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War for Altis - Act 2 Mission 8 Modded Zeus Ops 19.04.20 @ 16:30 UTC


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16:30 UTC


Expected mission length: 120+ min (might be over or under)

Act 2 - Might of the Bear

Part 8







            Thanks to swift action of the Altian special forces the hostage situation was dealt with without much issue. All HVTs were rescued, albeit some of them were injured in the process. The team has also successfully defused the explosive charges set by the enemy. Our sources indicate that Phantom, who was behind this attack, survived the encounter and escaped. There is a possibility that he left the site even before the assault started, which would also mean that Freedom would have been able to extract the HVTs as well. This in turn means that they likely had no plans of kidnapping them - they wanted them buried beneath the rubble when the charges go off.

            While many officers believe that Freedom was left to its own devices for far too long and action must be taken against them soon, the high command has decided to focus on the Russians. With the aggressive Russian push on Malden and recent Altian success at Molos, an operation is launched to regain the ground lost to the Russians in the eastern part of the island. Many think it unwise, as Altian forces are hardly prepared for the offensive, but the minds of high command couldn't be changed. They are determined to push before the Russians recover fully from the damage inflicted behind their lines. Even with ever more heated arguments erupting between various colonels and generals of the Altian armed forces, the Altian counterattack is scheduled to commence, no matter how rushed and unprepared it might be.











The Assets

Player faction: Altian armed forces

Player slots: 31

- PLATCO - 4 man command element + BRDM-2UM command vehicle

- 3 Infantry Squads - Alpha, Bravo, Charlie - 8-man each

- Vortex - 2-man helicopter pilot team (pilot and co-pilot)

- Hermes - 1-man jet pilot element



- 1x Mi-24G attack helicopter

- Mi-8 transport helicopters

- 1x MiG-29

- 1x Su-25

- 4x L-159


- 1xBTR-70

- Various wheeled support vehicles




The mission

You are tasked with retaking the territory in the eastern part of the island, lost to the Russians after they dominated the skies. Ideally, we want you to push back the Russians and secure the territory, but we are uncertain how "viable" that is. Worst case scenario consider it to be recon by combat. Destroy enemy fortifications and support isntallations, primarily the drone hub located somewhere in the area. Be wary of possible Russian counterattack, as well as enemy aircraft. More information will be provided soon.


The modset:

The modset didn't change, but I'm putting it here for anyone who might need it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1944287184



For anyone unfamiliar with ACE who wishes to join, I recommend you check out the ACE basic handbook:




Hope to see you there!

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Tactical overview


Your task is to push against the Russians and attempt to regain territories lost after they established air dominance. There is a drone hub in the area, which is your primary objective. Eliminating it would be of great help, there is also a chance we would be able to find useful intel inside. If able, push south and reestablish original frontline (marked in red). If unable to accomplish that focus on recon by combat, asses enemy strength and installations and pull back to safe position. More information about enemy movement will be provided before mission start.


Enemy force consist primarily of mechanized infantry. Our intelligence suggests that you may also encounter minor Gatekeeper* presence supporting the Russians near the hub. Be aware that the drone hub means active drones in the region, there will likely be some sort of unmanned technology, such as autonomous turrets, employed to aid in its protection.

Further to the south are stationed elements of the 107th Tank Brigade - the same that conducted failed assault on Dorida - equipped primarily with tanks of the T-80 line. It is possible that they will be sent in in response to your actions, so be prepared for that when you poke the Russian nest.

Additionally, enemy fixed-wing are still a threat, to aid you in dealing with them CAP planes are at your disposal in addition to portable launchers.



*For people who don't read/don't remember/don't really care: Gatekeeper in this campaign is represented by CSAT

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