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  1. Next guide

    Late response, but just got back from a few weeks abroad. I can not remember being a legendary man either, but to answer your question: pretty much the only time I use autohover is when I need to check something in Zeus, or know I'll be spending a longer-than-usual time checking the full-screen map while airborne. In my opinion, there's only 1 option: At anything less than 1 km, you're fully committed to your plan for the LZ you are heading to. The only possible thing driving you away from landing there is if something screws up your approach entirely, generally that means bad preparation, a pop-up threat or an aircraft malfunction. My COA in that case would be: 1. Ingress to planned LZ 2. Land and/or drop troops 3. Egress to a safe distance 4A. If Mr. Hol-Van-Pluto got out, I'll RTB 4B. If he is still in the back, THEN I'll check where he marked the LZ and if / how I can get there
  2. Next guide

    Please do add to the “good LZ placement” that besides designating a suitable LZ, it also needs quite some preparation on the pilot’s side. (First of all, knowing where the LZ is, then terrain and threats impact ingress and egress route, wave-off possibilities and alternate LZ’s, ...) And give some pointers to the things a pilot occupies himself with during several phases of flight (you can just link to Dslyexci’s flight tutorials for that) I’ve had far too many soldiers jump in the helicopter, remain silent throughout the entire flight and then 1km from the planned LZ: “Hey, I’ve marked LZ Hol-van-Pluto on the map, could you take me there instead?”
  3. When you absolutely need someone dead...

    Well, there's always this video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BczhT1ByrXA
  4. A new Base

    Probably deserving of its own topic if further discussion is requested / required, but in my opinion, one of the main disadvantages I&A 3 has in relation to 2.x is the location of the main base and how you progress... After a server restart, unless an admin fast forwards (which they almost never do, AFAIK), you lose all progress you made earlier, meaning you keep repeating the same AO's and hardly ever get to the far side of the map. With a base in the middle, you could work in all directions again, rather than a linear one. It may be less realistic, but improves gameplay and AO variety. If you really want, however, you could make a central base more realistic by adding the FIA or another (fictional) local resistance group in the scenario. 1) You continue to play as BLUFOR like I&A always has, including (most of) its full arsenal. After FIA has secured the airbase, NATO was able to get a foothold in the centre of the island, and you operate from there. 2) You switch factions to the FIA, starting with civilian and other less advanced gear. At certain fixed AO's, special locations / gear are made available; or for every X random AO's completed, some arsenal limitations are lifted. You wouldn't start there, but one of the first objectives would be to annex the airbase, so you can operate from there and get some NATO support assets.
  5. We need your ideas

    You're right. Corrected.
  6. We need your ideas

    With the upcoming DLC, maybe one of these is feasible, depending on how they adapt game mechanics: Clear minefield (timed as side mission; could be used un-timed as an AO sub-objective as well) Our enemy has placed a minefield near X. Aside from bringing our push forward to a halt, it's also a major hazard to the local population. It's your job to clear it as soon as possible, but note that we don't want you to take unnecessary risks. It is believed the enemy has at least a few squads protecting this defensive barrier. Free-fall leaflets (timed; could be used as an AO sub-objective as well) For the past few days, the enemy has been using drones to spread propaganda leaflets among the population. So far, by the time we've arrived on scene, the drop had already been completed and the drone long out of sight, so we were unable to locate the drone operator(s). Just a few minutes ago, a drone was seen heading to X. We finally got a real shot at finding them before the drop is complete. While we don't know the location of the operator(s), we do know the drones have a maximum range of 2km. Hostage rescue (timed) To coerce us into backing off, the enemy has taken an entire native village population (roughly 25 - 50 people) hostage, claiming they'll kill someone every 5 hours as long as there is an allied presence in the region. Because of the enemy's propaganda efforts against us, we're losing the hearts and minds of the local population rapidly, but rescuing these hostages could definitely be a favourable turning point. We're on a clock here, so better get moving!!
  7. A few ideas and more

    A lot easier would be to use Revo's 3DEN Enhanced for a moment, and edit the Load Coefficient. That way, you could also edit each unit / role individually. E.g. While a regular rifleman has a load coefficient of 1, an autorifleman would be trained to run around with some extra weight on his body, so his coefficient could be 0.8. In the end, because of the way ArmA uses a single stamina level regardless of role (AFAIK !!), they'd both have the same amount of stamina in the field.
  8. A new Base

    Air defence towers are too close to the runway, imo. A semi-bad Blackfish pilot could easily crash into them during an otherwise fine rolling take-off / landing. Further, FWIW, a gate to get outside a base I made (name: "ammo_bar_out"): 1. Trigger dimensions and shape (length, width, height; round or rectangle): very important is height, so overflying pilots don't accidentally activate the trigger. I've set the trigger as such that the longest part is at the side where the vehicle is coming from (movement: left to right). The extension on the right is so that the gate doesn't close when a truck passes through. Once the player is outside the trigger, the gate would close, and the back of the truck would be stuck. For gates where traffic is coming from both ways, it's better to make both sides equal obviously. 2. Activation here is OPFOR, but you can set it to anything available in the list. 3. Make sure REPEATABLE is checked. No experience with it, but I'm guessing SERVER ONLY would make sense for online missions. 4. The code to OPEN the gate. Special note: "Door_1_rot" is specifically for bar gates, AFAIK. To my limited knowledge, other type of gates / doors use "Door_1_move". 5. The code to CLOSE the gate. 6. (Optional) Add in a small delay for the trigger to run, to add some randomness to when the gate opens.
  9. We need your ideas

    Some basic ideas for side missions, unless indicated otherwise. - Disable enemy FOB / FARP The enemy is using a small- to medium-sized settlement to enhance their combat capabilities in the region. Destroy X vital infrastructure(s) (e.g. ammo cache, fuel depot, watchtower, vehicles, ...), so that their effectiveness is reduced. - CSAR (timed; I'd say not more than 10 - 15 minutes; could be an AO sub-objective as well) A fighter pilot had to eject over hostile territories. We have received signals to indicate he's alive, his current estimated location and which pre-planned location he is headed to. As he will be surrounded by enemy units, he has to move cautiously so his ETA at the pickup area is unknown. Locate and rescue our pilot before the enemy is able to capture him. - Kill HVT (could be an AO sub-objective as well) An enemy HVT is reported to be arriving in X for a meeting with local resistance groups. This meeting will most likely take place away from prying eyes, but civilians may be in close vicinity. PID your targets as civilian casualties are not allowed under any circumstances !! - Camp defence (delayed activation; timed) (Mission only activated once at least 1 player is in the camp; enemy assault begins a few minutes later, in 1 - n waves) With indications that an assault on our camp in X may be imminent, we needs extra men to help set up and man defensive positions. - PoW camp defence (delayed activation; timed) (Same as Camp defence, basically, but now you also have enemy PoW's that need to survive.) Coming nowhere close to an agreement on the release of PoW's any time soon, the enemy is reportedly forming up to rescue their men from camp X. If rescue is deemed impossible, it is assumed that the enemy may attempt to kill the PoW's instead. - Retrieve intel (could be an AO sub-objective as well) (Similar to the current intel mission, except that it's a static object, not a mobile unit) Some documents are so highly sensitive they are only available in hard-copy. Spies have confirmed the presence of one of those documents in X, but are unable to grab it without compromising their cover.
  10. A new Base

    You can also easily set a simple trigger that checks if BLUFOR is in the trigger area, say up to 5 or 10m in front of the gate, and when true, set it to open automatically. That way, you won't have to get out the vehicle to open the gate. Not at home currently, but if you're interested, I can share the code later.
  11. Hey guys, Not sure if this is just a hick-up on my computer or a general thing, but I just stumbled on something astonishing regarding the TS3 plugins-folder under AppData\Roaming. Since AWE also requires TS3 plugins, maybe I'm not alone, which is why I'm sharing this here. Short intro: For the past few weeks, I noticed my 128Gb SSD had only 6 - 10Gb (changed from day to day, for some reason) remaining. Obviously well below the recommended 10%, so I started digging but couldn't find anything that wasn't necessary hogging up that much space. After some searching, I found a tool that scanned the entire disk and listed folders in order of size. That's where I finally discovered that TS3 had multiple "Plugin"-subfolders, 28 levels deep, each with its own files. The link to the deepest level looked like this: Aside from the "Last accessed"-date, all files were identical, so I could see no reason for this many duplicates and deleted them (with some effort *). Getting rid of the 40.158 files freed up a whopping 14Gb of HDD space !! * Windows has a maximum length a folder or file name can have (255, as far as I could find). Once beyond that, you can't manually do anything with the file anymore. Can't move it, nor copy, rename, delete, archive, ... As such, in order to delete them, I had to use the "Robocopy"-method found here. I'm aware this could be caused by multiple things, so it may be nothing for you, but it may also be worth checking on your computer if you maybe have the same issue. Cheers, Eagle-Eye
  12. TK Penalty

    Could you try a "TK = TK'er setDamage 1" mindset? Will it be disruptive? Yes, but that's the point. There would also be no requirement to check for intent. - In case of intentional TK, only 1 guy gets TK'ed, so no mass TK's anymore, unless the TK'er takes a tank or aircraft and starts destroying manned vehicles. If a troll needs to respawn for every TK he does, it should deter him from doing it after no more than a few tries, as "fun" < effort. - In case of accidental TK, it should teach everyone to properly ID their targets, clear backblast (though not applicable on vanilla ArmA), check surroundings of target, ... which in the long run should benefit the entire community.
  13. Parachutists on AWE/Gamenights/MSO

    This... The idea is that armed paratroopers will become a threat the moment they land, so they may be considered combatants and be engaged freely. That's why hot LZ drops are (almost) never done anymore... Then to add to the pilot parachuting from a downed aircraft: - Under his canopy, he is considered in distress. Once he lands, he will be detained, partially because of laws and treaties concerning such situations, mostly because a living prisoner is always worth more than a dead enemy. - If he grabs a weapon upon landing, he becomes a combatant and can be engaged as one. - If he is still coming down, takes out his sidearm (or any other weapon) and starts shooting, he is no longer considered "in distress" but can be engaged like any other active threat.
  14. AWE Training Polls

    After some time of abscense, I joined AWE the other day and this was the first thing I noticed. At spawn, during mission prep, everyone was just talking random nonsense totally unrelated to anything ArmA, there was a prowler driving through and almost crashing into people, a few guys were playing dress-up in the arsenal etc. Best of all, over the course of 5 minutes, 2 or 3 grenades went off, injuring / killing several. Not once did I hear anyone complain about it, almost as if it's completely normal... Now, though annoying, if this behaviour was restricted to the downtime between missions, I could sort of deal with it. Unfortunately, it continued into the mission, with someone constantly calling out/nagging ASL's name (every few seconds for nearly a minute), people suddenly making weird noises or beginning to sing, opening fire despite ASL's repeated instruction to keep weapons cold, collectively bursting into laughter when someone from another squad comes in over the radio saying he's the only survivor of a T-72 that rolled up on them, and then making no effort whatsoever to go and help even though we were just 300m away, ... Part of my abscence is because I'm more active on a more mil-sim-oriented server nowadays, where the behaviour I just described would result in an instant kick or even ban, or at the very least a stern speech from staff. To be honest, my experience from the other day isn't much of an incentive to return here. Quite the opposite actually, since I feel AWE has basically turned into an EU1/2/4 style of play, but with mods...
  15. Reading the description of Angel and Other Changes, I'm wondering why medics aren't allowed to be transported by Vortex? I could easily see a situation where Angel chose or was forced to use a ground vehicle, maybe on standby somewhere in the back of the assault, when 1 or 2 squads suffer multiple casualties and needs medical assistance ASAP. If Vortex is around, willing and able to get the medics there faster or safer, why wouldn't you use that? Additionally, if Angel is just using vehicles, why not use Vortex as CASEVAC with at least 1 Angel medic on board?