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  1. oh this reminds of a bug we had on chernarus when i didnt built the (ground mobile) respawn and it was just half built (with some green textures) at the spawn point/island
  2. Most Players on EU1 don't PID and accidental TKs/Friendly Fire is regularly seen. As said there are side missions. Also you have UAV with GBUs for CAS and Pilots job should mainly be transport.
  3. It is in I&A4 Sounds how it is supposed to be You will see people commiting war crimes all day (they already kill everything that moves and has heat signature on the side mission that has Civilians that give intel) You can get those as rewards from Side Missions or by capturing Molos Airfield, you get one CAS Jet (Wasp/Warthog) with one Hour respawn timer. Disclaimer: I am also just a regular Player and am not from Staff or Development
  4. From experience and ruleset on Liberation: Outside of Liberation Wednesday and usually below the player count of 5 you shouldn't expect other players to follow your command if you selected the Role of Platoon Commander or Squad/Team Leader and are new to those Players. On low player count we usually just agree on an objective with no "real plan" and bring equipment that we seem fit. So you might see a Medic running around with a Sniper/Marksman Rifle and an RPG *pokes @RiverWolf* xD Just an advise from a (former) "Liberation Resident" and AW Candidate for the
  5. is it this one ? snatched it from TS File Browser when it was open Ahoy World Support.mp3
  6. I hope that's a joke and you did realize that it is malden xD (haven't been there for like a year but I recognize the airport)
  7. That would be really sweet for solo players and you could singlehandedly take over an objective, which is not how you are meant to play on this server. The game mode is coop. As much as I like to play Solo, it is not something that I would want to have on EU1. It would be too Overpowered. I think you either mean the Game mode Warlords or Liberation where you can buy infantry with points or resources.
  8. To correct your english and make it more formal (although you already requested the Head Range Plus TrackIR Mod once already): ----------------------------- Hello Moderation and Admin Team, My questions are: 1) is it possible to have the RPG-7 on the I&A Server or is it not 2) Head Range Plus - TrackIR Mod is a mod for people that have TrackIR and using that to look around. Here are pictures and videos on it: (Insert Video Link here) -------> when you can't look behind your jet, with this you can (Insert Video Link here) -------> Here wher
  9. ---deleted--- because dumbf*ck me quoted wrong post and I am on phone--:
  10. Aye thank you all for voting me in as Candidate for The Hague 2020. I shall hand myself to The Hague in with an ArmA3 T-Shirt (and some cuffed POWs) as soon as Rona is over
  11. It was during day ... Fckin sunlight and looked into direction of the sun
  12. Don't have any good pictures but dis is me like ... 5 years ago or so during my first days as firefighter (co-)instructor
  13. Acer Predator 17X i7-7820HK 16GB 2400mhz GTX1080 Internal SSD 500GB (Toshiba) Internal HDD 1TB (HGST) External HDD 1TB (WD) External HDD 8GB (WD) Peripherals: 2nd Monitor BenQ RL2755 Logitech G502 Roccat ELO 7.1 Razer Nostromo (because ergonomics) And yes I know it's a laptop but hey I used to travel a lot.
  14. AW MVP 2020: @Stanhope AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Xwatt AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Stanhope AW Most Active Staff Member 2020: Ya'll ever missing out ? though thanks to @Lindifor taking care of Bans AW Strictest Staff Member 2020: (you all do good job) AW Best Team Player 2020: -----NO VOTE----- (how am I supposed to tell If I drive Logi or do Solo ? ) AW Most Helpful Member *Non Staff* 2020: -----NO VOTE----- AW Most Friendly Member 2020: -----UwU----- AW Tacti-cool member 2020: NONE AW Underrated Member 202
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