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  1. AhoyWorld is made by its players. We must recognise that our actions shape the community as a whole, and affect other people in particular. AhoyWorld is a welcoming community that respects its members and visitors. We expect everyone to maintain this environment and will take action against those who jeopardise that community spirit. Today, we removed a player who did not recognise this. In their actions, they deeply unsettled those involved and repeatedly crossed boundaries directly set by the other party. These boundaries become our own from the moment they are laid o
  2. Squad Server Moderator Application Duties include Moderation of our Squad server, must fill out brief ban reports and use an RCon tool when administering the Squad server and bans. Forum interaction is a large part of our communication and we like to hear all opinions. Moderators should proactively contribute towards our forums and present a welcoming face of the community, Moderators will also deal with player reports by investigating any outstanding reports, filing bans after review, informing the reporters of the action taken and filing the player report. Moderators should alway
  3. Our squad server is located at IP: Server name: [Ahoyworld.net] Official Squad Server EU#1
  4. AhoyWorld

    Squad rules

    Upon connecting to our server, you are agreeing to abide by the rules set forth by Ahoyworld. Failure to do so may result in a kick or ban. 1. Racism/hate-speech will NOT be tolerated. 2. No locked squads under 6 players (Armour, Heli and Logi are the exceptions). 3. Respect fellow patrons. 4. No camping/griefing the enemies main base. 5. Squad Leaders MUST have a mic and communicate in English. 6. If you create a Squad without the intention of playing the role you may be kicked or banned. 7. Do NOT teamkill.
  5. Community meeting Date: 16/02/18 Time: 20:00 UTC We are going to host a community meeting to discuss the direction that ahoyworld is moving and recent changes that have been made. We have also made a new template that all community meetings will follow from th is point on. This is thanks to the community feedback that we have had in the past and we feel it should offer a more structured meeting experience. With the new structure we have split the meeting into 3 separate sections to ensure that everything is discussed in a orderly manner. Below are the general
  6. Staff list & hierarchy A list of all staff and the general hierarchy structure of staff can be found here: If you have any questions about this list or about how the AhoyWorld hierarchy works feel free to ask your question to any member of the moderation teams or admin teams via forum private message or teamspeak.
  7. Ahoyworld SQF developer This is the topic where you can find more information on how to become an SQF developer. Please read the entire post if you want to apply. What does a developer do? AhoyWorld is always looking for SQF developers. As a developer you'll help out with all the missions we host and additionally also help members who want to host a game night that require some scripting out. If you become a developer you'll be added to the appropriate staff channels (currently a hidden Discord channel) and the ahoyworld gitlab. This way we can commun
  8. Repository info All the mods we allow on our servers can be downloaded from our repository (or repo for short). We also have a collection on steam that can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1778947844 Allowed mods and info This are the mods (with direct download links) that are currently allowed on our I&A servers: Misc mods: - CBA 3, A requirement for almost all our mods - shacktac UI, includes STHUD, Group Indicators, Player Name, Map Brightness, ... - outlaw magrepack, This magazine repack
  9. AhoyWorld public moderator applications This is the topic where you can apply to become a moderator on our public servers. Please read the entire post before filling out the application form. What does a public moderator do? Public moderators support our community by weeding out troublemakers and rules-breakers on our public ArmA servers, the TeamSpeak server and our forum. On ArmA servers a moderator may warn, kick and/or ban someone in violation of the rules. If a ban is applied, a moderator must fill out a brief ban report. A tool which makes use of th
  10. Invade & Annex Rules & Guidelines Upon entering an AhoyWorld I&A server you agree to abide by the following rules. Any breaking of the rules can result in sanction being applied by a member of staff. These sanctions can include, but are not limited to, warning, in-game punishment, kicking, temporary ban and permanent ban. Which action should be taken will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the staff member(s) present at the time and left to the discretion of this/these member(s) of staff. If you see any player breaking these rules, please report them to st
  11. General Rules (applicable to all) 1.1. These are rules that apply to all situations where you communicate to other AW members no matter what medium is used. They are not exhaustive and should be taken as a guideline on how to behave. We reserve the right to modify these rules and to defer to our own Judgement. 1.1.1. AhoyWorld is a welcoming community that respects its members and visitors. We expect everyone to maintain this environment and will take action against those who jeopardise that community spirit. Admins reserve the right to war
  12. For those that like to join our servers based on IP they are listed below: The IP for EU#1 is IP: The IP for EU#2 is IP: Have fun!
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