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  1. It wasn't a critisim @Ryko more just a fond memory of the hilarious times we were just all running on the spot!
  2. Your most Welcome, thats how i learnt. I've thought about that before but it doesnt work as generally the server get hashed before a game night (then dies when we all try to squad up at once lol! #blame@Mouldy !!) so Any work you do before would get deleted, and at the end of the day it is down to platcom or ASL if they want a Logi and a FOB setup, and everyone that does it has a different opinion of how and what they want to do.
  3. Just found out that at the Base on Tembelan the repair Hemmt is stuck inside the shed where it is spawned as its too tall and gets stuck and you cant get it out of the shed!. i was trying to use it to repair the medevac helo that someone had parked half on the shed roof!
  4. Same here @Mad Eye Moody I'm a big fan of Logi if you want a lesson just give me a shout. I had a Tutorial along with Zed From @Plant1ing and it was a big help and i enjoy setting up Fob's sometimes using some existing areas or sometimes completley from scratch especially when your on the server alone as facing the PLA on your own is not fun lol!
  5. vortex <> respawning

    i think that The rally point FOB respawn largely depends on the server Population at any one time i can often be on the server alone and if I've spent 20 mins in a boat and then 20 mins running to get to the AO if i then get head shotted before i even see any contact and then have to do it all again. id just log off and not bother but if i could spawn in somewhere close to the AO at either a rally or FOB then i would keep on going
  6. you haven't seen my middle finger then hahah
  7. Teamspeak updated so a new plugin was required it was updated in the repo so you just have to finf the folder and reinstall it.
  8. they are player inventory items on most exile servers so it may be possible,maybe not for me but probably for you @Ryko
  9. How have people got around the outdated API for the TFAR plugin, ive tried reinstalling it but it still says its 19 needs 21 or 22?
  10. Dark theme for the forum

    love this idea i have literaaly everythng in dark mode just wish i could put Youtube Creator in dark mode like the rest of my youtube.
  11. I had another issue with intel again the other day. I collected on piece from searching a vehicle and passed it to ASL to send but after i collected another piece i lost the ability to pass it on again but i was able to get into the chopper and send it for review it myself, but im not sure if this is a bug or just a "thing" with ACE.
  12. cos i suck at flying dual rotors lol
  13. Omg it shows its been a while there is no game sound or Teamspeak . what the hell happened i have no idea lol. Well i think it could of been due to the fact it was set up for recording so audio was on separate tracks which doesn't work for livestreaming will do some more testing. *edit:- Now i think its fixed the problem was i had setup my audio on 3 different channels Mic was 1 dis/TS was 2 and Gamesounds was 3 and 4 was a full mix i.e. for Livestreaming and the problem was i hadnt changed my livestreaming settings from track 1 to track 4 so it was only streaming my mic no wonder people werent hanging around. whished my friend would of said somthing though lol she was wat=ching most of it! GG next Stream should be fine!
  14. Bit of action from last night still got sticking keys and i still suck lol!! and its my first stream in weeks too so out of practice.