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[AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Operation Line-Backer - Benjamin Levine


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Guest EnragedTeddyBear

Thank you for the GN.

However this is what i didnt like. 

As bravo beginning eas awesome but as time progressed I feel that planning. Info. Dissapeared. 

And in general there was waaaaay to much stuff going on at the same time in end game. Too much air. Way too much armor. And having shit spawn on top of you at a location u have already considered clear ain't cool nor fun. But in general I think the mission was good but there was just too much happening and not enough info.


Edit: it felt like it were starting to come back together at the end but it felt like it ended abruptly once it started to be fun again when everyone started to move as a whole again. instead of scattered all over the place with no idea were everyone was and what you were supose to do. 


Layout was good, mission in it self was good. execution was overkill to say the least. teams were amazing regarding the circumstances. 

all in all happy i participated but it wasnt really fun in the middle to late game


what it needed: 




Toning down in general

and oh yes Medics.


Anyhow that's my thoughts about it 


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@EnragedTeddyBear The reason that there were no medics is this:

I wan't to have a squad to be able to fit inside of a Bradley. The medic was the person that got cut because there were respawns all the time some if you go injured to the point of needed a medic I kinda assumed that respawning would be fine. 


Also I know the end was a little much, but like I said I really had to go and the whole mission idea was for things to get a little crazy and nuts at the end. 


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Guest EnragedTeddyBear
5 minutes ago, BenjaminHL said:

@EnragedTeddyBear The reason that there were no medics is this:

I wan't to have a squad to be able to fit inside of a Bradley. The medic was the person that got cut because there were respawns all the time some if you go injured to the point of needed a medic I kinda assumed that respawning would be fine. 


Also I know the end was a little much, but like I said I really had to go and the whole mission idea was for things to get a little crazy and nuts at the end. 


Yes i know you had to go, its fine just wanted to leave my pov :)

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I personally had zero problem with there being no medic, despite getting severely injured early into the first contact and having to constantly bandage myself.


I informed my Alpha guys to use [Bandage (Basic)] and [QuickClots] for the same reason, as they would give the best chance of actually closing a wound permanently.


From my perspective as ASL, despite getting myself killed a total of five times, it was a reasonably fun operation.


I don't want to sound harsh, so take it with a grain of salt when I say that my usual gripe haunts me yet again. The armor.


ScarFace, Condess and Chutnut did their best, and I commend them for it, but it was very clear to me that inexperience caused their untimely demise on several occasions.


I can't help but feel like the Commander role was thrust upon ScarFace without anyone asking if he actually felt able to do the job, and to some extent the Alpha squad and his fellow crew ended up suffering for it.


Everything I know about Armor I've learned from reading the TTP3 documentation made by ShackTac's Dslyecxi. The most relevant sections can be found here: http://ttp3.dslyecxi.com/9_ground_vehicles.php


I'd really suggest that anyone who wishes to Armor take the time to read through it, and take it to heart.

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Thanks for the game night.  Clearly you put a lot of work into this mission (I'm trying to make my own and it's not easy). A few comments/suggestions from me on how you could improve them.


I was supposed to be JTAC/2IC, but I ended up in an Armoured Command role. Essentially, my job was to tell the three armoured units where to go and pass on their requests, etc. It was my first time playing this role and it was ok. However, with only three armoured units there were some very long periods of silence and watching the map. I didn't get any feedback from my commander, so I didn't know how well I did the job, but I didn't really get shouted at much, so I guess that's a good sign. All in all I had fun. However, with only three armoured units I don't think you need separate JTAC and Armour Command, you could just merge the roles.  I certainly didn't feel like a 2IC at any point.


1) You didn't give the forces any way of protecting themselves from air attack; the armour paid dearly for it. I read in your game post that people should expect to get killed, and I guess that was part of the mission design. However, this leads to frustration, because our armour manoeuvred, got to a good position and then got slaughtered by enemy air. I think you need to balance the enemy air threat with some way of defending against it.  Command clearly got so frustrated that he picked up a stinger himself and shot down a Hind!


2) Being next to command there was a big level of frustration with the lack of contact with Zeus. Unfortunately this is inevitable, because Zeus has such a huge part to play. I would suggest that for future missions you have someone who can help you (ehem.... volunteer here) run the Zeus or a co-Zeus, who can handle some of the more mundane requests like "Arma physics" or "need a replacement vehicle". In worse case, if you need to leave then the mission can continue.


3) This goes for all games, not just yours, but the orders suck. Even being next to command I barely had any idea what was on and what the plan was. It was just "tell them to go here, tell them to go there"... why? what's the point? what will they do after? what should we expect when we get there? do we have any intel on enemy forces? what could kill us? This is not a criticism of the mission itself, although there was really very little briefing from you at the opening. I think people are rearing to go, but having them just plow into a hail of fire is only fun for the first 5 times you die without having a clue what killed you. I think anyone writing a mission should start with a good level of information for the command. Then command can tailor their approach, use better tactics, balance their forces, etc. And just think, with all that enemy air, how much fun someone in a AA tank could have had!


All games should come with a 5 Paragraph Ops Order.


4) Reinserts - always have a plan and tell command what the expectation is. Hob had to use Charlie as a makeshift logi. Not ideal.


Anyway, my 2c. It's hard to make a mission and yours was very good.


On a minor note, I agree with people that the lack of medics detracts from the game. Too much time is spent running back into the AO. It gets boring.




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I loved the game night. I thought it was a lot of fun, and though I didn't have much contact with the ground units directly, I thought the different elements of armour worked really well. Both Alpha and Bravo had a fully manned Bradley, and then there was us in Sledge 2 supporting both teams with the lovely heavy firepower.


The major issue that we faced was being 1-hit killed (or the tank at least) out of thin-air, or, rather, from the air. No idea where the flip those enemy air units were, but they really wanted us dead. That was annoying as we had no way to defend ourselves.


Another was having an indestructible helicopter at the enemy FOB. We put THREE tank shells into that thing, and then, a few minutes later when we were told to attack the FOB, it magically took off. That's a big no-no, in my opinion: if it's in game, it should be able to be destroyed, regardless of if you want to use it later as Zeus.


Communication seemed to disappear mid-way through the AO, which led to a lot of "well what do we do now?" type questions being asked.


Other than that, I, personally, didn't run into too many issues. I got stranded at one point, when my tank, commander, and gunner all got themselves killed, and did eventually make it back to the FOB, but then there was no reinsertion plan until poor leo took an MRAP and started ferrying people.

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@JaSmAn Thanks for the feed back. To address the points one by one: 

1) you guys had two planes that most of the time did a very good job. You guys would have felt it a lot more if it wasn't for them. However, some stuff got through and especially the helicopters took their toll. 

2) To make the mission more enjoyable I was often controlling enemy units, specifically air most of the time. And if I was not controlling them they would have done more damage. 

3) I make the mission, don't tell plat co's how to execute. It was @hobnob11's first time and from my end he did a great job. 

4) I honestly messed up on this one and should have had a plan, but thankfully @LEO did a great job and service. 


@Hawkeye To address you:

I honestly though something I placed collided with and arma'd the shit out of the chopper, not any players. If I had known you guys had destroyed it I never would have used it so, sorry. I sorta kinda already answered your next to statements above. 


Thanks again,



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