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  1. Is it the same thing with the vehicules? Or are they more balanced if mixed with RHS stuff?
  2. I saw the poll about the Tanoa map, and even if i want to see the map on the rotation, i undertand why it was not added. Not everyone have the Apex DLC, and i understand that it would piss off people who doesn't have it. It was mentionned that it would be used in certain game night tho. That's different for the vehicules DLC, which can be used even if others don't possess the expansions. I guess a poll would be a good idea.
  3. Could i know why? I mean if there is a majority of players wanting theses new assets, why not implement it? I could see that other players not having the DLCs would be a point against having them in the server, but it would not be detrimental to others.
  4. Are the new tanks will be added to the servers? Or we will not be adding dlc only vehicules?
  5. Quick question : is there any chances that the tank dlc will mess with the mods when released?
  6. To be honest, we did not went to check it out.
  7. Stilletto 054 During final mission peace talk, the objective spawned in the bottom right of the map, far in the ocean.
  8. You don't even need to join or leave or anything. Last game night, it happened without anyone dying or spawning in the fireteam.
  9. I have been noticing, since version 0.50, a small issue that i don't know if it was already known. When being assigned to a team color by team leader, it sometimes randomly reset itself to no color on certain players. I does not seems to have a pattern (like after respawn) and seems to affect always the same player in the fireteam. I have searched the forum for this issue in the past, but haven't found anything.
  10. [Guide] A Basic Introduction to Roles on AhoyWorld Enhanced.

    Really Great guide Minipily! Thanks for the quick response!
  11. Hi all, I would like to know if there is a guide somewhere in this forum that describe the roles and particularities of every position in the server. What i mean by this is a description of team lead, engineer, ASL, etc. When a new player join, he knows the basics but not the specifics of it. It is only by playing that we learn of them (ex: engineers are more efficient for searching vehicules, etc). I have not found anything in the guide section, so i guess these info are buried in the feedback thread or date back before Stilleto. If i'm overthinking this, tell me but i would find this very useful.
  12. I don't know if this is a known bug but when i try to use artillery as ASL, i had mixed results. When i used it in the last version of stilleto it worked fine, but last time i tried (2 days ago) i tried to use different type of ammo and it didnt worked. Map markers and notifications were working but nothing happened after "splash". Or maybe i'm a dumbass and don't know how to use it, which could be possible.
  13. Oh Hi guys

    I have been playing AWE for a couple of weeks and it is really the kind of experience i was looking for in Arma 3. I want to thank you guys for being welcoming of new players, even if i have previous experience in arma. You have helped me to learn the ropes of the roles on this server, and even if i had no idea what i was doing in the beginning, respected the roles and gave your tips to improve myself. Again, thanks for the welcome and ill see you soon ingame!
  14. Since the update, i have been experiencing a glitch with the ammo display. I haven't pinpointed the cause but sometimes i can see my ammo count, just like in vanilla. It's always tenporary and revert back to normal when switching weapons. Is it a known issue or it is on my end?
  15. Medical System

    Hi all! I am new the the ahoy enhanced and i was wondering about the medical system. I very much like the ace advanced medical system but when i heard people discussing it, it appeared clear that there was no emphasis on the medics themselves. It would be much more realist to have everything but bandages, tourniquets and morphines restricted to medic class only. Not only it would bring importance to their role, but also require a different planning on troops movements if they have to consider the importance of their medics. Correct me if i'm wrong, but people can bring 30 bandages on their autorifleman loadout with 10 salines and be medics with a big ass gun. This kind of loadout negate the importance of milsim, witch is why i joined in the first place. I really like this server and can't wait to play with you again. Again, if i am mistaken in what i said, feel free to correct me!