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  1. P057code


    In-game name when banned: P057code What message displays when you attempt to connect? Admin Ban/Hack/Stan Why do you think you were banned? As far as I'm aware, I was banned for joining the server using my current squad XML, which had its e-mail address changed to an AW one. I agreed to test it as we felt that it highlighted a hole in the AW coding, which was going to be shared after we tested it. Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? We were only highlighting an issue with the server coding Which administrator banned you (if known): Stanhope When were you banned: 28/03/2018
  2. One from a private mission last night. There is actually a full squad in this picture.
  3. I may have to make an appearance for this..
  4. Yay. PS.. I'll still shoot you, even though I've been working solid for nearly 3 months.
  5. I use allsorts, mainly JSRS and MCC.
  6. P057code


    I'll listen to anything.. At the moment, I'm listening to a fair amount of Punk and prog rock.
  7. Its a perfectly fine marksman rifle for me. Depends how you use it, and in what situation. It will never really be a CQB rifle, but will allow a marksman to engage from the 200-600m range better than a lot of other weapons will.
  8. BI are aware of it, and mentioned it in their latest Sitrep. They're looking into it.
  9. I'd love to get more involved, but given that the stuff thats gone off with some of the guys that I game with on AW and elsewhere, I'd be out for a bit.
  10. I can understand that as I said, it just annoyed a few people. I understand Lirus ban, and the reasons behind it. I was only making you aware of the circumstances that happened on Sunday night that I knew of. As for the other one, I did have it explained to me the exact reasons why he departed AW a few weeks ago. Its not my place to discus that, and at the same time, that was the decision of admin and management. His ban for advertising is understandable.
  11. I think this is what annoyed a fair few users on the Teamspeak at the time, and to be honest, I can understand why. As others have said, thats not being disputed. Someone associated with it, as we spoke about at the time, posted it in side chat, unknown to the server admins, or to Liru (who, was at that point in time, running around as a CSAT soldier), and its entirely plausible that he may not have seen this, despite being in Zeus and able to see everything. Again, emotions were running high for a fair few people, on both sides of the argument. I think theres still some people who are trying to stir up ill feeling, but a private appeal discussion is the best way forward (I thought this was the way in which they were done most of the time).
  12. I joined a server I was given an IP to. I didn't notice what it was called or anything like that.
  13. Yeah. However, now is not the time or place for us to be discussing the ban, the reasons behind it, or what exactly has occurred that has led to this stage. I get on well with Liru (and a lot of the other guys complaining about his ban), and can understand their frustrations about everything thats gone on tonight, even if I don't entirely agree with the way in which they've voiced this. I'm sure that whoever looks into the ban appeal will look at it with an open mind on everything, and doesn't let what has occurred cloud their judgement, then I hope a decision will be made to everyones satisfaction. However, I make this appeal to anyone involved. Whatever your thoughts on what has happened, don't turn this into a flame war. We're all apparently adults, and know the way that we should behave.
  14. Only played a couple, but echo the Opfor suggestion.
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