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OPERATION ALIBI - Chapter 2 - AW Enhanced game night CAMPAIGN - Friday Sep 30, 1900 GMT


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Summary: a campaign-oriented, multi-session operation in which US Army SOCOM Green Berets (code name Panther) conduct special operations in the country of N'Ziwasogo.

Session 2 date: SEPTEMBER 30, 1900GMT (1500EST)

Your time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Operation+Alibi&iso=20160930T1900&p1=0

Signup here:




August, 2012. The government of N'Ziwasogo has been toppled in a military coup d'etat and the armed forces have assumed control.  The military junta has established martial law.  A group of guerillas, the Front de la Liberation du N'Ziwasogo seeks to restore the government to power, but they are woefully underequipped and poorly trained.  The whole mess has made it hard for international aid to get through: the FLN were on the USA's list of terrorist groups, and the junta doesn't want any outside intervention as they commence a program of ethnic cleansing.  Unofficially the US government has made contact with the FLN and will seek to covertly back them in overthrowing the junta.



After a successful HALO paradrop into the region, Panther made contact with Atlanta outside of Gabu.  Government forces staged a major assault into the town, which Panther successfully resisted.  After leaving the area and establishing their FOB, Panther made a successful assault on on the town of Mansoa to secure its supplies.


Mission - CHAPTER 2


For the last week Panther has been conducting recon surveillance of the area, carefully avoiding contact.  A list of targets has been assembled and sent to Crossroad for evaluation.  Panther must decide which targets to engage, and how.


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1 hour ago, Tutvys said:

So we're having signups every week. So this means different teams every week. What If I want to play with same team, without changes, is it possible. Since it is campaign we really shouldn't change teams shall we?


This doesn't necessarily mean different teams every week.  I'm hoping people will try to signup for the same roles every time, and if so, I will try to slot them with the same groups every time.  It's not mandatory to stick with the same groups, though.


I'd also like to take the opportunity to say that the first mission suffered from a fair bit of miscommunication, bugs, and lag... the next series of missions will be a bit more conventional and shouldn't have the same challenges.  To put it another way, it won't be as messed up. :)

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Here's the current roster - there's one slot left to fill (Alpha Team Lead) and if @Miksi wants to take it, it's his as he had it last time.  Otherwise anyone who wants to jump into that slot can shout loudly for it.




As before, if we have an overflow of players they will be put into Resistance slots with their own objective.

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11 minutes ago, Amentes said:


Presumably, no spots open for NATO, but as stated by Ryko, anyone not getting a slot will be put into the Resistance faction, with their own separate objective.

thank you, signed up anyway. look fun!

Edit:read the time wrong, ill see if i'm able to take part...

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lets sum up:


30 minutes waiting for server start&latecomers

45 minutes connecting & dress-up to scavenge some mis-matched OPFOR leftover gear

15 minutes driving truck throu the woods

15 minutes coming close to the objective


The moment we enter the village, walking with 2 teammates in front of me and 2 behind me - bang bang, instakill from god knows where.

Thou I wouldn't be suprised if that was blue-on-blue, I did had OPFOR PKM in hands.


spectator mode bugs after 30 seconds and no longer works with nighvision (only pitch black is seen)


10/10, will come to help save resistance again



If I can plead for some changes with Ryko:

  • Please spawn players with pre-loaded gear.
  • Please don't wait for players who are not online in time, or did not downloaded their MODS in advance. Give the slots to replacements right away.
    If necessary, latecomers filling primary slots can be teleported by Zeus to join the rest.

just these two things will cut at least 45 minutes from the starting delay

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