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  1. The Flight Control is the Radar. So it seems to be bugged and explains why there is a 2nd standing outside the Barriers (at FOB Bravo), but no one reported it ? It was because of not having a free hangar at Bravo and not having a Helipad+Radar at Alpha Problem solved
  2. I cannot build/buy any Aircraft (except for drones) when i am at FOB Alpha or Bravo, but i can at FOB Charlie. Is that supposed to be like that ?
  3. It is basically set on passive radar so that the enemy AI won't yeet the Radar out of existence from 8km away. It should automatically turn on once an enemy is in range.
  4. 1. CH-53E (Cargo) and CH-47F (Cargo) cannot load any Supplies (Loggi Stuff) 2. Option to "Paradrop Cargo" is kinda broken. (Only did it once succesful when accidentally pressing it when CH-53E was on the ground, it open a chute and dropped the supply crate 1m) 3. Please add the rhs_c130j Can you even load supplies ( Loggi Stuff) into the C-130J (Cargo) ?
  5. M1132 (M2) rhsusf_Stryker_m1132_m2_wd or rhsusf_Stryker_m1132_m2_d your choice on the Color XD
  6. Can we have: 1. C-130J so we can insert via Paradrop (I remember something about HALO Option being mentioned cause it is in Liberation) with Vehicle (For Example Assault Boat fits inside the Passenger one) and Logi does not have to employ Civilians (Fckin civvies yeeted the Bradley with an Offroad once). 2. More Stryker Variants ? I really want to yeet a position with HIMARS, but i don't want to demine on foot XD
  7. Copy Pasta from Discord from me: I also contributed my part to the FOB and left halfway through due to RL stuff. I also did not object in taking over the Airfield with not many people this morning, as I was kinda fed up with the Orders of taking over Negades and Lakka, as it seems like they were just taken due to the unlock of the Vehicles, which i do not see as a logical or tactical reason "as our mission is it to liberate Altis from the SAF" and yes it gives us a certain tactical advantage, but it does not help if we do not have trained personell and as a Logi Engineer i don't want the resources i drove go into waste just to buy new ones after it just got crashed (sorry @Toast but i was really mad when you crashed the Apache, that's why i said you should take the cobra ^^ ) Sry @Fenton that we always object with your requests for FOB Locations. The Roadblock does seem like a good idea, but it would be like a 2 front war and i already hate the fact that we took the south western peninsula/island. If we do not make a general plan and just have a new Commander every 6 hours, who has another plan than the previous one, i get fed up because i am on the server like 12 hours a day and things change into various directions. Also sorry @Daniel and @Harvjomac for being mad at you guys when we were doing loggies and the Sea Stallion exploded and i said that i hate humans. ^ ^^ Please do not open the Ramp once you landed (This also counts for the passengers, Please make it so only Pilot and Co-Pilot can operate it, or just remove completly) Enemy Awareness is a Problem. Command wants to take more Regions for unlocks but does not want to have multiple operations up, so just tells Logi to defend and (PlatCo) goes into the Battlefield. Just send the drone for FOB Hunting ffs. Yes it is kinda overpowered but you can tell that the Talibans in the Mountains once they got hit by a drone. If you want a little FOB Defence Mission then let Logi know so they can build up defense in advance and not like the moment the Message pops up.
  8. 1. Logistics Engineers need Advanced Repair when in FOB (Example: Weren't able to repair the optics of the Bradley, after Turret got destroyed.) Only in FOB though as in Field with a Repair Truck (or similar) would be a bit too much. Is this technically even possible ? 2. Medics being able to use PAK when in Base (has this been fixed yet ? I saw some entries where PAK was used) Stitching in MEDEVAC Vehicles should be enough and full heal(PAK) should stay for FOB. I think having Stitch Set being one time usage and only in MEDEVAC/MedFacility is good (does not sound hygienic to use a set again and on the field). 3. Platco calling for civvies doing the Logistics seems good, as we reached the point where logistics will be doing support for vehicles. Other option would also be to have Engineers setup a supply point together with MEDEVAC near AO and bring Mortar/Howitzer as Fire Support (if we attack a point without civilians). Another Option is having Engineers driving the MedEvac while Medics can take care of the wounded as passenger. With that we would be able to drive to combat zone, retrieve the wounded and drive into safety and in case of MassCas we can just fly/drive them all back for full heal (though patients tend to die on the field rather fast from bloodloss) 4. As much as I love the HIMARS, I had to realize that they are cluster. If we ever do use it, I want to set in stone that whoever fired it, has to do cleanup afterwards. Also a nice little mission if you wanna take a break from combat. (Edit: should be the same for when someone plants a mine/explosive) 6.I think adding new/other Mods should be considered for settings after completing this one.But is it possible to use other Maps and Mods (that are compatible) with Liberation ? If yes we could open a "Future Liberation Thread" where people can suggest settings ?
  9. Hello there, Some of you already know me form the Public Server EU#1 and from Discord, but here I am. An Asian living in Germany, only getting out of his apartment to get food, get to work or go to an Anime Convention. I also go by the name "TheKamaikaze" or "Long" (please note that there is an a in KamAikaze) I also tend to make racist remarks as I am German and Asian and believe in equal treatment (so if i bulyy the asians, i also have to bully the others)
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