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  1. Art3misZA


    Welcome! You did a great job with some CAP today if I recall right. Feel free to join us in TeamSpeak from time to time as it’s a great way to get to know the community.
  2. Welcome! We have players in the community who are active in all of those games so no doubt you feel right at home here.
  3. I think you do get negative points for shooting civvies currently.
  4. Aside from the temptation to shoot civvies, my concern would also be impact on server performance having “unnecessary” ambience around. Having CAS assets easily available could lead to the abuse of said assets. The assets available are done in such a a way to ensure balance and fun for all players. Also, there is always the UAV slot and mortars should something heavier be required. Though, with decent AA and AT missile specialists, any threat can be taken out as well.
  5. I had forgotten about diCaprio's terrible slaughter of my countryman's accent. Thanks for reminding me @Walk'N.
  6. Heya Gaz! Glad you are enjoying your time and if you want to learn some new roles, always happy to help where I can. Also suggest you join us in TeamSpeak from time to time as it’s a good place to ask questions.
  7. I feel that this adds variety to the challenge of these objectives. If everything were to be cleared in the same way, things would feel repetitive. Loading with explosives and planting them adds more than just pure pew pew. I have said this before and strongly feel it is important to consider when making changes but if one spoonfeeds players too much they will get bored and either leave or look for their own entertainment.
  8. I also have to ask a question here, Piccle. Do you not think that perhaps these things are bothering you more because you have been enjoying the more structured gameplay that EU3 offers lately and now get frustrated at the casual nature of EU1? Once you step across that line, it does become apparent how different the two environments are.
  9. In relation my my missions, I only do this because I design my missions for infantry as the players seem to get the most fun out of this and it also prevents questions or policing of players who think Zeus Ops work the same as other missions on the server. I could, for example, put together something that requires armor or mortar but this is just due to my personal preference.
  10. I am going to be quite frank here. As Spartan, I really don't want to sit and watch out for more things that could be seen as "disruption" or "breaking the rules". There is already plenty to keep busy with. I also feel that the handful of players who do engage in this sort of thing as, Lindi has already commented, have gained the knowledge and experience to do so. It is impressive to keep a tank alive for so long. Plus, if a player has hit side missions until the dice has rolled for the tank he prefers, kudos to him. He deserves that tank and this usually results in a lot of other
  11. Also, thanks to Ryko’s efforts it is really easy to just switch roles now in game. It works well and makes it easy to adjust according to the requirements on server at any given time. Even though I am a new Zeus, I base my mission designs on the roles available. If I design a mission with a set idea in mind and then ten players come and wreck it with Titan AP in two mins, that is not going to be fun for anyone and removes the challenge. I simply do not see how your suggestion is going to be for the benefit of the server and maintenance of a healthy player base. The chall
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