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ArmA 3 Screenies & Videos Thread


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Messing around in the editor, I have a lot of pictures I take of random things. This was pretty cool I think.


(It wouldn't let me add it in the post)

This is also another of my favorites! c:

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Here are some i took while playing on the AW server:


Littlebird waiting to be loaded:



Raz and his fancy chopper:



Driving my hunter under water:



Who left the BBQ on in town ?



Someone left the lights on inside, i wonder if anyone is home:



Full scale attack on Camp Maxwell, including Mortars:



Convoy at night:



Airlift in the moonlight:



Raz coming in hot to unload on hot LZ in the Marina:



Sending tracers into town:



Awsome lightshow while taking the town by night:



Maintaining overwatch while Raz is keeping the airbridge open in the background:



Sunset over Stratis airfield:



Danne and me waiting to headout for a sunset convoy across Stratis:



Some serious sniping:



Captured 4 Ifrits from the enemy:



Blackhawk UPsideDOWN:



Tension is high when Raz mentioned that our LZ is going to be hot 'n heavy:



Enjoy :)

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H2 searching for remaining enemies over AO: http://i.imgur.com/5O3TezW.jpg


Flying in formation (leaving base - clock is to keep track of time limits between landing and liftoff): http://i.imgur.com/u5a9qy4.jpg


Flying in formation 2: http://i.imgur.com/rc4VmJL.jpg


Flying in formation 3: http://i.imgur.com/xv8KVaQ.jpg



Lastly a small video I made of a testflight over Stratis with some Jimy Hendrix music to go along with:

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That was shot inside the KA-60 'black' at night.


The special lighting was done with a blue chemlight placed on the ground under the chopper

(yes we are not about to land as per fancy exciting description, but in reality we are actually  waiting for take-off :P srry for breaking that bubble now)

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The special lighting was done with a blue chemlight placed on the ground under the chopper


Seeing as it's quite difficult to see friendlies (and anything else for that matter) when it's dark, I was going to automatically add chemlights to back of players' heads that light up at night.


I guess real armies don't actually do that kind of thing, though? Might be cool to try.

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I guess real armies don't actually do that kind of thing, though? Might be cool to try.

They use "cateye" type of markes on the helmets that can be seen in the dark from the behind but not from front (enemies can't spot you but friendlies can keep an eye on the team) they even used round markers in ww2 but they weren't used too much mostly by the airborne troops only.


That chemlight thing sounds wierd tho to me, bunch of guys with a chemlight halo running in the woods..I wouldn't do it :D

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That was shot inside the KA-60 'black' at night.


The special lighting was done with a blue chemlight placed on the ground under the chopper

(yes we are not about to land as per fancy exciting description, but in reality we are actually  waiting for take-off :P srry for breaking that bubble now)


That's some pretty cool ingenuity, I like that!


Once the game is fully stable/functional i'd like to do some pretty bad-ass still shots in-game. (Once I get my 2560x1440 monitor)


Will be way more effort than it should be but i'll need someone with a switched on head to help me get these shots :o)


(When i'm not a photographer in real life, I assume the same job in-game ;) )

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A couple of battle screenshots :)


Willam Wallace, Danne and I, collecting nice vehicles and messing around, while our fellow soldiers are dying in the battle field (I'm a bit ashamed to admit that this has happened more than once ;) )



Same here, with Kamaradski and Danne I believe.



Evening assault on Maxwell(?)



(I don't know how to get the screenshots into the post, without thumbnails)


That's it for now!

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To add a few more here that I have:

Sniper Sit, Ready to Fire

F-15 Eagle Soaring Through the Clouds:

I have no words to this:

Ominous Shot from Taviana:


It's the LAPD!:

OilRig Boat Shot:

OilRig Helo Shot:

Coming up to the Landingpad:

What's that lurking in the waters?:

Navy Ops are Green lit:

Exploring Ship Wrecks with R. Berezon:

Another Shot with R. Berezon:

The End of the World as we know it:

Fire Effects at night:

Enjoy! I love taking screenshots, and these are some from my screens that seemed good enough to show off!

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