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Squad XML Membership

Mark T

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Applying for your official AhoyWorld Squad membership!

What is it?

Squad XML is a way off showing what community you are apart of, this community information is viewable on all Arma 3 servers. Membership of one of these squads will provide you with a logo and member identity in-game with a welcome pop up notification on connection.



What squads are there, and can I apply for any of the squads?



Staff squads:

AhoyWorld Corestaff - For Corestaff

AhoyWorld Public Moderator - For Public Moderators

AhoyWorld Enhanced Moderator - For Enhanced Moderators

AhoyWorld Spartan - For members of the Spartan program


Public squads:

AhoyWorld Ambassadors - For Field Ambassadors (invite-only)

AhoyWorld Donators - For donators of the AW community (Applied to via "register donation" on the donate tab - https://forums.ahoyworld.net/topic/8590-ts-group-and-squad-xml/)

AhoyWorld Members  For members of the AW community (Open for public sign-up)


What are the sign-up requirements (guideline) ?

Ahoy Members:

- At least 3 months forum membership

- At least 5 constructive posts (yes we will check)

- No warnings or kicks within the last 3 months

- No bans in the last 6 months

- Trustworthy in representing the AhoyWorld name and logo on other servers



How do I sign up?

Please complete this form with some details: https://forums.ahoyworld.net/forms/17-squad-xml-application/



Squad Name: Members

A3 Name: Joe

TS UID: YrikJ4MA7E9MBYPK1zkyCz74fK8=

A3 UID: 76561198022163272

A3 Remark/Quote: I'm Joe also known as Harry.



After we review the submitted the application we will send you a private message

We aim to do this within a few days  



I am a known player on the servers, but only registered on the forums recently, can I still apply?:

Above requirements are a rough guideline to ensure we only get longstanding active members to use this service. We know that we have some real solid players that are not active on the forums, but still want those players to be able to participate in this. Go ahead and sign up now, and apply for squad membership anyway. If staff knows you from in-game we will have no problem adding you to the squad even though you only recently signed up.


Can I use multiple squads?:

Yes, however, you will have to change links in your arma 3 profile each time you swap


How do I find my Teamspeak 3 UID?:

- Open Teamspeak 3

-Navigate to Tools > Identities



How do I apply the squad tags in-game?:

- Copy the squad.xml url you are apart of from the Private message sent to you


Paste the link in the squad XML box then click apply:



- Log-on to our server and the logo should be visible on your uniform and the side of the vehicle you are driving.




Carrying our logo, name & tag makes you a representative of our community as a whole. We like to think of ourselves as a friendly and trustworthy community and would like to keep it that way. We do take great pride in keeping up the longstanding Arma community friendliness and netiquette as has been the case since 2001. If you cannot live up to this, we will have to remove you from the xml, this might happen without further warning, and in some cases even result of being banned for all our services including the forum.


Offenses that will result in retracting your squad.xml membership:

- Any other community or group reports you as misbehaving on their server or forum while carrying our tags (regardless if it's proven or not)

- Misbehaving on our own server resulting in a ban by one of the admins will get you removed from the server

- Any other offense against our rules that will force us to assume you are not fit to represent us publicly


The staff-team reserves the right to reject any membership application for the squad.xml for any or no reason as we deem fit. In the end, we have full control who can or cannot represent our community.



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Hello, so the member squad XML isn't working properly. So I've transferred everyone's details over to a new one.

Please replace the old link in your profile with the new one if you are apart of the member squad XML.

New Link: http://armasquads.com/user/squads/xml/ba0V1ckWTr19KmjjTNXvHyNILqO2hyjz/squad.xml


Please make sure you copy and paste this without any mistakes as it may mean it won't work for you if you don't.

If you still can't get the member Squad XML to work or any others please send me a PM.

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