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Ahoyworld Leadership transition


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Thanks for listening and bringing AhoyWorld to the highest peak it has ever reached @Ryko. I understand many people, including myself, have given you shit in the past but you truly have done a good job and I commend your efforts.


I feel @PiranhA was a good choice to take the helm, he seems to have the best intentions for the community and is capable of listening to people's thoughts and criticisms to make it better. I would also like to thank him for his kind words as well as @Colsta after the last community meeting, it really means a lot to me.


Perhaps tonight at the community meeting we can discuss things together and as a community thank you for your endeavors.


It is also interesting to see David return, though we may not have the best relationship as of the last time I saw him, it is good to see an AhoyWorld Senior (EU3 Veteran like analogy, no you're not old) make a return and I see no reason why we cannot settle any differences.


Once again, thank you for your efforts.

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