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  1. FIA or locals trying to avoid slaughter?
  2. May we join after the beginning of the mission (like 2100UTC) ? If so, I'll may join...
  3. DAMNED, I would have loved to come in but got other thinks to do '-_-
  4. Walk'N

    Scar's BTR

    Long time no pink on the server...
  5. Walk'N

    Scar's BTR

    Long time no pink on the server...
  6. Walk'N

    The quiet before the storm

    And their large wiping by UH-60 miniguns... (Who shot first?)
  7. Hey Thought of something: As BI added some camouflage, will it be possible to choose the camo we want for the vehicle? I thought of it as an option at the service pad (only there). (In that way Scar could do his pink day whenever he wants...) I don't know if it is scripting possible but it's an idea like that
  8. I've got just 2 suggestions: 1) Marksman should have access to MRCO without needing to buy it, it's just RCO but better (esthetic and working aspect) 2) Marksman may have access to better optics than the MRCO. (I know marksman are part of a fireteam/squad but if they can spot EI from distance, they should be able to take them out from distance) That's all I love the fact that you can choose the loadout of flying objects...
  9. The return of the ideas Here is the latest version. Maybe we can plan testing it on sunday(20/01/19) afternoon .(I'm little bit busy drinking with friends & correcting exams during the week) @ryko you were interested? Arma3EN.pdf
  10. Yes but I still got this error message... (deleted all files & redownloaded) Yes
  11. Hello I've got trouble getting on the server with the mods repository, is it up to date? (Issue with CBA keys mostly)
  12. Walk'N

    Working as intended

    Legend (@TheScar) never dies...
  13. Walk'N

    EU4 SAM.jpg

    More like script positionning, but it might be an armored vehicle crash...
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