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  1. Guys, thanks ever so much! Going to go parts shopping next month!
  2. Right guys here's the lowdown, Components in my PC are now 5 years old, I want to upgrade to a better spec. Got some nice dosh coming in soon Budget (£600). My current specs are: AMD Phenom II X4 B50 @ 3.4GHZ 4GB 2133MHZ Sapphire ATI 5850 1GB AMD MOBO - M4A785tdv-evo Basically, Arma isn't as good as it could be on a 24" monitor at 1920x1200 (averaging 20fps on medium graphics)...so i'm looking for some better stuff to get it >40fps with decent settings! Going to be keeping all of my case, PSU which is (650W) so i'm looking for some recommendations guys! Want: Intel architecture Ideally 16GB Pretty rad graphics, but obviously which will be alreet with the PSU wattage. I once knew a lot about current hardware and what's the best, but that was a while ago! So someone with some current knowledge and that knows what hardware works well with arma I would appreciate it! Food for thought, I'm also in the process of upgrading to Ultrasharp 30" for my photography which is 2560x1650 something! Thanks in advance! ETomcat
  3. We look forward to your contributions, welcome!
  4. ETomcat

    RFactor 2

    Very nice, classic representation of Monte Carlo looks wicked, but HOW sketchy is it without the armco barriers?! I need to get round to playing this game at somepoint... have a G27 to hook it up to!
  5. If I can unlock the pdf for photoshop, I want to get it sent off for a supersize print
  6. I do have one, she likes Cars and she does gaming. I'll leave the extinguisher by the door. I can feel the love really........
  7. Sunset with Medic Truck outside of Abdera
  8. I've got it, need to bother finding the time to read it! How do you rate it?
  9. Dude, I hope they patch update/listen to the community where if there is a second monitor available; it'll default to displaying the map/Personal UAV. Might drop them a tweet and suggest it! MAP LINK HERE: You can thank me later ( or give me ahoy coins ;D) Might be worth putting this link into a sticky post in Arma Thread. Tempted to send it off to a lab and get it printed at A0 for wall size reference... http://snk.to/f-chiyvqe5
  10. I can link you to a copy of it here... I've nerded out my gaming station even more with a blue light while gaming. RADDDDDDDDD. Need to learn to play the game properly now xD
  11. Hi Guys, Since finishing university and almost landed myself a full-time job i've found the time to get back into Arma3! For those who remember me, I was around during Alpha stages of the game. Missing my bro Bambi. Going to get cracking and read the tactical manual. For now, here is some shameless nerdiness i've done: Printed out the map with a trace overlay! ETomcat. James
  12. This is wicked! Do they have Cadwell Park on this game? Could do with practicing!
  13. Me and Bambi are playing regularly, if you guys want to organize a night of it let us know!
  14. Ah, Mr McClane, you do Die Hard? Welcome aboard buddy. See you in-game soon. EchoTomcat
  15. I take it back, played 4 hours this evening
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