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  1. Also to note a recurring issue of people seeing "Respawn Disabled" upon death and having to reconnect to respawn. Haven't checked yet to see if placing a new respawn point fixes this.
  2. Can't explain it, but they did this time. My assumption would be there's some issue related to the pilots themselves not being tied to the mission as mission critical. Hence it not causing failure and them despawning.
  3. Lythium 11 Rescue pilots mission Pilots were killed during the mission, this did not trigger mission failure. I was unable to locate them in Zeus as they had despawned by the time I realised.
  4. AWE Training Polls

    Comms is something I want to get covered to a degree under basic conduct, as I feel it's important to teach people about unnecessary radio chatter etc.
  5. Bananas are food! As for water, a civilian tanker typed vehicle could be used.
  6. TVT Return?

    I also personally very much enjoy TvT, but have found it to be quite imbalanced the last few times it's been run. One side is always drastically under or overpowered, with the blufor side often having high caliber weapons and strong body armour, with the opfor side having very little in the way of armour and exploding at the mere sight of a bullet. I'd love to play tvt again, but feel it needs some balancing changes before it'll be fun rather than frustrating.
  7. [EU6][MSO] Operation Einherjar

    It's something we're looking to do in regards to the enhanced training sessions. If you'd like extra hands or to integrate the events somehow I'm sure we could work it out!
  8. Solo play

    There are spawn pads around base at the separate vehicle service stations where you can spawn vehicles depending on the faction you're playing. The large lamp posts next to the pads have a scroll wheel option for spawning things. Edit: I realise that didn't answer your question upon re-reading it. In theory every vehicle should respawn but this is a good alternative.
  9. Solo play

    Yes, there are no maps so big that driving to an AO in a small, fast vehicle like a prowler would make it unplayable. Perhaps with the exception of Lythium, where the incredibly far AOs tend to be few and far between, which I don't believe is on the current version of gauntlet anyway. Rule 8 covers this.
  10. Solo play

    Helicopters are restricted exclusively to the pilot slot, they shouldn't be taken by anyone else. Wasting assets is against the rules, and this includes abandoning vehicles or destroying them for no good reason. In short, if you've taken a vehicle to an AO - try to get it back. As a pilot you shouldn't be leaving the vehicle in the first place except in base or under some very specific circumstances.
  11. No, we don't use any of the sound mods on the server. Anything outside of the mod pack isn't allowed on server either, so trying to boot with a sound mod will just kick you off.
  12. Solo play

    If you mean running solo alongside everyone else, outside of the command structure, that would be lone wolfing and definitely not allowed. However if you mean playing when nobody else is around... pick a slot and play it to the best of your ability to complete the objectives! After all, as the only player, you're in command and have all of the authority over rule bends around assets that a normal CO would have. However, don't take that to mean you can do whatever you like. The rules are there to prevent things from going horribly. I hope that one of those responses answers your question. As always, I'm not on the administration team, so that's just my take on things.
  13. Some of the MNP MICH helmets are blacklisted where they shouldn't be. So far I've discovered the AMCU and Scorpion pattern MNP helmets to be off of the whitelist, where their caps and boonies are available along with the rest of the uniform. What I propose is that they're added for us to use, as I really love the scorpion and AMCU pattern gear. I can't currently check because of repo updates, but if they have any backpacks related to them I'd love to see those whitelisted as well.
  14. Had a short stint today and holy cow is stiletto fun. There's a good chance I prefer it to gauntlet. Feels more dynamic and like you've got a goal to work towards which I feel is something gauntlet lacks. Nothing I'd like to see added that wasn't mentioned already.
  15. EU1 chopper.

    @Stanhope and @McKillen are the men to talk to about this.