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  1. AWE Training Polls

    No worries, I wasn't feeling too well myself so I didn't make it either. We'll sort something out.
  2. AWE Training Polls

    I'll be around a while later tonight. Pop on and we can run through some of the basics in peace if you like.
  3. Oktober 9..

    Highlight on my end is running towards a dead @Teddy screaming "No! My brother! You killed my brother!" and getting gunned down in cold blood. But I really enjoyed the heli hunt too. Especially when @Amentes thought I bombed the boats
  4. Oktober 9..

    Was good fun to Zeus on! Glad you enjoyed it.
  5. Definitely happy to help where I can. Poke me next time you see me online and I'll set something up for us to practice on.
  6. under review LAxemann's "Mount" Poll

    I'm down with this idea.
  7. discussion Advanced Armour Plate Mod

    I personally feel that this mod could be an absolutely fantastic addition to the server. I struggle to see any downsides to this barring maybe the shift in the status quo which will disturb some people.
  8. under review cTab Limitations Poll

    I personally feel like a return to even a few months ago, where the Android was reserved for team and squad leaders while everyone else got the Micro DAGR would be more than welcome. Forcing people to be more aware and cooperative without totally removing their ability to get their bearings back fits the semi-serious nature of the server in my opinion.
  9. UH-80R by Firewill Adds a variety of extra parts to supplement the vanilla ghost hawk - including refuelling probes and additional armaments. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30364 I think this will allow us a slightly more standardised chopper. We have the ghost hawk available to us in game already, and this just adds more functionality to it. As well as allowing it to look more the part it also lets it serve a more multipurpose role, including filling the medium attack role with the addition of AGM missiles and gun pods. This is a fairly old mod now but the features it adds are basic and it seems to work fine with our current modset on my end at least.
  10. [Guide] AT Launchers & Etiquette

    RHS MAAWS added. Almost identical to the TF47 variant, however it is incapable of airburst using the HE rounds.
  11. Hello all

    If you're looking for a bit more cohesion consider our modded server. Got a guide for setting it up in the Enhanced section of the forum. It's generally much more structured.
  12. [Guide] AT Launchers & Etiquette

    I didn't, as building destruction is rarely the appropriate course of action. Clearing it should always be the first port of call, especially with the amount of civillians on stiletto. I suppose now that we have a map with the standard BLUFOR as Spetsnaz I really should add the RPG series weapons.
  13. [AWE] [GAMENIGHT] Prometheus Series - OP: Atlas - by KPJ

    I've spoken to KPJ and I'm happy to run a quick mock up for building clearing tomorrow night at approx. 8pm GMT on AWE. This will be done simply by running you through garrisoned buildings with all of the occupants restrained at first, then after you get the hang of it leaving them armed and able to shoot back. If anybody would like to help and deliver some actual short training on clearing then that would be fantastic.
  14. Do YOU have Tanoa? (Poll)

    There was, once, a version of either stiletto or gauntlet on Tanoa. The main problem is the pay wall - even if only one person can't get on that wants to, then we're restricting it too much. That's my understanding of things at least.
  15. EU#1 & 2 Accepted Addons & Repository info

    If you're having issues getting CBA to work, download the version included in the Enhanced Repository. The CBA in there works fine on the public servers.