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Should we get Discord beside Teamspeak?  

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  1. 1. Should we get Discord beside Teamspeak?

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To have two voice chat systems is synonymous with segregating the community.


If AW means to continue running one or more servers using TFAR (or ACRE), then TeamSpeak is a necessity.


The conclusion; stick with TeamSpeak or kill #3 and #6. I'm sure my preference is obvious.

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  • If we have discord and Teamspeak I feel the community will be split, discord on one side and Teamspeak on the other. People will choose either, not both.
  • It doesn't have TFAR support
  • The only reason I see to use it over Teamspeak would be for the server-wide messages or @everyone feature, however, this could be created by making a community social channel in telegram, which the staff team already use.
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No need to create voice channels in Discord, meaning no community division between there and TS.


Discord offers:

  • instant announcements via @everyone or @role
  • near universal availability because 1) it can be accessed via browser as well as phones and 2) a fair share of people already have it installed
  • dedicated text channels to organise chats by topic while keeping it in one group
  • infinite text records to 1) pin important messages and 2) keep track of conversations so you don't miss anything
  • possible instant messaging and getting to know the people of AW via the members sidebar
  • an alternative to socialising on TS without having to speak (a major selling point for the busy ones or the less secure who are still eager to participate)
  • bots to spice it up and improve quality of life
  • visible and invisible roles to give to members and staff as appropriate (such as AWE Veteran, Spartan or others)
If the hesitation comes from Discord conflicting with TS, that is fair enough. However, if there are no voice channels, it is a viable platform for our players to chat and interact. Personally I'd love to just chat without having to talk; often I'm too busy, other times I just don't want to or can't use a mic. Discord would let me be present as part of AW and show my face. That's better than sitting in AFK-ish.
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Would it not also be possible to remove need for telegram? Discord can hide chat channels from other users which could make private convo's. All be it it isnt as secure, but it is there

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It seems to me we currently have three levels of communication:


1) Instant voice: Teamspeak

2) Instant text: Telegram

3) Asynchronous text: Forums


What I'd say is happening in this conversation is that we're looking at altering #2, because right now it's predominantly a staff-only tool.  The problem with Discord is that also features voice functionality, which people are thinking is meant to be a replacement for TS, but it's clearly not.


What I might propose is that we investigate transitioning Telegram to Discord or Slack (or some other, better service) so that we can increase the amount and capability of that system to be more inclusive of non-staff players in an instant-text environment.  I'm not sure Discord is the right choice as I've heard some complaints about the size of the app, plus I'm not sure I want to have two voice systems going at once, but if it's functionally better than Slack or Telegram at the instant text function, then I'd consider it.

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