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  1. There is also the thing of it could just be the orca being glitchy AF My solution is start with the 556 and spam either T or R for a bit If not basically line the chopper up head on with the crosshairs dead on top of the target. Switch to missiles (switch back and forth a few times sometimes) and it will gain a lock. Then spam the hell out of R to lock onto what you are attempting to lock onto. Step 3 is pray it doesn't swap to a friendly before firing...
  2. Sounds like a good idea, personally I'm for it.
  3. Personally I am also for this idea
  4. Not what i would call a STRONG intro but hello and welcome. I am sure however that us lowly Pub Mods can deal with AFK people just fine without the need for snitching tho, just wanna see people having good clean fun if possible. -Admiral
  5. welcome !! If you have flown in flight sims it shouldn't be too hard to port some of those skills across. hope you have fun on server !
  6. Welcome bro, hope to see you on soon !
  7. AW’s MVP 2019: @stanhope. For his dedication to I&A3 and the constant updates and fixes to it. AW’s Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @midnight runner, something to do with the accent I think AW’s Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2019: @lindi for helping me through both Spartan and pub mod stuff AW’s Most Friendliest User *Non-Staff* 2019: @thescar I mean someone has to win it right ? AW’s Strictest Admin/Moderator 2019: anyone but me... AW’s Most Tacti-Cool ARMA player 2019: @Rickard AW’s Best Teamplayer 2019: @jenkins AW’s Most Underra
  8. i want sirens... ain't no bigyellowtaxi Ambulance without one
  9. Well both really, for now stuff that we can do on server, and once I get a bit better at the whole zeusing thing then game nights and or campaigns
  10. @SCHUBZ i would love to !! sadly that's not my decision to make. @Kacper YES !! next time I'm on for long enough and there are a decent amount of players i shall run this one ! @Walk'N Might be more of a gamesnight thing but that looks like it could be a good mission to play through
  11. Welcome ! Was good to see you on TS the other night. As midnight has said if you have any questions or anything just ask.
  12. So I have noticed the difference in certain mission types and player participation. I thought maybe its best if the playerbase could throw ideas my way so I can run the OP's that YOU are interested in.
  13. This is why I never tell you guys what I think. every issue I have had with 4 has been the same answers... I wish you guys luck with it but when 4 happens my play time on server is likely to be almost non-existant.
  14. @ansin11 hahaha who wrote that ? its perfect ! XD
  15. BUT all that being said. I still think that it's a good thing that Ahoy's flagship is evolving. We need that in order to keep people interested and coming back for more ArmA. I think the direction of the evolution is the crux of the issue as this is the point that Ahoy will have to be careful with. and I am more than happy to support a jump forwards, just want to make sure it's in the right direction. Thank you @Ryko for dedicating so much time to this though and for taking things into consideration when they have been put forwards by the players.
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