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Arsenal Shortrange Radio Spawn Bug

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sometimes, when loading a saved loadout at the arsenal, the short range radio fails to load into the inventory. This is really annoying when rearming, esp when you are in a hurry. I've oftentimes found myself in the situation where I needed the radio only to realize that I don't have it on me - occasionally preventing me from relaying valuable intel to other team members. Always checking the inventory after grabbing ones' stuff is not really a good way to prevent this as that costs valuable time that one doesn't always have.

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9 minutes ago, Ryko said:

Trust me. You can take the 5 seconds to look and see if you have a radio.

Tap "I"


Nope? Get one.

Yep? No problem!

Full process is 5 seconds  (arsenal loaf times permitting) never mind just checking!

Though I still understand @BlastaMastas point, can be frustrating if it happens repeatedly. Had the arsenal eat my radio 2-3 times in a row in the past, and with arsenal load times on busy nights that can be the difference between holding and losing a position, especially if it's a saw gunner having trouble. 

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AFAIK, when you load a radio and then leave Arsenal, TFAR will eat and replace it. This is an intended function, as each radio has its own number, and the Arsenal won't assign that. This is related to the TFAR message in the lower right corner of your screen as you leave Arsenal.


The only solution is to check your radio when you leave the Arsenal.

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