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  1. As of the november update (TH2 : 1511 ) you can actually install with a win7/8/8.1 key no problem . I do this at my work everyday never gave me any problem since TH2.
  2. the beretta that you are talking about is RH ( robert hammer ) pistol pack but indeed it does fire a bit slower but is more precise imo
  3. ranarick

    Squad Servers

    been playing on flagship a bit yesterday, was running smooth and players are learning a bit more what to do
  4. ranarick

    Squad Servers

    cant wait till i can jump on squad
  5. will try to jump on arma a bit more coming week and wil try to fill in TL and SL roles if they are open
  6. sadly can't make it last minute problems XD
  7. congratz to all promoted people!
  8. ranarick

    Squad key giveaway!

    same here pero hope they sell on steam soon
  9. ranarick

    Squad key giveaway!

    well here's hoping also nice giveaway Josh
  10. seems about right the RHS HMMVV is not armored so .50 will kill it quick
  11. been using ptt for as long as i can remember and i would love to see it enforced on EU3 deu to hotmicing and such
  12. Would love it if we atleast could we using the same uniforms so we look like one unit per map (maybe switch default uniforms per map or such idk), but allow choice of weapon.
  13. well to be honest both those items are in... as can be found on the bis forum link and like said above i would love the equipment because of the hmg/gmg/mortar on launcher slot and not backpack
  14. Would also like to help out with EU3 if you guys need the help
  15. Except for the AN/PRC-148 JEM, that is used by independent troops
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