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  1. Aegis_RVIR

    Stuck at the airport

    Traffic jams at the airport smh :D
  2. Currently working on a series of missions for AhoyWorld, they are currently vanilla. I did hear about enhanced a couple of times about extra stuff and assets but also about the haemorrhaging player base, so before I made any decisions I wanted to go and ask a few questions before I would make any sort of commitment. - When running a mission with enhanced, how many people would join such a mission? My missions do rely a bit on numbers to balance themselves out - Is it possible to set up fortifications in the field? Not just small things like mines but full on walls? - Regarding maps, which maps are the most popular and why? Base game maps or some of the more exotic maps? - I did hear some stuff about the AWE modest being updated, how long will that take? please do let me know, as I would like to know where I am at. Thank you all beforehand!
  3. Or they grab an HEMMT ammo for infinite ammo
  4. So, played a bit and here is my current verdict: + Driving to the AO is now viable and the assets to run anything else than AT Titan swarm are present + New base with shiny paint, nice and compact with a lack of trees in the surrounding area + Ability to buy certain things like recon and resupplies in the field is pretty logical and extremely handy = Not sure about this, but I fear that trolls would spam buy unarmed prowlers to fill up the area (timer included? IDK) = Blackfish respawn timer feels too long - Currently, CAS just rolls over anything and everything if the people in there are half decent leaving little for the people on the ground. Perhaps chance the armament to specifically dealing with armoured targets for CAS (instead of the tactical nuke carpet bombing) and the AA for.... AA. - Very little choice in regards to uniforms, very disappointing for someone who regularly does dress up with the squad. - Why exactly does the gear section consist of 75% silencers? - Panther is just as expensive as a Marshall and 500 points shy of a Cheetah whilst the power/importance of the vehicles are leagues apart (reduce price of Panther or replace with the ultility variant) This is all I have for now, go ham Ryko
  5. Started work on a new scenario to hopefully share in due time, however there is a slight snag in the process. I am trying to have a ship (the standard destroyer in the game) have multiple unmanned turrets (Hammer, Spartan, Praetorian and the VLS) and an UAV that start out neutral to all sides and will remain so if neither CSAT or NATO decide to interfere with it. However, if any given side enter the bridge and interact with a data terminal set up there the turrets and UAV would flip to their side making them able to use the ship and its weapons. If the other side so desires, they can also attempt boarding the ship and interacting the terminal flipping the weapons and the UAV to their side. This is meant for to add some extra layer of decision making to the scenario, to chase the objective or to secure the ship and its armaments in order to get a leg up on the other side. Problem is, I have 0 idea of how to make this all a reality. If you have any suggestions or want to help please let me know.
  6. Aegis_RVIR


    Who says random people over the internet can't cooperate
  7. ........ That ain't an AT weapon, that is a fat man with drastically more range
  8. Aegis_RVIR


    Welcome man, I hope you have a good time. Be sure to listen to whoever is in command ( statistics show that you stay on the server longer ). You won't see to much of me in enhanced but feel free to say hi to everyone. Good luck 'n good hunting
  9. Welcome to AW, we hope you enjoy your stay. Point gun and pull trigger preferably not at teammates, make sure to know who or what your shooting and be sure to have fun. We thank you again for choosing for AhoyWorld.
  10. Welcome I would say, If you really want to get into Enhanced there is a post in the guides section of enhanced telling you everything you need to know how to set it up. If there are questions feel free to stop by on TS and ask around or just having a good laugh with whoever is on. Cryo
  11. I think we can safely put cluster bombs in the same category as artillery rewards named: Never let anyone get hands on it regardless off circumstances at any cost.
  12. I feel the TK's already incoming. Add on top of it that some ammo doesnt detonate and you also have some discount mines depending on the placement of the bomb.
  13. Imagine coming to work like that. " Yea boss, I think ill be taking a paid leave for a month." (Also it is a CAS pilots best case scenario, one good run and gone is 90%, juuuuuust saying )
  14. In my opinion, discipline is something you learn whilst playing along with some other things. ACE medical basics at most, go in depth if people want to train for medic. Last thing, don't make the sessions longer than 40 minutes or longer with breakers so people will retain their focus and remember more of what is said.
  15. Damage to civilians is not a danger on EU#1, it is a guarantee unfortunately due to the nature of EU#1. The usage and application of explosives, armour, CAS, etc. is simply too plentiful and reckless for civs to be present. Beside that and like @ansin11 pointed out, it would really cut into the performance of the server. but that is just my view.... EDIT: JUst thought about it, the messages about civs being killed every 5 seconds is going to annoy people faster than the topspeed of the flash. Just saying....
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