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  1. I cannot guarantee that this is the last time we see special forces, but ill keep it in mind. Not really sure what the advantages are from this, if you ever want to clarify that please do. Noted. It made more sense for uneven squads during this mission, but the upcoming missions will be more even in the player count Ill be sure to try to keep that in mind when designing the next mission
  2. Alright, I hope both sides had fun. Do let me know if you have feedback so I can improve further missions. With these results expect a new campaign mission with NATO taking the lead!
  3. Welcome to the crew!
  4. Plot intensifying Drop ins aren't possible/aren't balanced due to how the mission is set up
  5. Aegis_RVIR

    Defend Altis

    Whilst I do agree on the fact that currently I&A can be repetitive, making it a defense oriented mission would be a complete 180 from the current mission. This would not only require a lot of the code being reworked, tested and fixed (which already is a very time intensive thing, ask anyone working on I&A 4) but flipping it would also do the name not any props. It is Invade and Annex, not camping simulator 2019 (although that is the preferred way of clearing AO's). The limited gear aspect also requires a lot of balancing, someone could very easily horde a lot of equipment and than destroy it or die far far away with it. You idea would be better for either a stand alone mission or a game night, it isn't bad, it simply lacks any polish
  6. So, the AO is determined first of all by a "base" that is determined by overall playercount on the sever at the time that the new AO spawns, makes sense (although it creates one hell of a lag spike). About challenging Viper and Reaper with the tigriss, I see that vehicle go up in smoke within 1 minute of anyone arriving at the AO so I think there is some room for improvement there. The "base" is built upon as certain squads are filled to make it harder for one to steamroll the AO. Now, since I have the most experience in the armor roles, ill argue from their POV: One man army operating a tank is possible, but most of the time it is both more efficient and more enjoyable by having a dedicated gunner or even a dedicated commander in some cases. This is a crew of 2-3 which requires them to cooperate and listen to the people out on the field (dont want to find all the armor in the AO all of the sudden at your doorstep). The process stays relatively the same no matter if PM is online or not, but generally it is find hill, sit on hill, manoeuvre to evade incoming threats and take out any and all vehicles that we can see and are in range. Once that is done, we either pull back a bit to talk and crack some jokes or we go in if we see the inf struggling to make any ground. The point I am trying to make is that if you have a good crew together and you do your job well, the mission will spawn assets that are flat out custom tailored to take you down, you could call it flattery the AI calling in CAS or a gunship to take out a single tank, but I call it flat out annoying if you get smacked into the next plane of reality by something you did not see coming nor you had a real chance of fighting back. Besides, if Hitman and Gambler ever were to be filled with people who talk and are willing to supplement each other, one will sit in the slammer and the other in a cheetah. I think we both know where that one is going. It is more about making them run out of either bodies or bullets before we do :)
  7. Than I think the design needs some work. Currently people flat out jump into the Hitman or Gambler roles and start out with whatever the base gives them (so most of the time both the Marshall and the Slammer, sometimes the panther (which is horribly underpowered for its size)) and when these assets are lost they either jump into a normal inf role to kill the down time between spawns or just dc outright. This becomes even more apperent when you take the following into account: So there isn't going to be a 100% uptime on CAS and armor support which is fine, some downtime is also fine and not having to worry about a friendly tank or clusterbomb is nice. However if you actively balance a mission around assets which do not have a 100% uptime there needs to be a balance. I have noticed the AI moving way more agressively and more hunting players down (expecially those who cause a problem, damn you Ryko for indirectly stopping my tank streak :P ), but there comes a point where the only viable strategy becomes just to employ russian zerg tactics and just throw bodies at the AO until it is over with. That isn't going to sit well with people and might make hill camping all the more attractive, just get a group on a hill with some gunning down infantry, others blowing armor to hell and the medics rezzing people whilst the AI keeps on pouring in. Now this isn't easy to strike a balance with, but I do like to hear more about your thinking about this.
  8. Alright, 4 hour session in the bag and more feedback for now! Whilst I like the Platoon commander idea, right now the commander is an overglorified rifleman and can do little to prevent armor/CAS from turning the AO into a giant crater. Maybe give the Platoon commander more power (able to issue warnings RCON picks up on, ability to call in more powerfull equipement/ strikes)? VIPER, this slot is a problem. In my session today a pair of people disregarded everyone and just purged every AO they were part of AI, leaving very little remaining of the AO. If the people in VIPER are bad, a paper plane will do more damage than them. (insert generic complains about pricing) More serious thing about the point system, blowing up vehicles like Kamysh, T-100/T-140 or a Tigris feels like they reward not enough points to make them a target to go after really... Some AO's the medics make more by reviving than the AT gunner or the tank crews when jumping to vortex from another role, you cannot seem to be able to access the air channel That is all I can come up with right now, maybe another time
  9. Aegis_RVIR


    Welcome, hope to see you in the field some time. Just point gun at bad guy and it will be fine :)
  10. 60 km/h is a bit much if a heli were to just start up from the heli pads, perhaps trim down the height aswell? or add a timer that will only display the warning if someone were to be over the spawn for lets say 10 seconds
  11. Current feedback after some more playing: Jet pilots get moved to zulu squad mid air, killing them and making their jets crash. This is not fun nor balanced. Manpads, in the couple of days of me flying they have become infuriating to play against. A tigris you can detect and either preemptively destroy it, avoid it or outplay it. But getting spammed down by what feels like 3 zeus players lacks counterplay at all. the script that protects people in the base from pilots landing in spawn will also alert pilots who fly over spawn to get to their destination. Buying and canceling paradrops still deducts the 500 points from your total Perhaps make the inactive timer a bit more lenient for pilots, sometimes people cant fly due to the SAM or simply not being called in for a while About the SAM, bring back the I&A 3 variant which had its own killzone but wasn't not nearly as powerfull as this variant. It is a giant finger to most airborne roles and it doesnt feel fair when you got yeeted into oblivion across the island from a missile you couldnt shake. Still like I&A 4 though, needs a bit of work
  12. Hello Askar, welcome lad. Hope to see you out on the field soon! Just make sure to point the gun at the baddies and we will get along :D
  13. Aegis_RVIR

    Stuck at the airport

    Traffic jams at the airport smh :D
  14. Currently working on a series of missions for AhoyWorld, they are currently vanilla. I did hear about enhanced a couple of times about extra stuff and assets but also about the haemorrhaging player base, so before I made any decisions I wanted to go and ask a few questions before I would make any sort of commitment. - When running a mission with enhanced, how many people would join such a mission? My missions do rely a bit on numbers to balance themselves out - Is it possible to set up fortifications in the field? Not just small things like mines but full on walls? - Regarding maps, which maps are the most popular and why? Base game maps or some of the more exotic maps? - I did hear some stuff about the AWE modest being updated, how long will that take? please do let me know, as I would like to know where I am at. Thank you all beforehand!
  15. Or they grab an HEMMT ammo for infinite ammo
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