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Time of preparation @ TS: 19:15 GMT (14:15 EST)

Time start: 19:30 GMT (14:30 EST)

Time end: 22:00 GMT (ish)

Type of gameplay: CO-OP TRAINING, FOLLOWED BY Team vs Team

Mods: EU#3 Repository Mods


We're running another Training night this coming Friday.  Basic training will be run at the same time as advanced training: we will sort out who's doing what training starting at 19:00 in Teamspeak.


Signup is not required for Training - just show up.  If you want to indicate you'll be attending you can do so in comments.


Advanced Topic for this week will be ACE MEDICAL ADVANCED so I will be looking for volunteers to lead this training. If you're interested in helping out please comment below.


One hour will be allotted for training, so when we wrap it up at 20:30 we will switch maps to UTES for






A research team of three American scientists has been working on an energy project dealing on the remote island of Utes. They recently sent a distress signal, requesting an immediate evacuation. This signal was received by both American and Russian intelligence, who have both dispatched teams to extract the valuable scientists...


This is an infantry-only mission with room for 38 players on each side, so we should have more than enough room.


Questions, comments, etc., comment below.



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Amentes I would greatly appreciate your presence, though I wouldn't dream of tearing you away from xcom 2. Anyone else want to volunteer to run basic? Like all those staff members who said they'd help a few weeks back..?

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Will the PVP mission be 3rd person? I wish it weren't so it wouldn't be possible to third person over obstacles. (EU #2 PVPs are 1st person without issues.)

From what little PvP I've played on EU3, it has always been first person only, as far as I recall.

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I'd love to get involved, however, I don't get back from work until 2100.. :(



Further to that, I can't actually fill in the Google Doc form from work (thanks to them using an outdated version of IE),, I'd be happy to do anything except Medic on either team, in game ID is same as the username here

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By the way, if anybody was wondering why BLUFOR did not win the second game.

I could not get the chopper with the third (last) scientist to lift of, so I tried to move him into the boat and just transport him myself. But the boat I chose was in deep water so I started swimming and when I told the guy to get into the ship ACE bugged out on me. I tried to move myself to driver seat, hoping the guy will follow.

Well, he didn't and he also could not swim, he just drowned. So, yeah, that happened.


I hope Ryko will be able to find and fix all the bugs and balance the sides because it is very nice idea for TvT. Thank you for that and good luck.


Medical traiting was okay. Sadly we were not able to finish it in time. Thank you.

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