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Gamenight (07/11/2015) 7:00 PM GMT


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Saturday Night Gamenight!


Operation: Blue Dragon

Time of operation start: 7:30 PM GMT

Time of preparation: 7:00 PM GMT

Type of gameplay: CO-OP Assault

[Note; winter time, so it is now 1 hour later than usual standard time]


Commander: Razgriz33


Click here to sign up!




 The island group of Panthera is in the midst of continuing political and military instability.

At the start of October `15 rebel forces assaulted the local military and police on the South-west Island and seized all control on the island. Intel reports show enemy forces reinforcing key points on the island including radio towers, fuel/ power stations and the airfield in the south. All these signs indicate that this rebel force is preparing to expand their control in the region. We will be there to stop them.


Mission info;

[More information will follow in the upcoming week]



All Squad Leaders will be briefed together to ensure mutual understanding of the plan.

This is vital to the execution of the assault because if: F.E; Alpha fails to complete their objective, the other teams can and most likely will suffer from this indirectly.

After the S.L briefing by command, the individual Squads will be briefed by their own SL before being phase 1 starts


Phase 1



Phase 2:

Planned Assault


Phase 3

React to enemy movement


Phase 4






This mission is particularly challenging for the Platoon commander and his Squad Leaders.

Communications between the squads and their commander is key to success.



Forces that will participate in the assault;

Platoon Command & Staff

Alpha Squad [FULL]

Bravo Squad

Charlie Squad

Delta Team /QRF [FULL]

Vortex 1 &2


Due to the AOs location there will be no Armoured units and no need to destroy any such vehicles with HAT.





Game night Info:

Load outs: Pre- set.

Join in Progress: Allowed, but in a very controlled matter.

Units will be deployed to the AO in waves, subject to commands approval.

Re-spawning: allowed, but in a very controlled matter


This mission is a custom mission. Experiences may vary greatly from player to player in comparison to the usual EU#3 game nights.

Normal game night rules apply, if you can’t cope with waiting to get back into the area of operations or planning please do not join.

As stated before, thread will be updated in the coming week!

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I'm guessing Delta Team is some form of SEAL Team 52 Special force, oh christ.


Sounds fun anyway! I love the Military Instability backstory, scenarios are way more fun if there is a story to it, especially if it is Zues orientated.


Most likely will not be able to attend this one sadly, i'll try to let someone know an hour in advance.

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I'm guessing Delta Team is some form of SEAL Team 52 Special force, oh christ.

Every Team is essential for this scenario, only difference to Delta Team is that it's a 5 men team therefore the team leader reports to the command element and has different oriented objective(s). Just because A, B and C have 10 men does not meam they are less important in any way!
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