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  1. seadragon.jpg

    FREEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!! unless you get beat 45% to 55% in the election about it
  2. seadragon.jpg

    Strangest thing the Vanguard class crews have ever been told to look out for, the Loch Ness monster off the coast of a greek island (Loch means Lake btw, you're triggering my Scottish identity)
  3. Moving on, thank you.

    Oh I missed that! Whoops. Changes from my first draft
  4. Finally finding time to sit down and write this. So, I've been thinking for a while now and I'm going to be leaving the staff team this Saturday the 17th. I've already discussed this with the team and I reckon they'll do just fine without my brilliance, so I'll leave you all in their very capable hands. It's not a decision I've come to lightly, but in all honesty, I'm finding it rather frustrating. Ryko said it best himself - "Only do something in your free time until it isn't fun anymore" and frankly, it isn't fun anymore. I expect to still be around on the server from time to time, but I think part of this will come with a temporary break from Arma (expect to see me in Squad if I've got some time, though!) and from the community here. Now, for some shoutouts before I lose my staff impunity Bare in mind that these are totally my own personal opinion and don't reflect on the rest of the team at all. @Minipily & Crew (can't remember the others' forum names) You lot have been a big source of frustration for me at times, but then on the flipside, provided some of the most fun I've had on this server since I joined it - and for me, that totally outweighs it. You and Johnson in particular have been some of the most knowledgeable, down to earth and helpful people I've met in this community, despite all of the hate that gets thrown your way. @MoonFire You're a pain in the arse, but see above. @Noah_Hero, @Amentes, @Ryko & @Stanhope Some of my mentors when I joined the server at first. I learned a lot from the three of you, so thank you for that. I know we've all gotten frustrated with each other at times for various reasons but I'd like to think in the end we're all better off for having learned from each other. @kennychr The MSO on Lythium was some of the most fun I've had playing Arma in a long time. I didn't think I'd ever be able to be entertained by walking in the woods for hours on end and being frightened by every rabbit or snake I see moving, but here we are. I could go on for days here, but I think it's time to stop and just get it over with. Thanks folks, it's been fun. See you out there -Blood
  5. Loadouts

    I agree with you on everything but this point. During some testing I did on calibers vs armoured and unarmoured enemies, I found that the standard .45 acp round was beaten out by the 9mm JHP rounds offered by RHS weapons such as the G17 and M9. I strongly advise, if you must carry a pistol, to carry these. With lower recoil, more damage per shot, lighter ammo and a larger capacity per magazine there's no good reason to carry anything else.
  6. approved Kholm, Kunduz, and Imrali

    Request partially approved, Kunduz will be added in the next repo update! See my thread here for more details. )
  7. approved POLL: Kunduz or Lythium CLOSES 12 JAN

    Thank you all for taking the time to vote, I'll be locking this thread now and totalling the votes at: 14 for Lythium, 15 for Kunduz. Now, given prior feedback on Lythium as a map we had no idea we'd see such an outcry of support in it's favour. Personally, we feel the vote is too close to call. For the time being, we are able to add both of these maps to the repo. Adding Kunduz while keeping Lythium. However, this will require some cutbacks in other mods in the near future. Expect some polls from us in the next month to look at removing some mods to free up some more space in the repo for future requests. Thanks again for your time, Blood, Ryko & Skull
  8. approved POLL: Kunduz or Lythium CLOSES 12 JAN

    Appreciate all the input guys, keep it coming. The more opinions we have the better we can shape things.
  9. Greetings.

    Alternatively, bring them along for the ride too! Enjoy yourself mate, as Piranha said give us a shout if you have any questions.
  10. approved POLL: Kunduz or Lythium CLOSES 12 JAN

    Lythium is the modded map we have the most complaints about and it's the most similar to Kunduz by appearance
  11. Thank you for your request, At this moment in time we're going to deny this request. We currently have a bit of a surplus on weapons and the vanilla weapons have a tendency to upset the balance of things, so we're going to stick to our modded weapons where possible.
  12. approved POLL: Kunduz or Lythium CLOSES 12 JAN

    Kunduz is approx. 1gb Lythium is only 1gb but also requires JBad buildings at 1300MB, for a total of over 2gb.
  13. Hello again folks! We from the steering team would like to offer you the opportunity of not one, but two new maps in the next repo update! For a while we've heard some unfavourable reviews of Lythium - mostly due to it's size and the difficulty of navigating it. Well, with us adding Tembelan island in this update we'd like to offer the opportunity of Kunduz (check it out here) to replace it. A smaller map with much of the feel of Lythium without the huge size. Unfortunately due to size restraints, we are unable to have both - so make your choice wisely, but try to do it by the 12th of January 2018 as we will be closing the votes and taking them into consideration on that day. Thanks for taking the time to give this a look and vote, Blood, Ryko & Skull
  14. approved Feature: High waves

    Thank you again for your patience! As part of an upcoming Stiletto update we will be using a new weather system which will incorporate wave height into the appropriate weather settings. In this case, request approved by extension!
  15. denied LAxemann and Jokoho's Immerse & Suppress Poll

    Apologies for the delay here. We're looking to potentially add these mods in some respect at some point in the near future assuming we don't find any game breaking issues, however as of this moment in time we are just trying to work out the best way to implement them. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime I'm going to leave the discussion open for any further input.