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  1. Serbian Gamenight

    No idea what you're talking about @Johnson...
  2. Thanks to @Minipily and @Johnson for suggesting something different for a change. Was fun to play as the Serbs! Screenshots
  3. 20180930201153_1.jpg

  4. 20180930210818_1.jpg

  5. 20180930170935_1.jpg

  6. 20180930210851_1.jpg

  7. 20180930170858_1.jpg

  8. AWE Status

    AWE has never been about hardcore immersion, EU6 was created to tailor towards those players.
  9. AWE Status

    AWE has never been 100% serious play. It has always been a place for Team-play and fun. Immersion on AWE has MOSTLY been provided by user made missions such as Karate's Prometheus series.
  10. AWE Status

    The line is common sense. US and British factions are apart of NATO where they commonly share assets. Where as the SU-25 is Russian and would not be used by BLUFOR.
  11. AWE Status

    Ignore This...
  12. AWE Status

    AWE's Arsenal has always been relaxed and personally I prefer it that way. This is because it allows people to personalise themselves and makes them different. Gamenights have always been the way for people to play as a set faction and quite frankly we don't have enough of them. Admittedly the arsenal is jam packed full of stuff, And from what I have seen majority of people pick RHS assets over CUP assets, With the removal of CUP it would not only reduce the mod size but also reduce the amount of stuff in the arsenal.
  13. If i'm right in saying, I believe the fog clears itself after some time. If it persists i'm always available on teamspeak, just shoot me a message i'll jump on and clear it for you
  14. @BBFSGaming Can you take a screenshot of your Arma3Sync mods and also a screenshot of them on your hard drive for me?
  15. look at this speed.JPG

    You may want to activate windows