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  1. thats not because of genre but because of how its presented... Halo disgusts me.
  2. AW MVP 2020: @chicken_no6 AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @Lindi AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2020: @LH5 and @MidnightRunner for their patience in liberation, @Stanhope for helping me with some ArmA3 editor codes. AW Most Active Staff Member 2020: @Admiralbumfluff was AW Best Team Player 2020: @Bomer AW Most Helpful Member *Non Staff* 2020: @Gambit AW Most Friendly Member 2020: @Art3misZA AW Tacti-cool member 2020: @Stryker990 rumor says he spent half of this year in arsenal. AW Underrated Member 2020: @TrollSlothy, new playe
  3. Thank you for your detailed answer! I did not consider server stability when I wrote that. As a regular in EU1, I am excited and hopeful about I&A4 but also happy to see you guys don't let go the I&A3.
  4. I was playing alone this morning as AT infantry, using Hunter HMG and enemy CAS jets spawned on me 3 times. Yeah it is interesting when one jet come up to kill you but I don't enjoy much when same neo keeps spawning again and again untill I leave hunter and never hop in back. Also same goes for the CAS and CAP jets. It doesn't always happen but, the moment they take off, a stealth Shrika spawns already flying at center of map. Also it directly attacks CAP and CAS without even using its active radar. I understand that it is because of the ambient but how fast an enemy jet could be when NATO jet
  5. I understand you, but I can not say I do understand core staff's decision on this. I don't feel like beta will be ready to play atleast in next two months. And there are still a lot of people enjoying I&A3.
  6. I would like to suggest adding a warning that will show up in chat or anywhere else that warns all players about clean-up script going to remove items & ragdolls from ground in XX seconds. We already get a lot of advertisements, announcements and log-in/out notifications in chatbox. having a notification for clean-up script shouldn't do much harm.
  7. How about an arsenal that deletes itself after 1 or 2 minutes? Should be fair and much easier for everyone.
  8. Hey there! I would like to suggest removing the warning. Script already makes you shoot blanks when you are in base so I believe we do not need the warning. People would probably ear-rape with spraying their guns but as we already have constantly flying helicopters in base, I dont believe noise in base is actually a problem to players. Furthermore we already have earbuds to prevent annoying noises. Im asking for this because I saw a lot of CAP pilots crashing over base because they are trying to shoot enemy jets in warning trigger zone and because of warning they have to move their
  9. I was bored of playing warlords and wanted to find an unofficial server and this was the first one without mods and with active players.
  10. I think the biggest difference between a rifleman using a MX with RCO and a marksman using SPAR-17 with AMS is scopes. Just like in the armies that I stated, most of their riflemans and marksman using the same rifle with just a different scope. Additionally when you think about ingame, Viper unit marksmans using Type 115 with DMS instead of ARCO. As Im speaking for myself, I cant shoot anything further than 400m without a marksman scope, even if I was holding a M320 LRR. But with help of AMS I can be accurate at 600 - 700m range with a TRG-20. Also I disagree with idea
  11. Yes definetely, so what do you think about it?
  12. I would like to suggest adding MK-I EMR and SPAR-17 (without marksman scopes) to non-marksman slots (except heavy load carrying slots). Even though Arma 3 categorized 7.62x51 rifles as marksman rifles, there are many armies in NATO that are using 7.62x51 as assault rifles. Starting from US, they use SCAR-H, Germany were using HK G3, Turks still using HK G3 and in addition they just designed a new rifle couple years ago which is also 7.62 NATO. And Im not even talking about how many NATO members have used/using FN FAL as assault rifles. But as we all know, all that rifles I counted
  13. A script that adds utility containers to blackfish could be a solution too. Just like SupplyCrate script but only applies for blackfish.
  14. Hello, I would like to suggest advancing missions. After a while, all missions slowly becoming monotone and boring, maybe having new variations would add some excitement until I&A4 release (or you may decide to use this for I&A4). Also, I must say, I don't have a lot of decent scenario types in my mind, but I'm hoping community will share their own ideas down there. So far, I only have one idea which is related to minefields and civillians. When the side mission starts, enemy units and a group of civillians spawn in a city. Enemy units will be casting civillians out of town
  15. I would like to report a broken script. It is the "heal and revive players" option which can be accessed from arsenals. It does heal people but revive part doesn't work. I have tried and watch people trying it several times but it only clears blood from incapacitated players.
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