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  1. Ode to Oderus EU#2 19:00 BST 22/04

    I would like to thank those who have informed me of his passing. It's sad to see a brother go... I'm sadly not in a position to join this commemorative event. But my heart is with his family and relatives. For he may not be forgotten.
  2. RIP Oderus. Gone, but never forgotten.

    Though I have left ahoy world, his passing touches me dearly. For those who alerted me of this sad news, thank you. It's always sad to see a brother leave this world for a better place. I will remember him dearly and will mourn him with you all. My condolences to his family and close friends. For he may not be forgotten.
  3. Interesting mission coming up in just over a week. Don't miss it!
  4. Stan made a booboo! xD
  5. [AWE][GAMENIGHT]OP Winter Blues on 05/01/2018 at 19:30 UTC

    Most of those are answered in the mission description. The first post of this topic. I tested the landing craft both online and offline and I never had them this wank though. The hostages was due to time constraint we ran the mission for much longer than intended. Not to mention it became a bit chaotic when ASL had to go AFK and people sat on a hill waiting, which stalled the game. In the end it's not really enjoyable having 2-3 people drive vehicles around to collect all the hostages while the rest is sat doing nothing for 15 -20 minutes.
  6. [AWE][GAMENIGHT]OP Winter Blues on 05/01/2018 at 19:30 UTC

    I'll remember that for next time... >:) Good to hear!
  7. [AWE][GAMENIGHT]OP Winter Blues on 05/01/2018 at 19:30 UTC

    The link in the topic is correct. 19:30 UTC.
  8. Printable Range Card

  9. [AWE][GAMENIGHT]OP Winter Blues on 05/01/2018 at 19:30 UTC

    So, who's in? There's a 6 man SpecOps team who will insert ahead of time, if you know a group you'd like to run that with, let me know!
  10. [AWE][GAMENIGHT]OP Winter Blues on 05/01/2018 at 19:30 UTC

    It was never there I've enabled and disabled certain squads from the start. I'm not going to run sign-ups. Everyone is free to pick their own gear, I do request people slotting up in a decent manner. Maybe.
  11. Ryko, pls fix the DG.sqf with Hammer and Torch both being indexed by 14
  12. Event Date: 01/05/2018 Event Time: 19:30 UTC https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=OP+Winter+Blues&iso=20180105T1930&p1=1440&ah=1&am=30 Mission Name: OP Winter Blues Brief Summary: Santa has delivered all his presents to the good boys and girls. However, a distress signal was sent out once he got back home. Apparently, he was followed by those who do not share the Christmass spirit and want to use his flying sleigh technology for their own good. We've tracked the distress signal to the island of Malden, perhaps this is where Santa lives and where his toy workshop is built. We need to rescue Santa and all his elves, we then need to secure his workshop. The flying sleigh technology has been captured already, so all we can do for now it make sure it isn't turned against Santa. We've made contact with Russia who have a FOB nearby. Russia agrees on how dangerous such technology can be. They've loaned us three amphibious landing craft and three mobile AA guns, which we can position around Santa's workshop. RUSFOR themselves will not engage in any combat unless provoked, so do not bother them any more than we already do. Mission Objectives: 1a. Insert SpecOps via HALO parachute to clear out the harbor. 1b. The rest is to rendevouz at the RUSFOR FOB, they are waiting for us. 2. Secure Le Port Harbor. 3. Infiltrate Santa's workshop, rescue all hostages and secure the island. 4. Await further orders. This mission will use your own loadouts and regular Stiletto assets are available. Cover Image: Player slots: 40 BLUFOR Expected Mission Length: 90 minutes Mods required: AWE Modset Server slots: 40
  13. Crazy1 has provided us with a large-scale combined arms mission. Sign-ups are not required but it's nice if you leave a message if you're going to attend!
  14. AhoyWorld End of Year Awards 2017 RESULTS!

    Aye, I'll drink to that!
  15. [HOW TO] Mortars

    23-12-2017: Updated original post with mortar trajectory plots, including an explanation how to compensate for high or low targets.