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  1. AWE Status

    It has been a while since the server been active. Everytime i check to join, it's empty. After a couple of play sessions with no one joining, it gets old.
  2. Is there a view about tweaking the ACE medical system? Playing the medic role is fun, but right now it's not really challenging as you get insta-killed often. I know that you can change that to a bleedout system. That could also motivate teamplay and reduce lonewolfing and squadplay. A medevac team could also be useful.
  3. Fair enough. That's a good point.
  4. Then why having the 2 other variants in heli spawn then?
  5. Can we unlock the ability to spawn the V44 blackfish Armed variant to the heli spawn, since the cargo and passenger spawn there and that Lythium do not have a plane spawn?
  6. Serbian Gamenight

    That gamenight was really what AWE must be looking foward to. Cohesion and teamplay. Good job from ASL on thoses missions!
  7. Currently in the server, i found an empty AO (secondary objective: counterattack) that was cleared out before me an it was still active. I don't know if we need to complete the primary OBJ before the secondary one disappear.
  8. AWE Status

    I think that pretty much all has been said. The only thing that i fear is that this discussion, like all the other one we had like this, will be forgotten. Only the staff can make what we talked about here in motion.
  9. AWE Status

    Zeusing cannot be random now. You have to ask weeks in advance to host as Zeus. I understand the staff position to not give access to everyone other than moderators to avoid abusers. Having trusted zeus without having to moderate would be nice tho.
  10. AWE Status

    There is one way: trying it. Would this require a lot of effort? (It was not meant sarcastically, i really don't know if it is a lot of work) If it is, then i understand the reluctance. Either way, it's worth a shot.
  11. AWE Status

    That sounds like something that could please everyone. Once this is done, we balance everything without going overboard.
  12. AWE Status

    What i meant by that is to at least go back when British was separated from US. Again, that is my opinion.
  13. AWE Status

    More or less. For my part, i think there is waayy too much mods. Cohesion would be nice, but it's not critical for me. I would just like that the faction system would mean something.
  14. AWE Status

    And there is nothing wrong with that. That is why i started this topic: i wanted to have all your opinions. Since i don't see anyone on the AWE server theses days and the only ones that does complains about this, i wanted to know what we could do to change this.
  15. AWE Status

    Fair enough, but we still are in a spot where a lot of people want to go stricter and some do not want to. Where do we go from here? we vote? We ignore and stay like this? Don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to say that those who do not want to change are wrong. I just want to know if we will discuss this further.