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  1. One of the reasons I prefer Logi-Trucking over combat roles.
  2. Photographs for entertainment purposes. When there's a tonne of supplies that need to be moved, are we (the logi team) okay to *ahem* "Borrow" some grunts to get the heavy stuff escorted and/or moved?
  3. Rule 5. "Fill the primary slots before secondary/support." Impractical given the game mode. You need logistics to ship supplies back to base, vortex to ferry troops and Medivac to deal with the bloody mess during or after a combat operation. For those of you that think I'm wrong. Give the game mode a try without any of those three on a small fire-team day and see what happens.
  4. Eden has some lengthy processes, even for simple things. This reminds me a lot of my early programming days - Which did not go well.
  5. Killing OPFOR helicopters with Kuma main gun. Midnight Runner, Panzer and myself.
  6. Guard81

    EOD ED-1E

    Looks like we'll have to do it the old fashioned way for now. Shame, really. The IDAP de-mining drone is pretty cool. Oh by the way... those of you interested in real world de-minding operations may have heard of "Hero Rats". If you're curious, the charity is APOPO can can be found here: http://bit.ly/2GzSDeJ
  7. I'm currently in the planning stages for this one. The Google doc can be found via this link. Short version, I'd like to build something in the Eden mission editor for co-operative humanitarian missions, both with and without armed escort. Feedback and suggestions would be most welcome. Also, as I'm very, very, very new to ARMA3 and the editor I would appreciate any links to idiot-proof guides to the editor and links on allowing players to be non-combatants.
  8. Hi folks, thank you so much for the warm welcome via TS yesterday. Special thanks to Murph' for taking the time to run me through the basics.
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