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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Operation Line-Backer - Benjamin Levine


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When: 20th of May 2017 Check your local time by clicking here!


Server Opens at 18:15 GMT

Briefing / Planning: 18:30

Mission Start: 19:00

Mission Length: 120-180 minutes



Mods: Standard AWE

First person lock: No

Loadouts: Pre-set

Respawns: YES - No Conditions





Signup: https://goo.gl/forms/J8D49QZddidPwWIl1


Description: Russian VDV expeditionary forces have made yet another power play into the Mediterranean and have invaded and sized a large portion of the North East of Altis including a port. airport, and a major city. The VDV have landed approximately a battalion worth of infantry and armour. During the initial attack the VDV pushed all the way to Ghost Hotel and Pefkas Bay along with securing key infrastructure. 


Brief: Although severely outnumber, your platoon along with a flight of A-10s and minimal rotor wing support is tasked with counter attacking the Russian lines and securing FOBs until ground reinforcements can reach you. 


BLUFOR assets include:

3x Bradly M2 BuskIII

2x M1 Abrams TuskII

1x AH-Z1 Attack Helicopter

2x A-10 (AT) Ground Attack Aircraft


OPFOR assets include:

2x Company seized infantry elements 



Advanced MBTs

Multiple SPGs

A few rotor wing aircraft

A few fixed wing ground strike aircraft


Special Notes: This operation is meant to take a while and most if not all people are expected to die and respawn at some point along with multiple armor and air assets being destroyed. The resupply of vehicles is up to ZEUS. You are not meant to push the Russian lines all the way back. 

When key objectives and areas are secured FOBs (spawn points will become available and then unavailable if the FOB is over run) will become available.



Scared Yet?1a999ece2b18f552c96426dd4e693385.jpg

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31 minutes ago, BenjaminHL said:

@joaopedrocastella If you need any help fixing the problem and if I am on don't hesitate to ask. Also hope to see you there.



Signups are going well (26), but more would still be great. So spread the word and get people on server. The more the better!


thanx benjamin, i must be something to do with the addons as i dont have this issue with any other server. Will re-install all addons one by one through armasync.

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37 minutes ago, BenjaminHL said:

@Hawkeye Sorry man, but we need to fill infantry before armor.


There's already one person on his own in Hammer 3 ...


By all means fill up infantry first on the night, if there aren't enough, but if there are spaces now for people's first or second choices, then why should someone else get the spot when they were here first?

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3 minutes ago, BenjaminHL said:

Your role has been changed. But for future info please know that I posted this a courtesy, not something to be debated. 


If you've done it to me, then I just wonder who else you've also done it for. Game Nights have always been done on a first come, first served, basis, with changes to rosters happening at the time of the event if needed. Don't try and make me out at the bad guy here, I'm just querying why you've done it differently to everyone else.

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