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  1. Opinions on TrackHat

    Alright, thanks for the replies all, prob gonne get one soon
  2. Opinions on TrackHat

    So I recently wanted to buy TrackIR but it's expensive as hell, I found a cheaper solution called TrackHat https://www.trackhat.org/ Anyone has experience with it? Is it worth it for arma? Cheers
  3. For anyone who wants the full franchise for a faily low prize: https://www.humblebundle.com/arma-bundle?utm_source=Facebook&utm_campaign=Arma_Bundle_Announce&utm_medium=Link
  4. A Flying Noodle

  5. New Guy

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay
  6. New music bot on Teamspeak!

    Too many adds D:
  7. Helicopter Variety

    Earlier they always spawned on EU1, I kinda miss them
  8. Littlebird on EU1

    Ah didn't know that but still, only ghosthawks at spawn is a bit boring for pilots.
  9. Littlebird on EU1

    It has been some time since I played on the servers and I noticed that the littlebird and the other heli's were replaced by ghosthawks. I don't really see a reason for changing all the heli's. some variarity was nice
  10. casual EU3

    Nothing special, move on (read the chat)
  11. PSA: Be careful with Missile Launchers on EU #1

    *slow clap* One would think after one time they would learn haha
  12. I need help

    I'm sorry for your loss, take your time, time is the best medicine in such situation
  13. underwear squad

  14. nothing suspicious here

  15. Russian's on EU3

    yesterday was fun when we played as russians