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  1. textbook 360

    Still finished the mission within 2 minutes, and had a very low count of casualties. (and we were undereducated Russians don't blame us)
  2. Double rainbow. wow

    There was no time to check bearings, I was amused
  3. approved POLL: Kunduz or Lythium CLOSES 12 JAN

    Would be sad to see Lythium go, I feel there is a lot of maps where you have to build a FOB or get vortex to taxi you. (Stratis, Malden, Bozcaada) I'd rather get rid of Gorgona since it is a small and boring map, takes 2 ao's and you've seen the whole island. Lythium is a fun and different map from a lot of the others, Kunduz seems like a nice map and could be fun to play, but I would choose Lythium any day. Remove Lythium and in my opinion all the maps are similar. another idea could be to add Tanoa, that is surely different and a fun map. I personally don't see a problem in the repo size and as mentioned earlier I think we can cut down on some mods rather than remove the possibility of playing in changing environments.
  4. sounds fun i'll bring the boom boom stick
  5. Double rainbow. wow

    true, maybe one is for gold and the other is for PLA
  6. Tactical AF

    scandinavian spec ops !
  7. I feel like the medical at FOB's only work sometimes? most of the time there is not a HEAL option on the scrool wheel menu, is it posible to get the stationary medic to stand in there so there is always someone to interact with? or can this be fixed in some other way?
  8. Whats your setup like?

    I recently upgraded my build because of FPS issues in arma and just in general my last build was kinda old. CPU - Intel i7-8700K GPU - MSI GTX 1070 OC Motherboard - Asus Prime Z370-A RAM - 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 - 3200Mhz SSD - Samsung 960 EVO m.2 250GB SSD2 - Samsung 750 EVO 250GB Case - Corsair R300 Monitor - Asus VE248H 24" Keyboard - Steelseries 6G v2 Mouse - Roccat Kone XTD Headset - Logitech G933 artemis spectrum all worth it
  9. Game night with Iron Front mod

    ye, that could be fun to try
  10. Operation Frying Pan

    If the operation is frying pan, then i want callsign pancake