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[AWE][GAMENIGHT]Operation Hot Pursuit on 19/01/2018 at 8PM UTC


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Event Date: 19/01/2018


Event Time: 3PM EST/8PM UTC


Mission Name: Operation Hot Pursuit


Brief Summary: The campaign against the aggression of the Middle Eastern Coalition in Bozcaada has taken a turn for the worse against NATO allies. All units are pulling out of the island before the airfield is overrun. Your army unit has been tasked with two priorities: covering the retreat, and rescuing any civilians who wish to leave the island. Four civilian buses have been appropriated for this purpose. MEC recon units are between your unit and the airfield, and a massive MEC armoured force is hot on your heels!


Cover Image: jpeg.jpg.a899af280ebde5da5e10c73dfc8d3763.jpg


Player slots: 40 BLUFOR US ARMY


Expected Mission Length: 2-3 hrs


Mods required: Standard AWE


Server slots: 40

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  • Karate Pyjamas changed the title to [AWE][GAMENIGHT]Operation Hot Pursuit on 19/01/2018 at 8PM UTC
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Really good idea of scenarios...

Even the fact vehicles were not pristine and ready to fight was really immersive.

I had to leave behind the vulcan truck :( but we weren't usefull as hammer tank was down twice...

It's really sad people disconnected after the blank try...(we didn't knew we will had a blank[ I understand why you didn't say anything about blank try])

I didn't espect BTR for the OpFor recon. (this one got me with Torch on the second try).


(the only negative thing I see is that my driver on the second try didn't listen to TS so we had trouble for directions)

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