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  1. Well both really, for now stuff that we can do on server, and once I get a bit better at the whole zeusing thing then game nights and or campaigns
  2. @SCHUBZ i would love to !! sadly that's not my decision to make. @Kacper YES !! next time I'm on for long enough and there are a decent amount of players i shall run this one ! @Walk'N Might be more of a gamesnight thing but that looks like it could be a good mission to play through
  3. Welcome ! Was good to see you on TS the other night. As midnight has said if you have any questions or anything just ask.
  4. So I have noticed the difference in certain mission types and player participation. I thought maybe its best if the playerbase could throw ideas my way so I can run the OP's that YOU are interested in.
  5. This is why I never tell you guys what I think. every issue I have had with 4 has been the same answers... I wish you guys luck with it but when 4 happens my play time on server is likely to be almost non-existant.
  6. @ansin11 hahaha who wrote that ? its perfect ! XD
  7. BUT all that being said. I still think that it's a good thing that Ahoy's flagship is evolving. We need that in order to keep people interested and coming back for more ArmA. I think the direction of the evolution is the crux of the issue as this is the point that Ahoy will have to be careful with. and I am more than happy to support a jump forwards, just want to make sure it's in the right direction. Thank you @Ryko for dedicating so much time to this though and for taking things into consideration when they have been put forwards by the players.
  8. Using Zeus needs some polishing. Not a fan of Zeus's being unable to do anything but Zeus when in the slot and being unable to use Zeus without messing in the "u" menu when in different slots. I know there is that thing that kicks Zeus's in I&A3 but I prefer it's simplicity. This is much too locked down and difficult to do anything with. Case in point, I made a thing in Zeus, left Zeus to deal with something. Boom. It's all no-longer in my Zeus menu. For some reason the admin tools are in the u menu ?? No idea why as scroll wheel makes so much more sense. It's easier to activate and allows you to still be in the game whilst doing admin stuff. Back to the Zeus slots. What if we want to play but have to do admin or zeus things ? There is no provision for that as you cannot play whilst in one of those slots. AI can't see you, you don't show on map. I honestly think 4 is over complicated far too locked down to be any fun. This kind of restriction is what you get on the MSO or game night missions when they have a purpose and a set objective. I'm sorry to be such a Negative Nancy but there are so many issues and so many needlessly complicated bits of it that if 4 ever does go live it will make it so much less fun to play and less engaging for an audience that is not a bunch of dudes into their paperwork. Our playerbase and our appeal to a large base of the ArmA players is that we are NOT 77th JSOC. If I wanted to play like that I would go to their server.
  9. @Lindi the real question is why does any of this matter ?
  10. If I am online I tend to take a dim view of that, but if I am not there there isn't much i can do really...
  11. Seems best to have more options and ability to play as different factions. Seems better to have more freedom than to linit things too much especially if you want to attract more new players.
  12. I'm enjoying how its shaping up, gonna be waiting for the next BETA to go live. any word yet on what forces we are gonna be playing as ? CTRG would be cool AF
  13. Yeah would be nice if you would stop locking down EVERYTHING. why remove the spar from the loadouts ? why lock down equipment based on its color (aka titan launchers) Also for basic equipment. buying it ?? do you see the army buying the weapons they use themselves ? I'm not sure why Ahoy has suddenly turned into something run by control freaks but its getting annoying having to change my loadouts every damn week. moreover WHY are you locking down all that stuff ? no reason to and all it is doing is reducing player choice. not exactly a winning strat IMO
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