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  1. Had a super weird FOB spawn today. I mean, I get that our frontline is a bit weird right now, but thats pretty far off It's the first time i've seen it so we might not want to spend a lot of energy on it, but at least its logged somewhere now.
  2. I've been thinking about the guerillas and how they often seem to attack places at bad times when they are not really wanted or needed. Would it be possible to make an option so that for instance the SL or maybe platco could call them in as a favor from the guerillas? Maybe it could come at the cost of some resources and intel, with an option to choose a stronger guerilla group for more resources? Like three options, one with only infantry that cost some ammo, one with a tekkie or whatever in addition that costs more ammo, some fuel and supplies and one that is bigger that cost even more. It would also be cool if we could choose what direction they would come from. So for instance, you could get a list of enemy objectives sorted by distance that you can choose to attack. You would then choose from a list of the nearest friendly civilan objectives that decides the distance. You then have a third option for the different sizes along with their respective cost, kinda like the build menu. What do you think? I also don't know how feasible it would be to code this, but that's not my problem (I mean, in fairness most of the code is already there, its just a manual trigger and some different compositions to spawn in, while being able to pick the spawn location, right?)
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