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  1. mastif0

    Community Update #7

    This goes to @Mark T , @Lindi , @MidnightRunner and to @Norris you where always there when Support was needet. If it was a question or something else you where always there to help. I think this sort of support is the reason why Ahoyworld will have a great 2020 with peoples like you who make the comunity great again cya on the Battlefield mastif0
  2. mastif0


    to bad i miss those times
  3. @Xwatt @MidnightRunner Hello there Hello everybody. At this point I would like to thank you sincerely. Your commitment was very noticeable. I always thought it was great fun. It brought the comunity together and always gave great pleasure. Such an assignment is not self-evident. I understand very well that at some point you burned out and that his real life had priority. I'm looking forward to further action and who knows maybe there will be something coming up... So thx again Your Mastif
  4. Hello Ryko i had a Bug noticd at 26.10.2019 06.50a.m MESZ on Eu 1 Version : I&A 4 beta 069 I playd as teamleader and was alone at the A.O..During the Time i used the UAV option to get intel about the Enemy. After i Enterd the UAV i coudnt get out anymore... The exit UAV option was Buggd. It workd 3 out of 5 times i dont know the reason i just wanna let u know. Have a nice Day mastif0 26.10.2019 08.58MEST on EU1 Version: I&A 4 beta 069 To addition to that Icze and I found multible buggs : Target : comander controll center got destroyd but was not completed Target : Mortor Team get killd but was not done Target: Destroy the Ammobox did explode but was not done ( I just guess the hole mission was buggd there ) Vehicles : Blackfoot: Blackfoot was moved over. After landing it and change the seats so the copilot coud fly Blackfoot instantly flyd 20 clicks away and endet in a big fireball. Hunter : Hunter remumitioning at the field dosnt work somehow. Container dropt sucessfully. But it was not giving me any option to reload or remunition. @Ryko
  5. mastif0

    Ambulance :3

    @TheScar Im proud to be a freak going we wu we wu in eu1 makes a lot of fun trust me
  6. I just have to say it : Goooood morning Vietnaaam !!!! Looking forward to it
  7. mastif0

    Ambulance :3

    @Xwatt@Admiralbumfluff@Minipily Thanks for your fast respond
  8. mastif0

    Ambulance :3

    Recently i got to drive the Ambulance a few times. It didnt took long till we had 2 people joining the medic Squad waiting for Action. With the Ambulance removing this ugly transporter at Main we coud improve the Medic Gameplay. Guys askd us about our Role and it get acepted quickly. We Revived at this Day at least 40+ ( mostly TK as always XD ) and we had a lot of fun using the Force of the unarmd Ambulance. Its a simple Way to Play the role of a Medic on its finest. What do you Guys think about it ...let me know plc Your Mastif
  9. mastif0

    Mission Planing

    no plan survives the first enemy contact. #AhoyworldEnhanced
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