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Wait... It Can Float?


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Realistically, the Chinook can submerge about half the cargo area in water and not have a problem, but it can't "land", as in spooling down and floating. The same is the case for the Sea Stallion.


None of the other aircraft in the AWE fleet can do this. To partially submerge the cargo area on any of our other aircraft would also involve submerging parts of the flight control system, which isn't watertight in the slightest :P

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I actually remember when EU3 first opened, we used a Chinook mod that involved you having to physically walk inside in order to get in and out of the positions. I had a crash once with it in the water and upon getting out, it placed me in the crew bay. The chopper slowly started roll upside down while I waddled through the water until it was fully upside down. It started to sink which forced me to swim but I couldn't squeeze out of the closed ramp area or rappelling hole, I subsequently drown 3 minutes after the initial crash. I miss that mod, way ahead of it's time in 2014.

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