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  1. JANET airlines blasting out of Area 51

    This is xplane 11, no jetliners in DCS
  2. JANET airlines blasting out of Area 51

    See below
  3. JANET airlines blasting out of Area 51

    Not much to say about this one, don't mind the aliens sitting in the back :)
  4. Some old ones, I should play more, it's been too long.
  5. Tacticool helmet

  6. Pure Hell

    Can confirm, was pure hell, only 3 survivers from the first insert lol
  7. Enjoying an afternoon picknick

    Hahaha yep
  8. Opinions on TrackHat

    Alright, thanks for the replies all, prob gonne get one soon
  9. Opinions on TrackHat

    So I recently wanted to buy TrackIR but it's expensive as hell, I found a cheaper solution called TrackHat https://www.trackhat.org/ Anyone has experience with it? Is it worth it for arma? Cheers
  10. For anyone who wants the full franchise for a faily low prize: https://www.humblebundle.com/arma-bundle?utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=Arma_Bundle_Announce&utm_medium=Link
  11. A Flying Noodle

  12. New Guy

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay
  13. New music bot on Teamspeak!

    Too many adds D:
  14. Helicopter Variety

    Earlier they always spawned on EU1, I kinda miss them