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  1. I don't see how this could be a finale. With Prairie Fire out, this is surely just end of one chapter.
  2. @SiegeSix what is "DiscordRichPresence" mod purpose and is it needed to run this game mode?
  3. I noticed, there is both LAMBS and Vcom AI present in mods, would that not conflict @kennychr ?
  4. Prevention is important, you can thank me later!
  5. @kennychr I enjoyed this mission a lot, despite fears, that disabled HUD and nameplates will make it total chaos. Kudos to @Jochem and @Karate Pyjamas for keeping the mission rolling with such limitations. I still would prefer to see at least the nameplates tho. I often opened MED menu on people, just to see who am I talking to, which is super awkward. Another suggestion: slightly speed up fluid infusions. It took VERY long time for people with blood loss to regain consciousnes - simply because how slowly they regained fluids. Stitching was disabled as we
  6. Sorry for being bit grumpy about EMT team being forgotten. I understand, it is very hard to create - especially story - mission, that would involve everyone present. Police people aparently had amazing time, but such is Arma. Sometimes you draw a short one. I would suggest two possible fixes, if the mission ever gets repeated: 1) make EMT part of police squads as attached medical personel, not a separate team. or 2) have EMT team start at the festival location (on festivals, you would have an ambulance to deal with injuries etc), so they are part of the story build-u
  7. By "our goverment" they mean the people who are paying us right? Well, it is their own fault they dont hire true professionals. From CHADS to Lulumba: Pay more or cry sore! Also about the equipment - I don't mind usin the borrowed stuff, it cuts ot ops cost. We can keep the shiny equip for when we face any opposition worth a damn. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN SHITTALKED, THIS SERVICE WAS FREE!
  8. We have tactically halted our advance on town just behing nearest hill, creating suspense that was literally killing the loyalists.
  9. Nutek, you have experience with those extra wide monitors - do they visibly increase Arma FOV in terms of horizontal vision ? Arma first-person FOV on classic monitors is 70° which is fail compared to human vision - quoting wiki - human eyes combined (binocular) visual field is 200° horizontal.
  10. I smell Market Garden. At least US troops are taking the closer bridges. Or are we playing the british paratroopers?
  11. Funny enough, TFAR just got updated, althou changelog seems mostly cosmetic. Are you sure people w/o ACRE will be able to speak to others in local chat? I don't know ACRE but TFAR replaces vanila arma local chat as well.
  12. @ansin11 Arma happens. TBH that airlift from Vortex was a Hail Mary. Considering enemy numbers and presence of Gunships and later Migs, I feel Vortex should not have been part of this mission in the first place. You do not want to fly fragile helli in territory controlled by professional army, that has air superiority to boot. Unlike for example Altis, this map is much smaller and almost totaly flat as well. Looking at FrOzt's videos, you were also driving on the roads. On map, I have intentionally marked both ingress and egress paths and waypoints away from
  13. Curiously enough, it was almost other way around in this mission (IRS being extra load on comms instead of alleviating it). If I were sitting in command tent with you, we could have done all comms between us in local chat. As it were, you were probably most active element on long range. I also wasn't aware, that I can drop VORTEX handling on ISR role. A lesson for future missions for sure, althou it would require, that two people coming to play are ok with spending the entire mission in the command tent. Which is realistic, but you need to come expecting it.
  14. PMC Hell, my role: PLT Zeus: @MidnightRunner ISR: @SiegeSix A @Ryko, B @Miksi, C @Jochem VRT: @Gambit, @Norris Thanks for this mission Midnight, it was rly fun even if tough for me. With the benefit of hindsight, it might have been easier to stay in base as PLT because of hectic comms, but still glad I got to be in field. Alternatively a FAC could have been helpful, since A, B, C, 2xVortex and ISR on top, make for a LOT of traffic. Any feedback on my mess and what to improve will be appreciated. Also an afterthough: I believe it was Jochem, who men
  15. @JANXOL as we discussed before, I would like to suggest moving the Sunday mission start to 17:30 UCT, unless that is sheduling problem for you. On Fridays, we are consistently getting more people for the PMC mission than on Sunday for War or Altis, despite that due to scope we would benefit from more people in this larger ops. People tend to be home Sun evenings, but 16:30 UCT might be too soon for some, also the USA/Canadian people are more likely to be done with lunch at the later hour if they are free.
  16. Well, we can have our VIP to be..Toast.. which, I wont lie, sounds quite ominous for the operation. no offence @Toasted_Bread_Slice
  17. This was a great mission @JANXOL, pitty for the usual early-sunday low turnout of people. (17:30 GMT instead of 16:30 would be better IMO) I feel this mission could use at least 2 full squads and rather 3, considering toughness of the opposition. Since we are now fighting much better equiped enemy, we would benefit from getting basic (2x) rifle optics for all riflemen. As it stands, only officers, AR and marksman are issued with any optics, which renders all the rest pretty ineffective in mid+ range engagements - especially considering the armor values on OPFOR, you realy ne
  18. Hard to change this to everyone's satisfaction, AOs spawning close has pros and cons. What I would like to see (if technicaly possible @Stanhope ?), is to create delay between red circle of new AO appearing on the map, and enemy units spawning there. This would give pilots - and also drivers -- time to react to situation where AO is about to spawn under their very asses. The delay should not be long - maybe like 30-45 seconds between circle appearing and units spawning - so it cannot be exploited by players for easy kills.
  19. Come on, everyone here is seriously into RP - have you seen how much time we spend playing dress-up and complaining about orders?
  20. Gotta say @JANXOL, you should start a dictionary of terms used in your campaign since I'm getting lost . I know the bits and pieces were described in older briefings but I can realy use refresher of what exactly is hiding behind aliases like: insurgents and Freedom (what's the difference ?) Templar Gatekeeper
  21. Role: PLT Zeus: @JANXOL ASL: @Jenkins BSL: @Johnson Vortex: @Xwatt, @Mouldy That was suprisingly smooth. I was worried that sending Bravo alone searching for MANPADS - unable to be assisted until they found them - could end badly, but Johnson held it together, at least until they ran into that Katusha-Technical from hell. Alpha also did excellent, coordinating with Vortex for very effective assault on the eastern command post and later utilizing the same Katusha for pummeling enemy FOB. Moving Alpha west by Air, to quickly re-deploy against FOB was risky, but
  22. You know, I feel we are going to re-invent wheel here, but both these problems would go away with usual pyramid command structure i.e.: Platoon > Squads > each squad 2x Fireteam Siege would only talk (infantry-wise) to ASL / BSL - each assigned to one AO - and SquadLeads would coordinate with their 2IC on short range radio. The only drawback I see, is that SL slots would be less desirable too. Thou perhaps its in the mindset, not micromanaging, but giving second team larger autonomy. PS: @SiegeSix what did you meant by two frequencies? I thou
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