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Mod Suggestion: GEAR

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I was just checking out some other clothing and gear based mods for A3 that im sure most of you have already seen and I know this wont be an exception.

The TRYK mod seems pretty good after having it for a while but this GEAR mod looks pretty dam good, especially when there is 4GB worth of pure clothing content split between many categorized mods that can be seperatly downloaded so you only download what you want.

I cant paste links for some reason but its not hard to find. If it was added as a replacement for TRYK's gear then it would mean you would get a lot more players running around with standard US gear to avoid making the mistake of taking the wrong or unfitting uniform.


Its a really good mod considering each camo that is included in each download comes with uniforms, chest rigs, backpacks, helmets etc corresponding to that camo (meaning each camo has a full outfit with it) so you dont have to mix and match.

Im happy either way. This mod just seemed pretty cool and I would vote for it over TRYK.

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On what karate said I don't think this will make it through due to the sheer amount of crap in it(I use that as a phrase) and everyone I've asked has said it isn't exactly most amazing quaility.

My personal opinion: we already have enough gear and selection. Why do we need more? Way to much. #voteagainstdressup

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If only the MARPAT version of the mod was to be downloaded it would defiantly help against dress up as the camo options would be limited to that design only. Plus it would make it much easier to define friend or foe in battle (which is still a problem for some people as accidental TKing still happens).


Using this as a replacement for TRYK should decrease the varietys that are availible to people instead of adding this ontop of TRYK.

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Well, we probably should have a few camo guidelines. Last week someone asked what camo he could use. One of us responded that he was free to pick anything, within reason. We ended up running around with a stormtrooper in our midst.

It comes under the play your role rule. Pretty simple. Storm trooper isn't playing your role. Report em next time please.

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#voteagainstdressup #kony2012

I'm not a big fan of reporting first timers. Is there any way to force new people to read the rules?


In an old community I was part of we had a screen pop-up with the rules with a accept and decline button at the bottom. When you clicked accept it would kick you from the server. Halfway in the rules the "Click Decline Instead" message was hidden and it worked like a charm.

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I like it, purely because there are corresponding gears to each individual camouflage uniform. But with it, there will certainly be a cluster f**k in the arsenal if we have both the GEAR and TRYK. I'd love to have TFA gears back though.

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I'm undecided on this. Upfront: I didn't have a look at the GEAR stuff, yet.


Of course, sometimes I'm amused by the amount of time players spend by the arsenal performing lengthy dressups. On the other hand, I favor well designed loadouts and feel sometimes challenged by the amount of work involved in maintaining reasonable loadouts and managing changes to them myself at the same time. Looking at the limitations of the game with regard to these challenges, a significant amount of my saved loadouts are used to load and to unload vehicles.


When it matters about visual differentiation between friendlies, it is not nearly enough being done with the means that we already have at hand in my opinion. For example: we could be using the different camos and constrasting vest/backpack colors much more, to help recognize friendlies, their roles and teams visually.


The enemy AI disregards the type of camouflage completely.


Only the the situational awareness of other friendly forces remains: when seeing another friendly force directly, and this is relevant to the question of the camouflage. For example: to determine quickly the friendly force's role only by looking at the friendly force, even from far away. This is the only example that comes to my mind.


It's not that I'm the biggest fan of TRYK, it has its quirks. However, it works and is appropriate. For example, Johnsons objection with regard to the possibility of having a look at the GEAR MARPAT module only is valid from my point of view, as I'm missing some MARPAT objects from the available TRYK assortment as well. And why not switch to GEAR entirely if it's good - I'm not against that.


The main reason for me not looking at it yet and not furtherly thinking about it currently probably is: I rather would like to see the limited resources to be invested in making Gauntlet work on the new excellent maps.

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Well like I keep saying: if it was to be used you dont have to download the full 4GB just the sections you want. Thats why they are split up. So downloading JUST the MARPAT version would reduce the camo variations between players to JUST MARPAT.

Oh and the MARPAT is around half the size of TRYK so around 230MB.

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