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  1. When it all becomes a bit too much!

    couldve edited out the chat box...
  2. Eu1 rewards

    Not zeus rewards, but the ones via the laptop How about trying to promote more use of the laptop rewards? Making it a bit easier to obtain artillery strikes or maybe when people log onto the server theres a little information box with a bit of detail about it? Perhaps something that might get a few more returning players??
  3. EU1/AWE Teamwork/Communication Encouragement

    I must've just conjured this up in my head from somewhere then! Point conceded
  4. Was just wondering about how server capacity works. How it's decided, what's the maximum it can be set to, what's required to change it etc. Obviously Ahoyworld (I think) kinda prides itself upon enhanced. There's a rather clear motive to get people on there if possible, and so I was thinking what if we added another squad size group to EU1, but it's restricted to those who actually want VON communication and to run around and do thing's as a team or to be in a specific channel on TS to get access. Have it sort of like a trial run for both the players to see if they enjoy the teamwork element, and then perhaps to use that as incentive to consider checking out AWE? & it get's them on TS. Another possible route for them to see what AW is like before having to download X amount of gb for the mods?
  5. I'm in a spot of bother, and tea & scones haven't solved the issue old bean's!! Im getting these two error messages when loading up through Arma3sync, the first time I tried to run enhanced yesterday didn't run, but only the 'sys' and 'main' error message was given to me that time. Tried to run my public variant through a3s and had no issues at all. I managed to get it to run just prior to this post with the public variant but saw that a few of them weren't active and even though the game loaded fine when I got onto the server I got like 3 seconds per frame - yes that's the right way round - and im a bit clueless. about 5 days ago I moved everything arma related onto my SSD, not sure if this has anything to do with it since ive been playing since with no issues. everything on arma3sync seems to be there and it isnt telling me there's a problem. Ive also ran vanilla arma without any mods via steam and ive had no issues with that either. Im guessing both relate to the mods from the repo's but no idea what the problem is, if these are missing or faulty
  6. We need more firepower!!

  7. We need more firepower!!

    Things were destroyed that day @Admiralbumfluff
  8. Correction in the server rules

    I think Gamerbug has made the most appropriate response. This just isnt something that can be justified for every mission created by a specific rule. Play it by ear and just be reasonable with the rewards given really, sympathise if they contributed and feel they got nothing but you cant please everyone.
  9. Would like to chip in and just mention that the attraction of Enhanced was the gameplay. Came for the teamwork, dynamic and difficulty. Not bothered what weapon I use to shoot an enemy, the shade of green or pattern my uniform has or even if the enemy face is made up of 3 pixels. Will always back mods/development that provide a tense & fun experience that I got when I first played
  10. What do you want from Zeus?

    Having recently become a spartan for AW, as well as a few others, activity on EU1/2 in terms of Zeus' should be relatively high. As such, i'd like to know from you guys that play, what is it that you'd like from us to make things more exciting/interesting/generally better for you for either/both: 1) Pre-determined AO's or side missions. 2) Our own custom made zeus missions. Try to keep in mind the limitations of Zeus abilities. We're not Dev's
  11. Bring The Thunder!.jpg

    Dont F*** With Mother Russia
  12. [AWE][GAMENIGHT]Operation Nightfall on 13/4 at 1900 UTC

    Regretfully must withdraw my signup & role request. Work commitments dictate I dont attend. Sorry! Hope it plays out as awesome as it sounds!
  13. Hi guys, just a quick thanks for all the input, wasn't expecting much of a discussion or many replies to be honest. I'd just like to clarify on a couple of things I had in mind when posting the topic & some other points. I realise the deficit of having someone using the terminal for UAV's whilst in an AO with a squad, he will become stationary & a liability for the duration. The idea behind me suggesting/mentioning the holding patterns of UAV's was for all those occasions where Alpha aren't moving, I don't think Alpha/ground forces are forever on the move are they? I never intended for it to sound as though such a role would only lead to the player becoming glued to the terminal, and thus remove the necessity for such a role to use a gun. By the end of it, every role carries a rifle, and every role is first and foremost a rifleman, with added specialities for use as and when required. I never intended for it to sound as though a hard copy of the current UAV Operator, or its play style simply be incorporated into Alpha and be left as such, or for the only role to ever be considered for removal be the Rifleman LAT. I see and recognize the slightly contradicting first line of said post. But this was the first role I saw, with my game time and experience that seemed the most logical. I wanted this discussion to take place as I enjoy playing a UAV Operator and giving intel to leads on enemy assets/positions and figured this was something that could be better utilized in AWE in some way. Cheers guys <3
  14. UAV Drones LD

    @[PLEB] JayCloth Hey man, I usually play EU3 AWE, but I do find myself coming to EU1 solely for UAV play as its the most fun role for me, as im sure it is for you from what it sounds. However, I must disagree with you about the armed UAV's needing LD's themselves, particularly the sentinel & here's why. 1) Currently on EU1 you can have 3 UAV's airborne, utilising a total of 6 GBU's at any one time which, if you were already stationed over the next active AO, would be sufficient to destroy almost all the armour present before any other pilot could even drop off troops. (If you were accurate of course). It's worth mentioning, that this is relatively still possible using the Darter if you strike lucky & are in said position over a new AO. 2) As mentioned previously, UAV op's can deploy the AR-2 Darter to mark targets with an LD whilst you switch to an armed drone and send a GBU. However the Darter is very slow in comparison, requiring a bit of flight time or even you actually driving or getting dropped closer to the AO & deploying there. This, combined with the commands you must give to armed drones getting to the AO increases the time available for other players on the server to get there and contribute to mission success. If armed drones, particularly the sentinel had LD's you'd have targets marked in an instant. Seldom have I seen anyone specifically ask for UAV support, but such is the nature of the server. But this only means you can stay more relaxed yourself, and look to properly support ground forces as the role intends rather than steamrolling. This should be the intention of a UAV OP, heavy armour causing issues for ground troops. All in all I think the time it takes for armed drones to arrive, their limited GBU capacity, time taken to land, rearm and get a darter to the AO to mark targets is a sufficient counter to the need for armed drones having LD's. Otherwise you'd very easily steamroll AO's.
  15. Only when needing to give commands or use the turret/camera controls. Its no issue setting up numerous pathways or holding patterns for the UAV prior to moving. Granted this may not be wanted every single time. Specifically in the case of the raven, you need several meters of open space since its fixed wing for it to take off and land, im not against Intel Op using the drone I think its a great idea, this was just another point to my UAV op argument using quadcopters. At 2000m altitude I wouldnt say a Yabhon is "big". But I see your point. Although at least the Yabhon would have a greater run time & be able to do something against those armoured vehicles approaching. Maybe a middle ground here would be sound, having drones with the intel op makes sense too. I should reiterate im only for more use of UAV's (cas), not a whole rework of roles.