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  1. 98497adec52ecb71dbe59ad7a4314b4f_4

    Next skin for @TheScar playing with a marshall?? (Sorry not sorry for your eyes...)
  2. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Just one thought passing by: I know, I know it will be difficult BUT can we have back I&A on Tanoa?? Don't hurt, no kick please
  3. Hey hey hey It seems the cup update got some fancy boat such as kayak O_o and LCU ... SO we can do some infiltration &/or naval assault...
  4. not for Engineer & I have a question: Are the bought items always in your inventory,even after a deconnection/ reboot of the server?
  5. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Yep that's good but it's with the arsenal save which doesn't work
  6. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Hello there I've got an issue for 3 weeks: the saved gear from the server is not reloadable for several days. Am I the only one with this issue?
  7. good morning.jpg

    WTF o_0
  8. Me if steam download the encore update in time... ><
  9. I&A 3.3 Update & Feedback.

    Hello there I was wondering two things: 1) Why the F tigris are so much overkill: they can disable a cheetah (same class vec) and the opposite isn't possible... Can't we adjust damage from tigris? 2) Isn't it possible to run a script for people speaking on forbiden chat such as: If player speaking on forbiden for more than 2s (every one make mistakes) Then display Fullscreen message on client side screen End if Have a good day
  10. Mods Problem, Cant run arma

    Thanks, Ghost It is working (at least yesterday evening)...
  11. Mods Problem, Cant run arma

    Did you had some time lately? Hope your exam went well...
  12. Okay That's what I thought, thanks for the answer