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  1. First off I know ArmA 3 has many bugs but why is it when I'm wearing level four body and head armor I get one tapped but, someone who is right next and wearing no armor gets shot and is perfectly fine even though we both get shot in the chest. I would like to know because it pisses me off, because now I feel like armor is just useless. It may because I'm just unlucky but it happens every operation even when I'm in cover and the other person is not.
  2. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27224 This Link would allow fire teams to get into a two story building. So lets say I know the are enemy units on the first floor only this mod would allow you to climb in from ground level and would allow you to get access to the second story. Then once you are in you could come down the stairs and murder the enemy units occupying the building. Also this mod allows you to jump from roof to roof so you can get better shots on the enemy. And it allows you to climb onto something to get to another point to climb onto so you can get an advantage on your enemy. Here is a video that will show you what game play changes could happen with this mod. Hopefully it will give you more of an idea of what I getting at. Link To Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXB_N8YmTFo
  3. Casanova By: Hoodie Allen and Skizzy Mars
  4. See I found this scrip link here: http://www.igipl.net/en/arma3/igiload-script/igiload-overview and it works pretty well. It can be used for MP and SP. Basically it's used for loading stuff into vehicles but actually show the crates, You can use it with a Merlin,Zamak,Tempest,and HEMTT I know some may say why just though vehicles well the answer to that is I don't know. But what I do know is that this would be nice to have and maybe get people go logi and you can also do para-drop with the script. Also it would mean that you could just continue to the next Area Of Operation which means you could have a little campaign before having to RTB. This also means that the logi pilot wouldn't be just for med-evacuation. I was just planning on using if for a gamenight me and Pac are thinking about and it would be used to some convoy op missions on gauntlet because who doesn't like convoying on Altis or Chernarus. It would also add another aspect of gameplay to EU3.
  5. What happened to the TvT missions.I really want to know because those where well made and they were also fun. I know it may have to with ACRE but what about a TvT mission without radios. That could work because I have been watching some stuff about like WW1 and how they had messengers and how they had to run to deliver messages,and how they had to run for miles but just imagine having one guy run to deliver a message. So just imagine seeing an unarmed man running across a field to deliver a message. This would also encourage people not to lone wolf and not trying to kill the whole enemy team themselves. I see just one issue with it though that if the messenger gets killed then it will be hard to communicate with your squad but they had to deal with that during World War 1. So if we as a community could try to come up with an idea for a TvT night that would be nice. I have one idea and that is we could have a zeus or grant someone who would like to build two bases and an area that could work. I would be willing to zeus because I have some TvT ideas that I can't due because I don't have the power to get a gamenight or something of that means set up.Like maybe like every 2 to 3 months we could do a TvT round it could also if someone records it they could get permission from Muckduck to put it on the Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ahoyworld The community might get more people and more members.
  6. This would be nice so we can get some of the new EU3 players involved in the community and to also talk about the rules. Because most don't read the rules they just skim through it to find the password link. Because they might not know they can't use just any gun ex: FN FAL as a rifleman, and then they might get yelled at by a moderator, and then my bitch back at the moderator. And they might not know how to use ACE or ACRE.
  7. http://i.imgur.com/Hq3qxoj.png Disclaimer you will also have to set the server back to that update to if you want to have the old damage model before the annex update came out.
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