nicely in combination with different gear changing setups.
  3. Honestly i am waiting for WorldOfTrucks to support a VTC function. I'm still very active in ETC (and also ATS a little), but after Triplogger i got lazy and am refusing to enter any manual data....
  4. Finally got round to try this, and works great ! Thz for the write-up Pero !
  5. It should work without any software now, nust go to the website and find yourself on the map. (might take a while before your are correctly showing) and i'm not sure how active Kat is still maintaining it...
  6. The actual machine was installed almost 2 weeks ago now. so yes, it was planned And yes, looking forward to some feedback on how Gamenight runs on the new machine ! Enjoy and have fun!!
  7. In progress, and more news on this soon. (it's there and it's working, but it's still being fine-tuned) This is live already, see also the server-banner for EU#3 on our home-page.
  8. TL:DR - The Ip-address & Port for EU#3 change to: New dedicated server to host Ahoyworld Arma3 EU#3 & Space engineers ! Donated to Ahoyworld by Christiansen (yes fully paid from his own pocket, so THANKS CHRIS !!) we are proud to announce we have a brand new dedicated server up and running. Name of this server: - Keeping the shiptheme of our other servers (Flagship & LaCapitana) This server will be called: Valliant Purpose of this server: - Dedicated Space Engineers instance - Arma3 EU#3 What is it ? - Bare-metal dedicated server hosted in a German datacenter - Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core Skylake - 32 GB DDR4 RAM - 2 x 500 GB SATA 6 Gb/s SSD - Windows 2012 R2 Why EU#3 ? Moving EU#3 (resource intensive with all mods etc..) will leave more CPU power available on Flagship for EU#1 & EU#2, while having the opportunity to dedicate 4 CPU's of the new server only to EU#3. Performance should therefore increase for all our Arma instances. Make sure to say thanks to Chris for this server when you happen to bump into him, and please post any performance related comments in this thread while we fine-tune the new setup.
  9. The way generic outbound network traffic works is as follows: - your PC send a request (signal\traffic\packet) into the www - Inside this packet is a return address as to where the receiving server has to send it's reply to - This return address is inserted in there by the software that send the packet (in this case arma3) at this point it will be you local network IP (example or etc..) - Your router\firewall sees this and will change it to your public ip that you got assigned from your ISP (example 82.564.234.1) - You router will also remember this so when the reply comes, your router will know what local PC (and port) to send this reply to in your network So the possible faults you might have are: 1 - Your router gets confused when there is too much similar traffic from the same port\protocol, to multiple local PC 2 - Your router NAT system got screwed 3 - Not very likely but theoretically possible: your ISP is also ding some NAT transversal, and somehow screws the return address Solutions: 1 - Normally happens only on very cheap routers or bad firmware, try updating your router firmware or buy a new\better router 2 - Try rebooting your router or re-setup your natting table if your router allows this 3 - Test this first with Wireshark, than contact your IPS with the proof, if any. As you see your options are unfortunately very limited, and it's hard for me to further troubleshoot without going hands-on. In case rebooting your router solves your problem, but it keeps coming back after some time, you could also try to schedule a automatic reboot every morning before you wake up. This is a work around and not a solution, but hey if it works, it works ...
  10. kamaradski

    New US Server!

    yep, the requirements landscape changed a bit since this thread was posted. Also it turned out the Arma instance on this server was not very populated, at least not enough to justify it's cost....
  11. Version 1.6 now includes a Squad Server restarter !! ## Squad Restarter Start & re-start Squad Server Allows you to set dedicated CPU Core(s) for the Squad Server Update and validate your Squad Server installation via SteamCMD Automatic Server Configuration & Log backup And more... Documentation: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12BuIfNB8puUpwy2OAGsJ2KApqK-DnciQNFnwSFA_t7o Download here: https://bitbucket.org/kamaradski/ahoy-server-tools/downloads
  12. Really cool man, count me in \0/
  13. kamaradski

    New US Server!

    The way Arma server-list works, we all need to help seeding it so it climbs in the ranks a little and start obtaining visibility. This is a job for both members aswel as staff. Also this server is a huge increase in our monthly costs, and if it will continue it's service in the long run debends on how populated it is over the next 2 or 3 months. ---> meaning: start playing som arma soldiers !!! For now it is setup like EU1 or EU2, In case the US playerbase is growing based on this new colocation, we migt actually decide to add a modded server (or not,.... no promises let see how things pann out)
  14. I joined A3 in the first week of alpha, and one day an AW server appeared in the server list, never played another server since
  15. Hi all, I just made the following changes you might want to know about. - Continues time, the server time now keeps running even when the server is empty, so better make sure to leave your vessels in stable orbit when you logoff. This might fix several persistence errors i have seen over the last few weeks. - No garbage collection, garbage will not automatically collected, just just like in the real world, if you litter your orbit, you will have to live with it forever. This might get interesting overtime launching a new rocket and dodging the space debris. (i will clean it from time to time in case it gets really bad) This means i will now also allow you to leave your old unused ships and stations in whatever orbit they might got stuck in, but please use the change-name function to give them the garbage logo, this way we can still separate the actual active ships from the left-over junk, and make periodically cleaning the sever so much better. Enjoy, and let me know if you have any issues with above changes. Kama
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