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Working as intended


So this is a bit misleading, but some explanation of what's happening here: Every 20 seconds, the OPFOR in a mission will assess targets it is aware of, and make decisions about whether to stay in a patrol or leave patrol to attack units who are deemed a threat. Since TheScar was the only unit attacking them, he was the only threat, so they all assigned a search and destroy waypoint and went out to attack him... which probably didn't turn out well.


I should also add that the four players entering the south of the AO haven't been targetted (no, I'm not really picking on TheScar) simply because they haven't yet been detected by OPFOR. Once they do, the target with the highest threat value will be selected and the waypoint will redirect to them.

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@Rykowill the ai return to their regular patrol (in the red circle) after the threat has been neutralised or roam where theyve last encountered a player? if theyll roam where theyve last encountered a player, will the red circle shift? other than that, this looks awesome :)

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@D.Devilyes, this is exactly how it's coded. The units have a search and destroy waypoint in this case, and Arma has internal criteria which determine when that waypoint is satisfied (the AI has searched and destroyed as much as it wants to). When the waypoint is completed, they will return to their previous patrol route.


Technically, the AO can complete if all the OPFOR leave the red circle, so it's theoretically possible to bait the OPFOR out of the zone, but there are generated squads which are specifically garrisoned, who won't be part of this awareness check (they're programmed to stay in the zone). So if you killed them off and baited the rest, you could minimize the bloodshed involved in clearing a zone.

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