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  1. Hey Guys, Have we had any more progress or thoughts about EU3 or AWE i have been trying to get back into Arma of Late but the fact that for some reason i cant even play vanilla properly isnt helping lol so i did a delete and reinstall no help and i am no won the developmental version which works with varying sucess mostly not for long before it crashes! But i still have to say i really miss the teamwork and banter of EU3and the friends i made playing on there.
  2. there is allways the a3 launcher a lot of servers use that edpecially the exile type ones that have a lot of mods
  3. ill try again tomorow got on with vanilla and still crashed and had multiple crashes just by clicking multiplayer!
  4. not for me lol mind seem to br struggling with pure vanilla atm
  5. i've just had this issue aswell although i dont know what caused the failure to connect
  6. GUTTED is not the word about finding out the AWE server had closed i mainly stopped playing as i was at work a lot more and there was never anyone else around when i was lol. I had some amazing experiences on there and really enjoyed myself. I did Miss BAF a lot when that was removed. I do think the biggest problem is the actually getting started with arma3 sync which tbh isnt the easyist experence, I was lucky i had help of some of the staff i had met on EU1 and EU2. I haven't played any Arma for a while as Ive been playing other things but i just thought I fancy a play on EU3 so loaded up the mods and it was no more. mind you i tried EU 1 through arma Sync and that didnt work either lol
  7. is stilletto only on Altis now do we not have any of the smaller maps anymore?
  8. I still cant get on with Enhanced soundscape is there a new version or is it the same as before? @GhostDragon
  9. that would be good as half the time im guessing what im spawning in lol. @GhostDragon any idea when Enhanced soundscape should be working again?
  10. Well we had 5 on and it was a good night but the server seems to be stuck on Altis it doesn't change to any other map
  11. is anyone on tonight or are you MSO'ing , if there is gonna be a few on I'll join unless i get people on the farm as I'm streaming that now!
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