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vortex <> respawning

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Even though I am not staff I`ll still give my opinion on this: I think rally-points are problematic in general because of what you described aswell as the fact that they encourage people to not value their lives and therefore take unecessary risks because they just have to wait a few seconds after dying before they can get back to the action. Also because of the constant stream of "reinserts" they prevent great gameplay that could evolve out of people actually having to get reinserted (like having to rescue that one guy that survived while everyone else got killed or something similar).

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Depends how the FOB is being used I suppose, I mean, what would be good is some kind of ticket system whereby everytime someone spawns on the FOB it drains a ticket, therefore reinserts from base would be preferable.


Unfortunately Arma maps arnt big enough to the certain type of FOB style that I personally enjoy - deployment FOBs. There would be no re-spawn on the FOB but it would provide a staging ground, rearm point, medical facility etc etc. FOBs in Stiletto are more commonly used as a re-spawn shortcut than a actual FOB. Rarely are they used for much else.


Next time I'm ASL and I have a Logi and a Vortex to my disposal I'm gonna try not having a spawn point at the FOB, just plenty of supplies etc. then have Vortex run re-inserts to the FOB. Seems way more fun to me.

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Perhaps a foxhole style "Consumable Respawn Ticket" system, where you need tickets (in foxhole, they use "shirts"), to spawn. and these tickets can be replenished by logistical support. for AWE this would mean that the FOB would require resupplying to enable re-spawning, in the field rally points could use a similar system, but without the ability to resupply them.

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i think that The rally point FOB respawn largely depends on the server Population at any one time i can often be on the server alone and if I've spent 20 mins in a boat and then 20 mins running to get to the AO if i then get head shotted before i even see any contact and then have to do it all again. id just log off and not bother but if i could spawn in somewhere close to the AO at either a rally or FOB then i would keep on going

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I had a discussion with staff about the rally point. It's principal use is for when the server is low pop, like BB said. 


Sure, you can spawn one when we have a lot of people in the server, but it should be discouraged. I had to explain this to some people and they seemed to understant the "realism" aspect of it.


I would not get rid of this feature, but speak to thoses who use it when there is a vortex element to convince them otherwise. 


Chain of command always win, but we can give our opinions.

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IMHO there's a pretty simple litmus test.


When you're thinking of using the Rally feature, ask yourself, am I currently willing to remove all consequence from getting shot in the face?


If there's few people on and getting people back out would be a massive hassle, the answer is probably gonna be yes.


If there's plenty of people on and getting people back out wouldn't really be much of an issue, the answer will hopefully be no.


For the same reason, I have zero issues with people spawning in at a FOB, as long as Vortex is made aware that transportation isn't likely to be needed.


Personally I see no issue with not using Vortex. Server should focus on infantry, and so the use of vehicles should always be about supporting the infantry, and one shouldn't have an expectation of getting to provide CAS or any of all that fancy stuff. Same goes for armor crews.


It does suck if this isn't communicated to the supporting assets though. I've been a supporting asset in custom scenarios before without getting used, despite the infantry being hammered to pieces, and in those cases I'd much rather have been informed that Command didn't want the asset that the mission maker had provided, as then I wouldn't have sat on my ass waiting for something that would never happen, for hours on end :P

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10 hours ago, Stanhope said:

Follow up:
When the rally was implemented what was it intended for?  And does staff think it's still being used as it was originally intended to be used?

It was implemented during a phase with low server pop, when no one wanted to run Vortex. Original implementation was that it was disabled when a Vortex was online, and then people asked for it to be more regularly available so Vortex could be used for CAS.


I feel the responsibility for using the rally point exists strictly with the Squad Leader deploying it: yes, they must be aware that by using this function they are removing a need to use Vortex for insertions.  I can think of several scenarios where this is preferable: for example, going after an AA unit objective, using Vortex to re-insert troops is not preferable.

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I think Rally points usage is now mostly left to the decission of the ASL or PlatCom. They should be the ones to allow or disallow the usage at their own preferance. Now if you are on in a low server pop moment, then using them is understandable, but my personal opinion is that if their is a vortex or large sized squad (ASL+A1+A2), then alternate means of travel should be used instead of the rally point system.


So to make the post in bullet points.

  • ASL/PlatCom will decide wether Rally Points are used, we should abide by their decission
  • On low server population, it should be used at our own discretion only if there is no Vortex online, or the AO is more then 10K away.(doable with ground vehicles)
  • When you have a full unit(ASL+A1+A2) it should not be used, unless ASL feels that without Vortex that they need it.
  • When Vortex is online, it should not be used.

Thats just my opinion though, so take it as that, its not AW's official view.


As for Johnsons view on FOB's, i share that opinion. We should use them as staging grounds without having rally points on them, with the ability to get vehicles we want at their location or have a preset amount of them already there.

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