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Hello gents


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Hello gents,
Glad to be here with you, part of this, so far apparently, great community.
Let's begin the intro.

Something about me?
I'm 21. Name's... Well, that's not important, you can ask me personally if you really wish to (I doubt so). As you can see, my nickname is Cellhawk (Steam, TeamSpeak, ArmA III inGame). I'm also known (not here though) as  Xenerus (Minecraft inGame). Other nicknames as About60Ninjas and Genital Thunderstorm were used as well.
Uhm... Don't ask me why. I don't know either.
My ArmA experience?
I've been playing ArmA III for quite some time already, with a few pauses. Not really sure the exact period. Played ArmA II and ArmA as well. + DayZ Standalone and DayZ Mod
I've been playing on AhoyWorld EU #1 & #2 servers for ... like ... 2 weeks. So far, I've met a lot of awesome people, formed a lot of awesome squads and experienced a lot of fun. I am surely thankful and I hope it will continue like this while I am still active here.
My spoken English improved as well over TeamSpeak. A little. Heh. Sri for mai bed ingrish.


Other games?


I definitely played Minecraft a lot, with mostly awesome community (everyone is awesome right? Well I guess I know how to choose a community :P ).

Also seen some guys having a Life is Feudal: Your Own TeamSpeak channel, which I definitely plan to visit as I (if I) re-download the game after quite a time.

Other than that?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PAYDAY 2, Battlefield 4, Insurgency, Old School RuneScape, Mount & Blade: Warband, Star Wars: The Old Republic, a little bit of World of Warcraft and thinking about re-trying and buying The Elder Scrolls: Online.

Got a lot of other games of course, but these are the ones worth mentioning.


Hobbies, other than just playing all day long?


A good question. Is drinking called a hobby? If it is, I'm in. Lately at least.

Music, definitely music, can't even... without it. 

Part of my love for music is playing the guitar while being an ex-pianist and ex-singer.

Other than that? Not much of an active person, honestly.


What else did I want... To be rich!
No, that's not it. This is it.
I hope meeting more of you guys in the (short) future. Good luck, have fun!


Best regards


↓ How in the hell do I delete this?!


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Ahoy Cellhawk


Good intro on why you became a member donator addict of Ahoyworld. I think this post can help you 20 years ahead from now when youre struggling with your ahoy-addiction. The first step has been set and from now on your life will get stuck on Ahoy. We all had this period so we know how it is to eat pizza takeaway every day, get used to it.

After the first step, in most cases, is starting to play on EU3. This is like going from alcohol to heroine, a good step forward. If you want to know how, check the forum. 


If you have any questions, like how to get rid of: family, work and money ... ask around on the forum! We are here 25/8!

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Should I be afraid?  :mellow:

I guess not, I can manage, at least for now.

Anyway, I will surely check EU #3 sooner or later, you can count on that.


If any questions regarding getting rid of my family, money and work arise, I will let you know. Thanks.  :)

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