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  1. ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread

    Hobnob ace Pilot landing on the beach on Stiletto Fri http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1333 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1333046244046269 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1333046244
  2. Just to double check i take it i should like on EU1 only use one or the other not both together
  3. Downloading now from armaholic as we speak i did subscrive via steam but i cannot for the life of me find where they go doesnt help that ive got steam folders and arma folders on 3 drives
  4. has anyone had issues with the sound mods everytime i try to add them even if i just try one or the other as well as both all i get is an error that i cant read quick enough before it disappears and then session lost and it takes me back to the server menu. I have used the soundmods downloaed from the public repository as i cant find the ones from steam workshop that i also downloaded to try. Anyone have any ideas? edit:- if i take the soundmods out i can get on the server i just did a duplicate profile and dragged them across like it says above.
  5. help with testing

    Does anyone fancy jumping on and helping me do a bit of testing of what i have so far (still needs a bit of tweaking here and there. mods are attached below and the game is called BBFSGaming on Computer ill be on for an hour or so if anyone fancies some giggles. [if this isnt allowed then please delete this post]. I'm just using the vanilla launcher and upnp connection. Cheers, 'BB' bbfsa3mods.html
  6. Hi guys a bit of a question for those developer types. I am working on creating a mission with multiple objectives ( i am very new to editing). I am up to 3 tasks so far but i as wondering what is involved in making the AO's spawn in when the task is created like it does on your servers, rather than having a massive amount of troops and objectives all over the map from the start. I totally understand if this is your secret coding and you dont wish to share, but if it isn't and if you dont would it be simple for me to do or would i need a bit more scripting and coding experience before even attempting such a thing! Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated! (p.s. love the servers)

    I've noticed a couple of times now that sometimes the ammo cache objectives dont work with the built in explosives. I.e. you hold the space to plant and the icon comes up and counts the time, the notification comes up that they have been planted but it doesn't actually blow and you have to use manual charges, This morning wasn't sure that it wasn't because i wasn't assigned to that actual task but to the main Clear the Town objective as i just happened to find the cache.
  8. Graphical glitches

    Yeah seems fine now and i have learned you cant kill a jet with an almut 42!
  9. Graphical glitches

    A script kiddie? that's a new one on me LOL it only happened after the hackers I wonder if they did something? OK just googled it, maybe they did?
  10. Graphical glitches

    I seem to be having some graphical glitches and i wanted to see if it just me or was a server thing. I am having issues with my graphics card (lost all DP ports) and i did notice some lag the other day. But last night i went to the side mission completed that went to see if i could destroy the Madrid with my last charge. When i got to it the textures were missing it was soet of grey but with a flowing pearlesent rainbow skin. i asumed id crashed so logged out and restarted the game and when i logged in and spawned the Arsenal and two of the billboards at FOB Martian were the same (one bill board was normal) i went out side and there was a floating body (normal i know but it had the same Textures apat from his head and hands. I tried again this morning and the same issues. but i have played on an exile and a wasteland server and didn't see any of the same glitches. does anyone have any ideas or is my 970 properly dead? *Edit just thought id add that this morning i have completley uninstalled Arma3 and the A3 launcher and deleted all mods and the reinstalled Arma3 and still had the issue