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(2/4/2016) 7:00 PM GMT Saturday Night Gamenight!

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Purposed Saturday Night Gamenight!


Operation: Gauntlet v 0.42D

Map: Zargabad  Altis

Time of operation start: 7:00 PM GMT

Time of preparation: 6:30 PM GMT


Hello all, we will be playing the most upto version of Gauntlet for this gamenight. This Gamenight will sevre two purposes 1 to get people onto EU3 at a designed time so we can have a large force in play and 2 to allow new people to EU3 to squad up with experienced members and learn.


So if you've been wanting to try out EU3, or just have any questions, this gamenigt will hopefully allow you to have them answered.

There is the question of do you want training on the sign up form, if you select this then you will be put with experienced members of EU3 in order for you to be able to learn well playing.


Click here to sign up!


The roles are either leadership or for vehicles, if I've forgot something crucial please comment with the role you would prefer.


Arsenal will be allowed, along with join in progress. Sign up is key for those who want to take charge. Respawning is allowed, however units can only be deployed to the area of operation in waves, subject to commands approval. This is to simulate a re-enforcement system/to get rid of vortex transporting one guy.


Normal game night rules apply, if you can’t cope with waiting to get back into the area of operations or planning please to not join.


For info on how to get the mods click here.

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Thank you @TheToxicPixels for this gamenight. I was shadowing you most of the time behind combat zone but it was really fun since ambient AI works really well.


Shame that Hammer couldn't have fun with their barrell. Would love if I could fix their tracks for example.

We were lacking map awerness big time. Even when we captured Airfield we should guard corners.






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