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  1. is stilletto only on Altis now do we not have any of the smaller maps anymore?
  2. I still cant get on with Enhanced soundscape is there a new version or is it the same as before? @GhostDragon
  3. that would be good as half the time im guessing what im spawning in lol. @GhostDragon any idea when Enhanced soundscape should be working again?
  4. that would explain it then
  5. Well we had 5 on and it was a good night but the server seems to be stuck on Altis it doesn't change to any other map
  6. any one around tonight for game night?
  7. is anyone on tonight or are you MSO'ing , if there is gonna be a few on I'll join unless i get people on the farm as I'm streaming that now!
  8. ok just tried it without the sounds and alls good i can get on so ill try each individually tomorrow im much happier now well apart from the fact i have 31gb of mods duplicated lol
  9. dammm i'm still getting the session lost thingy it even did another update to 4 files. any ideas? ok so i re-downloaded the whole repo overnight and im still not able to connect grrrrrr. still getting the session lost and then getting dumped back to the main screen
  10. it now says waiting but when i connect it just comes up session lost.. Oh well ill have to wait till monday! hope you guys have an awesome Game Night TBH i should be doing other stuff righnt now but ive just grabbed a sandwhich and sat at the pc lol
  11. server appears to be offline it just says it's "creating"
  12. does the new repo update need a new plugin for TFAR?