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  1. A Flight to Remember

    love the FO bobblehead on the dash
  2. Rule Britannia, Britannia Rule The Trees!

    Stan to Dan the Driver: I told you we should have used the steerable parachutes!
  3. .....then your usualy right. Yesterdays AWE session. I nearly got killed, and me , mini and a few others spend a couple of minutes exterminating PLA pest that infected my tower
  4. like a boss!

    atleast you fit into those small parking zones
  5. Forum Backgrounds

    They look good, nice work.
  6. Guide suggestion

    Right click the exe file or shortcut file to TeamSpeak, and go to the properties (bottom option). Then the tab compatibility, at the bottom there should be a option to "run this program in administrator mode" or something like that. Tick the box for that and press apply, then ok. Done, TS should now always start as admin.
  7. vortex <> respawning

    I think Rally points usage is now mostly left to the decission of the ASL or PlatCom. They should be the ones to allow or disallow the usage at their own preferance. Now if you are on in a low server pop moment, then using them is understandable, but my personal opinion is that if their is a vortex or large sized squad (ASL+A1+A2), then alternate means of travel should be used instead of the rally point system. So to make the post in bullet points. ASL/PlatCom will decide wether Rally Points are used, we should abide by their decission On low server population, it should be used at our own discretion only if there is no Vortex online, or the AO is more then 10K away.(doable with ground vehicles) When you have a full unit(ASL+A1+A2) it should not be used, unless ASL feels that without Vortex that they need it. When Vortex is online, it should not be used. Thats just my opinion though, so take it as that, its not AW's official view. As for Johnsons view on FOB's, i share that opinion. We should use them as staging grounds without having rally points on them, with the ability to get vehicles we want at their location or have a preset amount of them already there.
  8. Yep, AWE is still active, though mostly on select days and times (usualy around midday/begining of the evening, up till 22:00 UTC.). A few oldies still play too, like Johnson and Mini.....and me i guess, though some i havnt seen in a while like Josh. Hope to see you ingame, and have fun in the mean while.
  9. Serbian Faction (Poll)

    The uniforms seem distinctive enought to avoid FF if we are opposing NATO/USA, though facing Russian forces might get some confusion at longer ranges due to the uniforms dominant green tint and helmets. That said, i do think it might add some interesting gameplay for bothe opfor and other mission setups. I would say why not try its out with a mission and see what the reaction is ingame by the players, maybe create it for a gamenight like a friday stilleto night. That way you can gauge the servers opinion on the faction and how much they like/dislike the faction as both playable and opponent.
  10. RHS MAAWS HEDP bug

    Good to know this, dont want to get the message "You killed everyone!!" when you fire this stuff with alpha infront of you.
  11. Lirus ban appeal discussion

    I noticed this kicking off a while ago, and i agree with you PiranhA that walking away is the best action at that time, even if its just a few hours to cool off and get your head cleared. That said i would say writing down what is in your mind at that time, and then revisiting that later can be usefull. Some details tend to fade fast, especialy when anger is involved. I hope the admins and community can both come to a concensus on the matter and atleast find common ground. As i was neither present during all of this, nor have any knowledge of the exact happenings of that day, i just hope this will be solved peacefuly. Regards, Dakim Edit: forgot to read the last 2 post so, my bads, but still lets hope we all draw some lessons from what happened, and stick together as a community.
  12. We're back!

    Good that the site is back, did change my Pass just incase again. Been out of the game for a while but its still good to know this place is up again after the hack.
  13. Eu#2 Running Tanoa

    exactly what gamemode is EU2 running? I doubt either I&A or Gauntlet have been updated already for Tanoa, unless mission creators have been 24/7 on it since the beta for the map was out.

    I actualy like these changes, might even be worth trying to get the pilot slot sometime on a I&A (eu1/2) server for a change if i dont feel like doing the eu3 type of planning and stuff, a little more loose but not without some solid rules. As for the bringing eu3 squad structure to eu1/2; i agree with zissou here, no need to do so, beside we have eu3 for exactly that reason, more orginized and rule enforced gameplay, no need to change eu1/2 into a eu3 clone.
  15. Lack of Teamwork and Communication

    Unfortuetly smilley has a point, even EU3 has these problem from time to time, but yes what those above him seaid is true, there are a few veterans of the eu1/2 often on the TS, and they can definitly give you a hand at making things more fun for one.