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  1. Remove 2013 c++ then restart computer download from Microsoft website and install from there with admin privileges , then launch steam with admin privileges was playing earlier didn't crash after doing this
  2. been playing on tanoa all day but every 15mins or 30mins I keep getting sent back to my desktop screen with a red box READ APPLICATION ERROR , THEN REFFERENCE 000..... ECT. any idea on how to fix this as its really annoying
  3. GhostFace


  4. GhostFace


  5. Noticed this myself it's really annoying when you go on a server and vechiles have no fuel or helis are damaged
  6. It allows owner to respawn at it, any teammates have to be near you before you lay it down , for them to respawn at it, works fine, just the mission failed bug screen can pop up so once you log out it disappears
  7. Me & the boys playing with our toys Ready to deploy
  8. we were all sit around and sing kumbaya but that abort mission bug is really annoying , ill post on steam as someone might know a fix I'll post answers here
  9. Sentinel always gets stuck on that war ship , never takes off by pressing shift & LMB
  10. Was wondering bout this problem myself as I've had plenty of problems with fog
  11. i thought tents were a new feature , there cool anyway makes 1 player bareable , as its always too hard to travel back & forth to ao
  12. Was just playing tonight on here and it's been a recurring problem when we try to respawn we respawn to base and cannot move or chat so we have to abort leave server which brings us to a BIG mission failed scene to sign in again in same slot or other role will there be any fix in future ? as its very annoying especially with the cool new respawn tents
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