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  1. for me, monday or thursday are best
  2. This was a great mission @JANXOL, pitty for the usual early-sunday low turnout of people. (17:30 GMT instead of 16:30 would be better IMO) I feel this mission could use at least 2 full squads and rather 3, considering toughness of the opposition. Since we are now fighting much better equiped enemy, we would benefit from getting basic (2x) rifle optics for all riflemen. As it stands, only officers, AR and marksman are issued with any optics, which renders all the rest pretty ineffective in mid+ range engagements - especially considering the armor values on OPFOR, you realy need to land those shots. Also better ammunition would make difference - MK262 works better at longer ranges than M855 that we are getting (this is actually reflected in ACE by 262 having higher ballistic coefficient). But its more expensive, so we poor Altian military..
  3. Hard to change this to everyone's satisfaction, AOs spawning close has pros and cons. What I would like to see (if technicaly possible @Stanhope ?), is to create delay between red circle of new AO appearing on the map, and enemy units spawning there. This would give pilots - and also drivers -- time to react to situation where AO is about to spawn under their very asses. The delay should not be long - maybe like 30-45 seconds between circle appearing and units spawning - so it cannot be exploited by players for easy kills.
  4. Come on, everyone here is seriously into RP - have you seen how much time we spend playing dress-up and complaining about orders?
  5. Gotta say @JANXOL, you should start a dictionary of terms used in your campaign since I'm getting lost . I know the bits and pieces were described in older briefings but I can realy use refresher of what exactly is hiding behind aliases like: insurgents and Freedom (what's the difference ?) Templar Gatekeeper
  6. Role: PLT Zeus: @JANXOL ASL: @Jenkins BSL: @Johnson Vortex: @Xwatt, @Mouldy That was suprisingly smooth. I was worried that sending Bravo alone searching for MANPADS - unable to be assisted until they found them - could end badly, but Johnson held it together, at least until they ran into that Katusha-Technical from hell. Alpha also did excellent, coordinating with Vortex for very effective assault on the eastern command post and later utilizing the same Katusha for pummeling enemy FOB. Moving Alpha west by Air, to quickly re-deploy against FOB was risky, but luckily worked. We skipped guerillas in the forest, that Janxol no doubt lovingly placed to ambush us. Vortex juggled CAS/reinserts well. I guess you owe The Hind an apology Xwatt, it kicked ass. PS: I didn't realized until the mission was on the way, how small the AO actually is, so initial LZ was danger close to enemy positions, which Vortex fortunately called out. PPS: @Geb I noticed you had some problems seeing bleeding wounds on Icze when we were saving him. Are you using Medical menu when looking on patients? It can be hard to see the wounds, if you use only the radial ACE interaction.
  7. You know, I feel we are going to re-invent wheel here, but both these problems would go away with usual pyramid command structure i.e.: Platoon > Squads > each squad 2x Fireteam Siege would only talk (infantry-wise) to ASL / BSL - each assigned to one AO - and SquadLeads would coordinate with their 2IC on short range radio. The only drawback I see, is that SL slots would be less desirable too. Thou perhaps its in the mindset, not micromanaging, but giving second team larger autonomy. PS: @SiegeSix what did you meant by two frequencies? I thought you had FAC to handle Air (or at least I saw someone running with you).
  8. role: Charlie TL Zeus: @MidnightRunner SL: @SiegeSix This was a fun mission, I like the caves on the map. As mentioned in debrief, Alpha nad Charlie got stuck without purpose at the end of the mission, but that was't anyone's fault, we just copleted all objectives there. Maybe we could have extracted sooner back to base, but no big deal. some notes: 1) There were some technical problems with people dropping out of the teams during respawns, I trust that was some setting issue, as I haven't seen this before (or at least not for a long time). 2) I would consider giving TLs long-range radio for freq 30. It would mean no need to re-set additional channel after respawn (which people can forgot) and open additional channel for cooperation between elements without spamming uninvolved parties. For example me and Alpha TL have been doing some coordination on channel 30, that was being unnecesarily broadcasted to Bravo, Delta and Command. Likewise for B/D. 3) To the discussion about 1st / 3rd view. Correct me if I remember this wrong, but on old AWE, people on foot were forced to 1st and in vehicles you could use 3rd as to lessen hassle for drivers / pilots. Or am I just imagining this? Is this differentiation even possible @Stanhope ?
  9. Nah, I wasn't expecting the need for it. Thou MidnightRunner explained in debrief reasoning for the mines, which made sense.
  10. role: bravo engineer This was fun mission. I rly liked the initial insertion with mines and contact and our roundabout push with Delta towards the compoud across the field from abmush site site while EI seemied to be counterattacking on the same route. It got little messy after, with little confusing orders from command - first to diverted to mortars, that canceled we were heading back to Delta, then redirected back to Alpha and US troops. Since our last push took us to the same objective and string of compounds, where we were headed originally together with Delta, I'm not sure why we returned back to Alpha's position and pushed from there? Anyway we had some fun (and losses) breaching those compounds and @BenjaminHL was rly good as SL. PS: moral I took from this mission: Mine Detector beeping is barely audible when earplugs are IN, especially when shooting occurs (stepped on mine realizing I hear beeping about 0.5 seconds before explosion).
  11. @MidnightRunner Not sure how viable will be landing medi-bird in the surrounder convoy site (who are pinned down by MG and RGP). I'm assuming, that Infill will be outside perimeter in safe space, we will breach enemy encirclement on one side and dig in before they can react? But how would you be landing medi- bird in that surrounded position afterwards? If that was possible, we would just load yanks into BlackHawk and skedadle, instead of waiting for QRF that might or might not come in time. Unless they are transporting valuables that CAN'T be evaced by helli, in which case I'm - as PMC - expecting bonus looking forward to that mess
  12. I don't know @Minipily, it seems to me too much details put into medicking. It migh be fine for very specific missions, or when the server is nearly full capacity. But for our usual ~30-40 people, I would not create two degrees of medics where squad medic needs to send / wait for specialised doctor to do stitching. But on large mission when we do have Medevac, combat surgeon with PAK ability might be created.
  13. No just no. People on AWE never take or not take risks based on consideration whether they will later be stitched or not. This will just not enter into equation. If you want people to consider risk of being shot at, you have to either: 1) limit number of respawns, making it clear that dead people will not be able to continue mission at all 2) server-force specialised mods like Laxeman's suppression. Again you are wastly exagerating. Wounded people need to be: bandaged, stitched and their fluids largely replenished before returning to optimal effectivenes. What you describe woud be vanila first-aid kiting people.
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