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  1. first of all, thanks for the feedback in the ddebrief aswell, i made a few mistakes in the mission code, namely the respawn point not moving to the airfield and smaller, luckily unnoticed by you all tidbits. The missing file error you got was because i had to severly cut down on the custom sounds and more anomaly types and i accuentally cut one more in the final update of the mission, otherwise the mission file would have been 25+mb, and we all know how arma servers and mission file downloads are funky. On the discussing player decisions. Well, i can, because im not in any shape of
  2. @Noah_Hero to give you my point of view, AI was already on kind of low skill from the start (lower than default to account for the sneaky bits and spot distance, close engagements). The story of charlie went something like this. They took the W approach, half of the team got tasked with cutting off escapees from 1st objective, but that unfortunately put them in a position where they were between a qrf base (the garages with the gaz) and expecting enemies from two opposite direction. QRF mobilized, half of charlie, defending the crossroad hid behind a rock, enemies walked really close and
  3. Sorry to disappoint with the aliens.... maybe next time, or maybe somebody else. Hopefully the spook level can be kept up with that aswell. Unfortunatley for charlie, they ended up as the anvil, getting hit every time, stumbling into contact after contact right after the 1st objective, dooming them into the combat->medicing up->combat cycle, delayed their movements and eventually got them left behind by the other teams. Unfortunate events seemed to follow charlie as the first round of extract helo had a little bit of a malfunction, further delaying the roll, denying the chance to rese
  4. 1. Actions have consquences 2. CHADS are tied down in Finland, they can blast away there *hint*
  5. its a good thing unsung was updated today songs are a must have tbh sadly until the acre test period runs, ill not risk cooking my computer with it
  6. "so Lumumba turned to the Soviet Union for support" quote is from the wiki, i think i see where this is heading
  7. Im not here to be nice, im here to say the hard things that needs to be said but nobody dares to say them. Some might call it rude, im just not good at sugarcoating. Insulting? Sure, but dont tell me you never insulted anyone, or stood silently by while watching one of your mates insulting anybody else. And again, i had a disclaimer at the beginning of the post for a reason. I am rude, i am blunt, thats who i am. Still made some friends over here somehow. Server might not be, but the players are, treat it as such. Golden opportunity to start fresh without the misconseptions, but
  8. Nope, im not butthurt, not in any way thank you for your concers. Im pissed off about the things i see and hear constantly, AWE is placing gear and rules conversation above focusing on how to the environment where you can do whatever you want to do and have fun any way you want, as long as its not preventing others to have their fun. I see limit this, limit that, get rid of this and that, rules this and rules that in order to prevent this and that. Fck that. Imo, if i have a full arsenal, one day i try the low spec gear because i feel like i need a challenege. The other day, i want
  9. so by your own words mayhaps, some of the old boots didnt take part in the making and forming the community, just hoping it would turn out something (at least more players) and then hop in and try to reshape it to their own image afterwards, disregarding all the effort those new faces put in and learned to work and coexist in a way? All i see in this thread is suggestions, but when it comes down to the sentence of "okay, give me the numbers then, put in the time of testing and do the work then" everyone fcking scatters. Wishlist upon wishlist, but its expected of Stan to figure out
  10. I agree with @Xwatt's points (most of em). Loved the history lesson. DISCLAIMER: i will most likely hurt some feelings, read on at your own risk. When it all restarted, and i've been there, from the first gamenight, EU1 players were longing for something more organized, more tactical. That's why the whole gamenight schebang gained traction. We worked really hard, to bring up everyone, to teach, to talk over how it should be played, compromise, stand firm, countless hours of work from all the ones who zeused and still zeusing missions, not to mention the hours from playe
  11. Vortex is pretty autonomus in regards of picking LZs, we just need information. Most of it is gathered by the transported infantry and listening on the squad channels (at least thats how i do it) i rarely ask pltco for an LZ. A FAC is more accessible to gather confirmation on the gathered info, or a more direct and quick update but in my opinion not 100% necessary. If we have one ,happy days, if the ISR is otherwise heavly tasked understandable that he cant handle FAC. What i think contributes to information being ignored (conclusion from the long line of pltcos/sls so far) is when
  12. just my 2 cents: i saw the "you are not allowed to take major objectives with low player numbers" suggestion. Well, dont make it a 24/7 mission then. I can't wrap my head around how the server is open and still want to make it play as a gamenight. Sure, work together when there are a lot of ppl around, self organizing is a thing. It happens naturally within a group of ppl with a certain mentality, but its not going to work like that. If the server is open 24/7 and you put the "rules" in place, that means only certain ppl who can join ad certain times can have fun, everyone else is "robbin
  13. @WinterMute Since the whole terrain is 5kmx5km, i dont think we need a detailed map
  14. imagine this: you spend hours to infiltrate csat base, gather resources, work hard, then sign off with pride in your work. then next day you hop on to enjoy the fuits of your endevours and find out that one random blew up everything and wasted everything, csat found your base because a troll fired mortars from it, 5 kajman spawncamping you... all it takes is one troll and 5 minutes to ruin everyone's work what im trying to say is it sounds good, but actually without constant moderation it would be just infuriating. the only way i could imagine to run this or something similar
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