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  1. 1) picking up backpack from enemy will treat it as a weapon you dont have training for - making you only walk please whitelist all backpacks by default, so we can take/swap from dead enemy 2) I like how AI is performing hunting missions for players now, but it does not work very well for VEHICLES. today I destroyed vehicle in new AO with titan AT, being about 500m from the AO perimeter, in about 2 minutes 2x technical rolled on me, followed by Marid, Tigris and eventually 2 MBTs since I was hidden in bushes, they just threw a party, circling in very close proximity Even when friendly Hitman arrived on nearby Hill and started destroying them, they ignored it completely, driving around trying to locate me The "hunting" routine works ok for infantry, but needs to be tweaked for vehicles, because it makes them act rly stupid, congregating on 1 spot where they will get stuck, unless they manage to kill who they came for - perhaps some time limit after which they return to normal patrolling pattern ?
  2. Stan, I dont rly took those screenshots to seek punisment for SoldSoul. Yes he obviously didn't read rules thoroughly, and was thinking he does no wrong - which on publicly accessible server is just bound to happen over and over. You explain to one and another will come next day. Its more to show that system needs to be tweaked to prevent it as much as possible automaticaly, thats why we are having Beta after all.
  3. so just to illustrate, we just had TALON destroying most of the enemy in new AO. i tried to notice them, and got bashed back: wee, we can put macers on pilons, so why not bomb it all.. He is talking from Vortex 3 because 20 second earlier he lost TALON to AA after a gound attack run.. PS: this is not solvable by reminding random people who join open server, this must be checked in the way system works in its basic
  4. Your typical early afternoon on EU1 3 infanry (one of them Sniper) 3 vortex 2 VIPER Reaper, Talon and Shelldrake
  5. It's illusion if you think people in general will respect the "do not fire unless asked". You either have to remove shelldrake completely, or somehow limit their ammunition in such a way, that even loading truck of spare tubes will not let them fire too freely. I never played it so - how much shells does one "tube" give before you need to replace it?
  6. so is it working only when you leave some radius from base?
  7. buying of reward vehicles has one huge flaw: you cant lock it for you in the base after its spawned. I buy vehicle, get in , go to resuplly crate and there while resuplying someone steals it happened to me TWICE in 5 minutes.. For some reason, ability to lock the vehicle only appears after some ammout of time, not sure how it works
  8. Bipods and Sound suppressors should not be part of the rewards system. Only rewards that are meaningful and give some extra. They only clutter the reward shop, and you cant use loadouts with them attached, because when you go on sever you first have to re-buy them.
  9. Might have some more radical suggestion to how the AO is considered completed. Yesterday AO was in one of the big towns, and about 20+ people roaming it for good 20 minutes were not able to find that last EI batch - one was i thik side mission (HVT officer). So the AO was not ending and people started to just leave server bored. This has of course happened before. So I have question - how does system decide when AO is secured? I'm assuming maybe when X% enemy presence is eliminated? Maybe there should be also another trigger on "OR" basis, where lets say "X-10"% enemy is eliminated AND players hold (are present) in the inner part of the AO for some fixed time. Rekko used this take&hold mechanism before - I cant remember how this mod was called, but we played it on AWE. The one with the different colored zones to be taken. PS: system of locking guns on GhostHawk is still busted - i see the command to lock them FOUR times in the scrollmenu, which is rly annoying. IMO its not needed to separately lock left/right gun. There should be just 1 switch saying "lock guns" which will change to "unlock guns" and vice versa. Or if the code supposed to change the text of the context choice is misbehaving, just have 2 static options in the menu at all times: Lock guns Unlock guns
  10. MOD1 has scope with NV, on the picture, you can see the black thingy in red box: i do not know how is it called in scripting side
  11. its the same EU1 Moody, search for "ahoyworld" also: GIIFFF NV for MAAWS!
  12. note: MAAWS needs a NV Scope, its almost useless at night like this (unless MAAWS NV scope is only external addon, in which case we are f*)
  13. misunderstanding here, I'm not talking about damage model on bodyparts I'm talkig about simple alive > dead, I just had to shot AI 4 times in the neck from about 50m in order to kill it
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