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  1. The units on the Middle Eastern Insurgents factions spawn with empty gear, meaning they have nothing in their inventory. When i was Zeus yesterday, i took control of several units of this faction, and some of them (not all) had only their rifle with the mag attached to it with empty clothes. They could not reload or throw grenades, which limits their fighting abilities.
  2. vortex <> respawning

    I had a discussion with staff about the rally point. It's principal use is for when the server is low pop, like BB said. Sure, you can spawn one when we have a lot of people in the server, but it should be discouraged. I had to explain this to some people and they seemed to understant the "realism" aspect of it. I would not get rid of this feature, but speak to thoses who use it when there is a vortex element to convince them otherwise. Chain of command always win, but we can give our opinions.
  3. Well now i am offended I get the real life argument, but since AWE is more gameplay focused and less realism/milsim, i would have no problem to see it reintroduced. As always, personal opinion.
  4. Well, on AWE at least, ASL or PlatCo can always force people to wear the same camo, but i only saw this once since i joined a couple months ago. All we need is more people wanting to be Lead, thing that i see rarely. Waaay too much bitching/responsibility for some. Can't say i disagree haha
  5. Well it all come down with personal preference. If you know you will auto fire a lot, you can think ahead and bring spare barrel. Be punished if you don't bring it.
  6. Well i not agreeing with this personally, not at all cost anyway. I like having more stuff, but sometimes it bring a lot more problems. Sure, you can have more weapons, but when you realise you have 3-4 types of 5.56 ammo type that are not compatible with each other, i find this really complicated when it comes to logistics. So, moderation can be good.
  7. I would be fine with that, as i think the SCAR is the biggest reason why i think we need this mod.
  8. You clearly are not a believer of the good ol "spray and pray" tactic.
  9. Is the cleanup script still despawning the HVT? We did a kill HVT mission but could not locate the body. It could be us missing it, but a lot of the bodies were already gone.
  10. I have both the enhanced and public repositories installed on my pc via ArmaSync. I use dynasound and enhanced soundscape of the public one with the enhanced repository, with no problems. Since last public repository update, the enhanced soundscape cause issues, meaning my game cannot start. I have this error message when the game boots. Note that i can play fine with Dynasound
  11. I agree, or we are being lied to when the server says "repair complete"
  12. I tried to partially repair the truck as an engineer. After it failed, i did a full repair with the repair truck. The truck continued to leak after this. So i moved it to a repair spot in an FOB and did a servicing. After this, the truck still leaked heavily. Maybe it was a isolated incident. I will continue to check this to see if this bug reappear.
  13. Stiletto 0.59 When driving ural spawned by the server (civillian, enemy), they seems to be in a constant state of fuel leaking. Even after complete repairs, the trucks still leaks. The truck also loose fuel when the engine is turned off.
  14. Stiletto 057 Since 0.56, i have not been able to restrain any civilians. The action is not available on the ace interaction menu. the only way i was able to do so was to overdose the civi with morphine and after that restrain him. Not being able to do so complicate extraction of HVT interesting/complicated. I also was not able to select any attachements, sights or mag to the L103A2 DP. Don't know if it's a glitch on my side or not.
  15. That was indeed an nice improvised evening. Thanks for our evil overlord zeus ! @ShadowAce11