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  1. @Murph For your information, corestaff reached me and they informed me that this suggestion is denied. So you do not have to reply this post. Now I do not understand why you are so hostile against a suggestion here but remember you are a spartan, please behave like one.
  2. No it was just another way for me to say "Killing everything, leaving nothing to others" I do not care about the scoreboard either, if I did I wouldnt play in support roles at all, but there is a fact that scoreboard is a reason for some people to abuse these tools. By the way, it may seem like I am targeting TheScar here but it is the opposite. His behavior of not shooting enemy infantry which don't have AT equipments at main objectives is the source of my first suggestion's inspiration. So the most active player, known as playing only with AT launchers and Tanks, can do it witho
  3. Again with all respect, there is a confirmation bias here, I literally wrote " Everything is fine for me until this part but: I see the exact same abuse that is being done with armors. They use their HE or AP missiles to kill Every EI they can see or destroy every building in objective area." just after that sentence. Please carefully read. This is where my question refers to. Should players use their overpowered tools until the last drop where it begins to steal fun from their "Co-Op" Team members? Please, Please pretty P
  4. I see your concerns and incase you missed my response to Stanhope, I am even happy to see a rule that is only enforced when someone really really abuses the heavy armaments. As I answered Lindi, does being experienced, dedicated, skilled and etc excuses people from ruining fun for others? Shouldn't there be a limit to that? Again as I answered Lindi, Im not asking to ban MBTs from Main Objectives. Im just asking to have a rule that makes them leave some targets (which are not a danger for them) for us. Unfortunately I would want it to be just a shitty sug
  5. It is obvious they dont have to be warned for killing more enemies while only engaging AT inf. Yes, I respect the effort and dedication too. But should people be allowed to claim all targets for themself, just because they have knowledge of game and they are showing effort? Im not asking to ban all heavy armaments from main objectives, I am asking to make them atleast share the enemy infantry with players who are playing with light arms. With all respect, there is a discrepancy here. If server tries to give people open sandbox experience, Why support roles can't benefit
  6. Well yeah I do see your point, it may require a high traffic of tracking people. So there are two things I can suggest over this: 1. Not strictly enforcing the rule. Zeus does not interfere with any players unless they are not dragging up the power abuses. 2. Keeping the common heavy armaments (like armed MRAPs, Heavy ATs) out of this rule. which will lower the potential number of people breaking the rule and will decrease amount of tracking. Apart from that Im happy to hear the second suggestion is possible to implement. But I hate seeing systems bei
  7. Why would Spartan has to spend their whole time observing "the suspects"? This rule is almost identical to UAV CAS call rules, are Spartan spending their time focusing on UAV operators or CAS jet pilots whole time? I think they only interfere when they encounter with the act or someone reports it. Thus I do not want to drag people in this post but there are definitly spartan members who are also disturbed about it, since most of the zeus operations has a "INFANTRY ONLY" written in briefing section.
  8. Hello, I will be pointing out a problem that I'm disturbed with in I&A and I will suggest two different solutions in this post. PLEASE read everything and respond to the two suggestions separately. In my opinion there is a big gap in server rules which is leading players to abuse overpowered weapons unwittingly or on purpose. Those "overpowered weapons" are Heavy AT launchers and armored vehicles with long range heavy arms. There are/was/will be players spending their morning on side missions and getting a powerful armored vehicle, then proceeding with using this armor to kill
  9. Sounds like a wonderful idea but there are two big problems that would make this a big no no. First, as Sho stated, it will be overpowered and can be abused so badly. In warlords, all the trolls using AI in their command as untrackable teamkilling devices. I don't know why but BI studios implemented that team-kill command in game. Second, optimization will be a problem. If you want to get rid of the first problem and add a recruitment system, that will take pages of scripts. Which means server FPS will significantly drop.
  10. Hello I have three bugs to report: First one is aircraft servicing. While in service, pilots can refuel the vehicle if they have toolkits. It sometimes cancels the service and sometimes does not. It gives jet junkies ability to fly around while jet is getting rearmed. The friendly CSATs in new CBRN side mission. So basically the particular CSAT units inside the half sphere construction are not engaging players. Those are the ones with black CSAT assasin helmets. All the units outside of the building are engaging, also white CBRN suitted EI's are engaging too but not the
  11. Hello, I would like to suggest adding the last two missing spetsnaz equipments to arsenal. First one is Compact NVG (Green). Everyone thinking Compact NVGs are exclusive to CSAT but actually the green one (not the "Green Hex") was added to game with Contact DLC. It is only being used by Spetsnaz and would be great to have an alternative to standard night visions which are looking like two telescopes fixed to the face. O_NVGoggles_grn_F The second one is the shiny avenger helmet without camoflage cover. Im asking for this one because unlike the other avenger helmets
  12. here is the post that includes modsets. I struggled to find it, just incase you can't find it too.
  13. I can already hear the screams of joy.
  14. Mod name is 'Knock People Unconscious', It allows players to knock out other players and AI by using a binded key or ACE interaction menu, knocking people doesn't deal any damage. Links: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=906758817&searchtext=knock+people https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/190414-knock-people-unconscious/ Actually handcuffing AI is giving us more than this mod can give. However, If handcuffed AI is not surrendering (Handcuffed when unconscious or someone ran to them and managed to cuff) it gives away player positio
  15. As explained in title, this mission fails pretty common because those AI in tent just toss grenades at you, and blow themself up. Or they try to shoot your vehicle with RPG and shoot the tent. Now I know we don't wanna add or remove scripts to not play with server's stability. So, if it is possible to fix this with just editing EI loadout, it would be great. If we need to play with scripts to do that. Forget what I suggested.
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