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  1. Jochem


    I think that actually refers to injecting it in the engine, basically the model is done and now they're gonna import it in arma, write the configs, etc
  2. @Ryko didn't have the time to go check in-game, but something like this might work:
  3. Look what I did just for the hell of it: Code in file (tested ONLY in SP, it's entirely possible it doesn't work in MP) helmetCam.sqf
  4. As for getting penetrated on the front of the turret, I saw that rocket fly towards us and I can assure you it wasn't the tandem PG-7VR but the normal PG-7VL, and that one has around 500mm pen, so shouldn't have penetrated. But like you said, ArmA ain't real life. I felt kinda sad when I read this, as Mini is actually a very competent commander. This video (hopefully) proves that: But then again, we it has been a while since we (or anyone) played Hammer during regular play, so I understand where you're coming from. I'll say this about that gamenight: mistakes
  5. If you see a team doing something they shouldn't and you're in command, tell them. If they don't comply tell them more direct. After you've done this and they still don't comply (almost never happens in my experience) get an admin. Except in my opinion they didn't. Apart from that you obviously can't force people to pick a slot, this rule was (originally) never intended to apply to slotting: you could fill any role the rules allowed you to, no permission from acting command needed. This seems to have changed recently, but when I command I hold the principle that the only thin
  6. I agree with that it would've been better to ditch command and fill BSL instead. I found that the whole operation felt somewhat weird to me. I found myself asking for SITREPs wich were basically useless other than giving me a better idea of what was happening (useless because most of that information wasn't used after I got it), those took time wich Amentes could've used for managing his teams. I could've managed the fireteams more directly, but then ASL turns into a glorified retransmitter. Plus command really shouldn't be micromanaging. Add to that I had no comms with V
  7. Items dropped by dead units are still connected to said unit, so if you delete the unit it's weapon get's deleted. It even works when a player swapped it's own weapon with that of the unit. For players dropping items you could use this EH: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#InventoryClosed It's true you'll always need to combine it with a script that runs periodically, thing is that script doesn't impact performance as much as it otherwise would. I personally use the first solution I suggested in my missions, runs every minute, never had any
  8. That's not what exception handling is, I assume you meant a regular if that checks for nearby players. If you use scheduled execution yes, but not if you use unsheduled execution. Unscheduled execution executes code roughly 7x faster and doesn't care about the 3ms limit. The catch is you can't use infinite loops (since the code runs until it is done), sleep, uiSleep and waitUntil. You still shouldn't run a lot of expensive commands, but for what you'd need to do here, it wouldn't give any problems. Event handlers are AFAIK very performant, but I've got no data to
  9. I used to have the same opinion and avoid placing units in the editor, but with the introduction of the dynamic simulation system(https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dynamic_Simulation) it can actually be beneficial to place all units in the editor (or spawn them with a script in the beginning of the mission). When the mission doesn't require an insane amount of units (+1000 units) there's no real reason to use dynamic spawning anymore for a simple mission, especially if you combine it with a headless client. So if you're unfamiliar with scripting I'd just place everything i
  10. I knocked myself out, the code is a bit more complex, but I kept all the code in one file: The main thing about this is that it works in both SP/MP (altough for pure MP use some slight adjustments should be made for performance), is JIP compatible and doesn't contain any scheduled code (spawn, execVM). If you want to test it paste the code in a file (i.e. sniper.sqf) in the mission folder and execute these two lines:
  11. Nah, I broke it apperently, fixed the code in the post above. 245 = ((_radius/2) - 5) It get's the uppder right corner of the square. I was a bit lazy and harcoded it in, but you can replace it with ((_radius/2) - 5). For your script, make it like this: []spawn{ _z=500; [player, (player call removebackpackback)] call setbackpackonchest; player addbackpack "B_Parachute"; player setpos [getpos player select 0,getpos player select 1,_z]; sleep 5; waitUntil {getposatl player select 2 < 1}; player call removebackpackback; [player, (player call remo
  12. Tried indexing the map, like I expected didn't work nearly as fast as the other solutions (for a 1000m radius). Also did some optimizing of my first code, runs around 38% faster (29ms vs 41ms)
  13. For the terrain objects like trees and rocks: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nearestTerrainObjects Amazing work with the new version, I'm impressed you managed to cut off half the execution time. When I'm home I might try one of your suggestions about indexing the map at the start of the mission. I'm not very optimistic about it but we'll see, 20ms is a hard time to beat.
  14. Let me just say: great job so far! Since I personally think programmers should encourage and help each other, especially if someone's starting out, here's some tips: Avoid spawning objects when not it's not needed. It is one of the most expensive (read performance hitting) things a script can do. Always uses local variables instead of global ones when you can (_variable is local, variable is global). It's more secure and will prevent weird things from happening. Don't interpret these tips as something you should be ashamed of, I'm really quite impressed you manage
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